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Found 96 results

  1. Hi Affinity. First of all, thank you for your excellent products, I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. I want to bring your attention to one problem that I haven't found mention on this forum and that is zooming with Ctrl + Space when you have Free hand selection tool activated. When I press Space the cursor changes to hand and the pan works, but when I also press Ctrl nothing happens. With every other tool it works as expected.
  2. Hello, Every time I zoom in, out or make an adjustment the image momenterally blurs a little bit and then regains its sharpness. I dont know what this is called. Is this something we can adjust with a setting? Because it seriously strains my eyes. Thank you 2nd gen. IPad pro 12.9 AP 1.6.5
  3. Hi, I often use the left double click for zoom to fit instead of Ctrl + 0, which works fine and it's very handy after zooming in and out, movening the image aroud for detail work to see finally the whole image (all while keeping the hand on the mouse). Unfortunately it works only within the Photo Persona, the Liquify Persona and Export Persona using the Hand Tool. Therefore my feature requests are: 1. Please add this feature as well for the Develop Persona and Tone Mapping Persona 2. Please add this feature as well after switching from other tools to the Hand Tool by using the SPACE key. Which would be then SPACE + left double click. I think this makes the handling more continuous within the app. Thank you very much!
  4. On MS Surface Pro 4, Win10, AP. One finger drag zoom of image works fine, as does two fingered pinch. But then drag with equispaced two fingers and it seems to be doing move (like holding spacebar and finger dragging) -- the surprise comes when you let go, when it suddenly zooms in one jump. I'd guess this will happen on any touchscreen windows machine. What I'd guess is happening is that there's confusion between two-fingered scross and two-fingered pinch zoom. What needs to happen is some decision when you detect two-fingers moving as to whether it's a zoom or a drag by watching the relative direction of both fingers.
  5. While using a polygonal or magnetic lasso tool for detailed selection, the View Tool shortcut (space) doesn't work. If space is held, the image can be moved as normal but the selection (ants) will no longer be visible until space is released. Space + Ctrl doesn't work at all, i.e. zooming in and out while the selection is unfinished is impossible.
  6. Hi, I have problem, that with AP my tablet (Wacom) works the other way round..... while Zooming it Scrolls and while Scrolling it Zooms.... no matter whether using the Touch Wheel or Touch On gestures. Other applications work fine, so the bug should be in the AP (Win), I have checked the settings twice..... Thanks Jindra
  7. Hi, I created an A5 document and pressed Ctrl + 8. I expected that the document is shown in real size on my screen, But it is not. It is shown too big. See the photo attached to this post.
  8. Hi! Just started working with AD and really love it, but I've got a couple of things that don't work so smooth. First of all, I work with a Cintiq 22' touch. I would like to use the zoom slider on the back but it doesn't zoom. How can this be fixed? Undo in AD is different than in photoshop. I would like to change the shortcut to 'alt-command-z', but when I do this it only enters 'z'. How can this be fixed? Many thanks!
  9. Sorry to bother with Fireworks features but this one I happened to use a lot. In AD, zooming in with CTRL/+ currently zooms in on the center of the viewport. Fireworks used to do that when you didn't have anyuthing selected. However, if you selected an element on your viewport and hit CTRL/+ you'd zoom in on the selection until ultimately it's full screen centered (similar to double clicking on a thumbnail in the layers panel). Makes sense since you're working on those and want to watch them closer, not?
  10. When I use the refine (select) tool and want to use the z key to zoom in or out it quits the refine tool and all my selection work is gone...please help this out of the world before the 1.6 release ......
  11. I am using Retouch plugin in Apple Photos. The one bug is that there is no zoom. I have tried every key shortcut but can;t zoom in, basically making the plugin useless. Is this a bug or zoom not implemented? Thanks David
  12. Hey guys! :) Just joined this forum and started using the trial of Photo. I am coming (what a surprise) from Photoshop and really miss a option in Photo to configure which button has to be pressed for zooming in with the scroll wheel. I am really used to using the "ALT" button (Im on Windows btw) in pair with the scroll wheel. The standard seems to be a combination of "CTRL + Scroll". Other than that I am really impressed with Photo. My not-so-powerful notebook flies through the program; this wouldn´t be possible with Photoshop. (My gaming PC on the other hand just doesn´t care if its open and running :lol: ) Awesome work! When there is money to spare I will buy this awesome piece of software B)
  13. Hey Affinity team, First and foremost, congrats on the great gig at the WWDC17!! Now, I have searched for this feature... ok only for like 20 min. however I couldn't find anything that would indicate that this already exists or is planed to be introduced. If it does, a hint would be great and I'll go back to my box ;-). I can also imagine that it will be all the way on the bottom of your list but here it goes, my first request or better wish :-). I would really like to be able to zoom to where the mouse is. This is available through ought the entire macOS workflow that you can, at least with the Magic Mouse, just double tap on an item and you zoom mouse centred. This is a fantastic feature when you zoom out to be going over your work and find something here and there you would like to adjust. So: Working close on a detail -> double tap -> zoomed out to some previous % -> go with the mouse on an item you identified to be edited further -> double tap -> zoomed in again. I understand that the zoom level might be to high or low but at least you are within the vicinity of where you want to go as of currently you just zoom in to the last selected spot or some random place of the canvas. This is at least my experience. Again if this exists in some way I am happy to learn :-). Cheers, JMS
  14. When I want to set the exact size based on the unit of millimeters, it was previously perfectly matched to the size of the A4 document compared to the actual size of the A4 sheet, but now it does not have the same measurement, ie it does not fit 100% The millimeter unit.
