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Found 10 results

  1. Are the View and Zoom Tool shortcuts not working? According to the Work Book double clicking on the hand should Zoom to Fit but it just zooms to an up close area. And double clicking the magnifying glass should zoom to 100%, but it just zooms close up like the view/hand tool. Using 1.8.6 Affinity on Mac OS 10.13.6.
  2. zoom tool context toolbar bug: - also I would expect that I can drag the arrow to set the scale that way. it's stuck in place (just in some case it moves with mouse like on the beginning of screen recording) - you have to click somewhere beside. - slider with arrow doesn't reflect (update) when scale is changed in number-box next to it. Screen_Recording_2020-11-30_at_02_43_10.mov
  3. Zoom value (top left) still doesn't update when using zoom tool... There are still many more important bugs probably In sense of rendering graphic on retina while painting pixelmator or Ps still win. Saying that as fan I only wish this to be fixed. Looking forward, thank you! PS: Still adressing the same for quite a long time
  4. Since the update I can't zoom out it only zooms in even when holding alt.the Paint tool works sometimes but not other times for no apparent reason.
  5. Hello guys! You know that in PS we are using Ctrl / Alt + Space bur to control Zoom in or out. Do you've any keyboard shortcut there in Affinity to control Zoom tool? Thanks in advance.
  6. I know there's already a zoom tool of course, and I know that if you go to view you can set it up to zoom in and zoom out. However, what I'm asking for is a zoom tool that only zooms in. I'm also asking for a zooms out tool that only goes out. To basically make 2 separate tools with that specific function like in Photoshop, and CSPaint. Photoshop barely has any features that Affinity Photo doesn't, and I think this would just be another boon even if a slight one.
  7. After I magnified a section of my image using the Zoom tool, I was then unable to select the Freehand Selection Tool. No matter how many times I clicked on it, it would not select and instead remained on the Zoom tool. I then tried to select other tools, such as the Crop tool, and these worked. Is there a fix for this?
  8. Would love to have the scrub feature on the zoom tool with a click drag right, left for in and out.
  9. Not sure if reported already, but I have been finding that the zooming goes buggy from "1 to I-CAN-SEE-THE-ATOMS-THAT-MADE-UP-THE-LIFE-OF-A-PIXEL" with only a few clicks, too often. The zoom OUT has been buggy as well as it often needs me to click on 'minus' icon from the navigator to actually respond to zooming out. I have checked with my tracker pad and mouse settings and they are tuned to not be as sensitive to double clicks so I think this is a bug within Affinity. Best, J
  10. 1. Hold down Zoom Out keyboard equivalent (Cmd + Option + Space Bar) 2. Draw a rectangle with Zoom tool 3. You just zoomed in!
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