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Doren Sorell

Red Semi-Transparent Mask Preview Request

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Just like in Photoshop when one clicks on the backslash key (above Return/Enter) to go into a feature, when a Mask is selected, a semi-transparent red overlay gets put over the image and one can actually see/visualize the mask in a non black-and-white way, with that red overlay. I helps so much because one can actually see the image through the mask and can make minute changes with complete manual control just using the Brush Tool.


I'd love to see this feature added. Thank you.

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You will get this already if you hit Q will making a selection however this is more for refining a selection before you create a mask from it. :)

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As I mentioned in your question about this it already seems to be available if you right-click on the mask layer in the Layers Panel and choose Refine Mask. You get the red overlay, and you can paint on the mask with the adjustment brush that is activated to adjust the mask content.

You commented over there that you think that dialog is about using AI to do the refinement, but that can be disabled in the dialog, and the painting would seem to satisfy your need.

-- Walt

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I hope I understand what' s you want....

First remenber In Photo a mask Alpha  reflect only a transparency map, no absolutely a grey layer. Like Krita  by example.


A For emulate  it

1 Put a pixel layer in mode overlay with rubis color , or Yellow-green, or any color

2 Pierce this layer, with an eraser brush, il you play with option of the brush, ( Flow ,...) you see it's easy and fine.

3  After right click, Mask to below (No rasterize to mask)

4 You can go back to the last step with Release mask


B For invert the result

   Duplicate,  Rasterize, Filters > apply image  here   Use current layer as source, choose   RVB or Grey  modify   DA=1-SA   => inverse the transparency  Macro?


   Channel ,  Pixel Alpha   right click Create mask Ctrl I 

C Do not forget  possibilty select Alpha Range, select partially transparent, a Plus in Photo .


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