  15. Hi guys, So, basically the title says it all, AP jitters when zooming/enabling/disabling layers, basically at every click of the mouse AP decides to jitter around. I provided a performance setting and an example in the video below, any suggestion on how to solve it? Please turn on the resolution to 1080p, and no, the preview jitter is not youtube fault, is far more apparent on my screen when working with AP yeah I don't know hot to post a youtube link since it gets deleted so I just attached a .txt file with the link inside, no it's not spam, no it's not ads
  16. The zoom does not work correctly, when I've been working for some time these annoying squares start to come out, it's very difficult to work like this. It always happens to me that I zoom with the Logitech mx master horizontal wheel. But it also happens to me sometimes using the "z" key or the icon. Macbook Pro 2010. OS 10.9 Thank you
  17. I'm aware this topic has been brought up before. But since open questions and uncommented bugs remain and the topic has been closed by serif staff I'm bringing it up again. (for english keyboards you have to exchange STRG for CTRL in my description) The functionality to easily increase or decrease the zoom factor in AD by pressing SPACE + STRG and dragging the mouse is nice and works fine from my perspective. Important is what key is pressed first. Starting with the SPACE key and adding the STRG key works as expected! starting with the STRG key and than pressing the SPACE key ends in complete failure. Zooming does not work at all. This has been reported before and still remains in the latest final and beta version. It get's scary, when you increase the speed of "clicking left mousebutton and dragging the mouse". AD starts drawing random objects of the before selected tool. The size varies and drawing randomly is finished when dragging the mouse. It seems it's just the time the software takes to realize that STRG+SPACE is pressed and the tool function is aborted (still the object is drawn). Have a look at the video to visualize the effect. Looks like AD has no real control of the keyboard/tablet input. Video was made with latest final version of AD (Wacom Tablet) Cheers, Timo changed "CMD" to "CTRL" deleted "I guess"
  18. Zoom shortcut is supposed to be Ctrl+Space. In reality, this only works if you first press Space, than Ctrl. The reversed shortcut Space+Ctrl seems unique to Affinity :) And surely, this is not how modifier keys are expected to work. Affinity Designer for Mac has a filed bug about this. Half a year later, is there any progress in sight?
  19. Downloaded the Affinity Designer Windows Beta yesterday (27/09/2016) and found every time I zoom in or out (using the zoom tool or by navigating to the view menu and zooming from there) the application crashes. I receive an error message which says: "An Unhandled Exception has occurred and the application cannot continue. The Crash Reference dialogue will be displayed when the application is restarted. Code: 0x80070057" Upon restarting, the message is: "Affinity Designer has been restarted after a serious error. The error report will now be sent. Reference: 1690be94-851f-46ae-928d-8fd98b7dcbf4" Anyone else having this problem?
  20. is there a way to change zoom rate with alt + scroll instead of default ctrl+scroll? I mean, every other design software ever has been using alt+zoom so I'm used to that. I didn't find a way to change that. thanks
  21. By default, all images are set to fit to the viewport when they are opened. For images that are smaller than the viewport, this leads to a zoom percentage greater than 100%. Personally, I usually prefer images not to be enlarged as it gives a wrong impression about the pixel-level quality. It prevents checking if the file is sharp, while not giving any real benefit since enlarging them does not provide any additional information, unlike in the case of larger-than-screen images. So fitting larger files by default is fine, but I find myself routinely pressing Cmd+1 every time I open a low-res file in Photo.
  22. How do I zoom the FFT display in Affinity Photo Windows version. All the help says is hold down the Alt key??? Nothing I have tried zooms the FFT display. Help
  23. This is a tough one to replicate consistently but very often when I zoom or pan around a document with keyboard shortcuts, the tool I'm currently using becomes unusable. When I release the space bar that I'm using to pan, instead of the cursor returning to the tool I was using, it stays on the pan tool (hand). The tool I want to be using is still selected in the toolbar but I can't use it. I have to select a different tool and then go back to the one I wanted to use to get it to start working again. This is the case in the export persona of Desiger and Photo as well.
  24. I was tinkering with an application design in AD and at the same time switching back and forth from Xcode 8 storyboards view. While having Xcode on top and being in the storyboard view, the pinching gesture responsible for zooming in-out the storyboard zooms in-out the Affinity Designer's canvas behind the Xcode window. All the two windows are displayed on an external monitor connected to MBPro. This might be as well as an Xcode 8 Bug.
  25. I've been using Affinity Designer (on Windows 10) to make some vector art which has large and small shapes. So I zoom in and out primarily using Ctrl + + and Ctrl + -. Say I'm at 100% when zooming in it will enlarge to 150%, if I zoom in again it will go to 200% and then 300%, 400%, etc. Is there someplace to change it to keep using 50% steps? Or is it better if I start using the Zoom Tool with Z? Thanks.