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changing margins - how to apply to all existing pagess

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I have a  700 page document with  facing pages  spread with  master page applied. I need to slightly modify the margins - have made a new master with revised margins and applied that to all pages but still the existing text frames do  not extend to the new margins - is there not a way of  reimporting  the text  and reflowing  so that the  text frame actually goes to the margins? or must I  laboriously go through and select each frame on each page and manually resize it?


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Do you have the text frame created on the master page itself, or have the text frames been created simply in context of flowing the text?

If former, you'd change first margins of the spread, then manually resize the text frames on the master page. This would automatically resize all text frame on pages, as well.

If latter, the text frames on pages are independent, and there is no auto-adjust feature in Publisher, so I think the only option is to copy all text from the pages to the Clipboard, and then paste it in a new text frame with correct size, and reflow it. In this scenario, I would use a separate document (copy of your original), remove all pages (except the first), remove the text frame on page 1, then redefine spread margins, create a linked pair of text frames on the left and right side of the master spread, copy text from original, and finally paste it in the new one (the first right-side master page based text frome on page 1), and reflow the text (which automatically flows the text and creates the required number of new pages). If you have all text in one text frame, it should not be too bad. But I'd do it in separate files just to be sure you do not lose your original if something goes wrong.


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thank you for this - my case is the latter - where text flowed into text frames that were created. I'm leery of the warning that states that   text cannot flow into preexisting frames. I will try your procedure but  it is a lot to copy [600 plus pages]. Is there not a way to export the  file and then re-import it?

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