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Copying Same Graphic Looses Contrast

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I have some artwork to do for a client to delineate routes and I have created a 3d circle with an outer glow effect.

The 3d circles showing on the left we like but when I copy them over to the right the become too bright and I loose the contrast.

how can I copy any of the left 3d circles and kepe the look exactly the same?

please note these circles are merely copied from left to right and they change the appearance.





outer glow.png


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Jamsog, I have tried to reproduce what you have and ran into some problems with assumptions I am making.  Like the size of the dot and the assumed gradient to make the highlight.  But have not been able to reproduce the problem.

Could you select one red and one orange dot, do a copy (cmd + V or ctrl + V) then go to the file menu and do a New From Clipboard.  Save it to an afdesign or afphoto file and attach that this forum.  Which application are you using?  What method are you using to do the coping?

Then maybe we can see what exactly is happening.


iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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Hi Jamsog,

Once you have provided the information Gear Maker asked for we should be able to help you further.



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Hi Callum


i have done so and got a very fast reply. I cant advertise this on the Forum as its a confidential project but im very happy with the response

of folk on here to help. bravo :27_sunglasses:

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