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Select Transform give weird 'artifacts' on the other side

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I have the following setup:

pixel persona: 
one layer with a background color (here: blue).
above a layer with a white background and a hole in the middle (to show the blue background).

now I take the mask tool select an area left side, press V and resize it over the whole. now on the left side it creates a blue 'line' (having a new partially transparent area).

this is also in Affinity Photo, btw.

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Hi JokeRat,
This is a known issue that's already logged to be looked at. Affinity adds some transparency (feathering) to each side of stretched selections.

A simpler way/construct to see this is:
- in an empty document create a selection (column) with just two or three pixels wide
- with the Flood Fill Tool fill it with a dark colour (to create contrast agains the white background)
- change to the move tool and stretch the selection horizontally  using the bounding box handles
- zoom in and inspect the right and left side of the stretched selection.

I've bumped the report to bring it to devs attention.

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No worries, I do have a (simpler) workaround for my case, but just wanted to report it, as it isn't very intuitive for the user. in my opinion anway.

Thanks for your help and the bump. :)

PS: this forum needs a 'thumb up' emoticon. ;)

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