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Print quality error pdf (so serious)

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Selam. Ben Türkiyeliyim. İngilizcem çok iyi değil. ama kendimi ifade etmeye çalışacağım. Afinite yayıncısında renkli bir fon oluşturuyoruz. Bu zeminin kenarlarına kenarları olan şeffaf bir resim eklediğimizde, resmin şeffaf kısmı farklı renk ve alt kısmı farklı renktir. Çok ciddi bir sorun var. Bu nasıl düzeltilir?



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Orj. Pictures below

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Google translator version:

Hello. I'm from Turkey. My English is not very good. but I will try to express myself. We're creating a colorful fund at the affinity publisher. When we add a transparent picture with edges to the edges of this floor, the transparent part of the picture is of different color and the bottom part of it is different. There's a serious problem. How to fix this?

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Google translator answer:

Yazdırmadan önce, tüm projeyi bir bitmap (rasterize) ile değiştirmeyi deneyebilirsiniz. Ancak bu, bu farklılığın Affinity'de görülmesi gerektiği gerçeğini değiştirmez ...


Before printing, you can try to replace the whole project with a bitmap (rasterize) . But this does not change the fact that such a difference should be seen in Affinity ...

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42 minutes ago, muhammettas@msn.com said:

... Adobe in design embeds effects with alpha channels when exporting pdf. Affinity raster effects, especially when we give multipli gaussion and exports in this way.

So does Affinity Publisher, depending upon the preset and/or pdf settings.

The issue, assuming you are using one of the pdf presets and/or settings that allow for transparency, is that the print device cannot handle the transparency when it is being flattened during the printing. It does/can happen with any application that is generating the pdf, including ID. The colloquial name for which is yucky discolored box. You can google search as regards ID using:

indesign yucky discoloured box

In any case, you can try a pdf/x-3 export which will flatten the transparent images to a colored background and see if that prints properly.

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