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Selection of pinned objects difficult

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The German Affinity Publisher (Windows) makes it sometimes very difficult to select pinned objects (see video):

  1. The file contains a bit of text, a bitmap pinned as a character, a pinned text on top of it and two vector objects at the right.
  2. The vector objects can easily be selected via mouse clicks (0:00-0:08). Fine.
  3. With Alt+Click on the circle, Publisher nicely cycles through all objects at that position (0:08-0:20). Fine.
  4. When selecting the bitmap, Publisher changes the cursor to a black one, which apparently makes it possible to move the image like a character. Selecting the topmost text is not possible anymore, because clicks on the small text frame are now consistently ignored (0:20-0:30). Though this might be by design, I would find it more logical if a click on the topmost object would select it properly.
  5. Unfortunately, even Alt+Click on the topmost text frame (or even the bitmap itself) does not cycle through any objects anymore. The selection is thus stuck.
  6. The only possibility to get out of this sticky mode is to select something different, and then click on the topmost text again (0:30-end).

It would be nice if at least Alt+Click would cycle through objects under these circumstances, and even better if a click on the topmost object would again select it as usual.

Andreas Weidner

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