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Equivalent of Illustrator's "Add Anchor Points" Tool

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I'd like to request a feature that would allow me to add nodes directly between existing nodes on a shape, similar to how Illustrator's "Add Anchor Points" tool works.


I think this could be even better if you could select which nodes you want to add nodes between, rather than this only working for the entire shape.


For example, if I have a circle with 4 nodes, and I select the top and left nodes and use this tool, it would add a single node evenly spaced between the two on the existing path at the top-left of the circle (see screenshot).  If I select the entire shape, it would add 4 nodes, one between each connecting pair.





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1. would be great if, unlike
"AI" these subdivisions were equidistant from each other (would divide the track into equidistant points), it is that one could decide at the start in how many parts to divide the track (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ... 999)

2. It would also be nice instead (I do not know if it is already possible), reduce the number of points, simplifying the track only with the essential Nodes.

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