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Daniel Gibert

Add character horizontal scale options in justification settings

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I'm finding the justification settings on Publisher not as good as my former layout app (InDesomething it was named…)

Most of the time I get excessive space between some words, that not justify settings can correctly avoid, specially on paragraphs that doesn't use hyphenation (I have customers that don't want hyphens at all, ups!)

The key difference I find from InDeapp whose name we don't say, is that it offers character horizontal scale settings inside the Justification settings. There, I can use a threshold from 97% to 103% (With 100% as preferred scale) and that makes for nice paragraphs with perfectly equilibrated word spacing.

I suggest to add that option on Publisher, specially if is your intention to make it able to open that app files someday. It would be a nice and happy addition.


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I agree with the request, but there is also another difference, which is that InDesign has a multiline composer that considers the whole paragraph for deciding on the justification compromises rather than on a line-by-line basis. I use a very small amount of glyph scaling together with the multiline composer (which is called "Adobe Paragraph Composer" and is on by default) in ID, neither of which Publisher has, and I agree with what you say about justification being not as good in Publisher.

Here is a thread where your request has been discussed some more by others:

I can't remember whether anyone from Serif has commented on this request.

And here is another thread about the multiline composer:


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