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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I bought the Designer Workbook some time ago and it was shipped to Brazil without any issues. Today I tried to buy the Photo Workbook and see if the Publisher Workbook was available, but I see that the country is not an option anymore. Do you intend to ship again to Brazil on the foreseeable future? Is there any other way I could order the Photo Workbook?
  2. Hello I ordered the workbooks few day ago and I only got email with the order info and text that said that they will email me back when the order be dispatched someone know how long that supposed to take until the dispatch my package?
  3. Suggestion: Make study guides to go with the work books and simple follow along videos on the basics skills. Like a school book where there are exercises at the end of each chapter to complete-such as - vocabulary-matching exercises; many short concept practices for the basics ; comprehension: -Show tell how you accomplished this in a written paragraph, a drawn diagram-etcetera. Easy level short follow along videos for the basic skills. These approaches could be helpful to some customers with learning, using, and practicing the basic skills so they can feel confident and good when employing these magnificent Affinity Designer/Publisher/Photo software programs.
  4. The Official Serif Affinity workbooks were advertised in a recent email. Buy the book at discount and get free t-shirt. I already had purchased the Designer workbook and thought it was a great way to learn. I took up the offer from Serif and bought the Photo workbook. I was expecting the sale to be getting rid of the old books on hand. If it was different it wouldn't be that much different. Amazingly enough, I didn't realize it was updated for 1.7. Is the Designer book updated for 1.7? Is there going to be a Publisher book soon?
  5. I know that being able to get digital copies of the Photo and Designer Workbooks is all the rage right now. Mostly as in rage at not being able to do it. However, I understand Serif's worry about the book being pirated and spread illegally after they put the time and effort in to it. That being said, they have also put a lot of time and effort into the software as well. So what if, along with brush packs and filters, we were able to purchase a license for the a digital copy of the workbooks but not in the traditional manner of thinking. What if it were built into the software so that it wasn't an easily pirateable format? Have a new window that is called "Tutorials" or "Workbooks" or something like that and that window houses each of the projects and instructions that are included in the workbook. We could also build community tutorials as well that could be added into the same window. Maybe have a "fleshing out" period for the community submitted ones, where others in the community or even Serif staff could be Beta testers for the tutorial, and if the merit is seen in the tutorial and it's not just a steaming pile.... then it gets added in as well. Then not only would those demanding digital versions of the workbook be happy, but then even more information could be had by all and it would make it that much easier for the program to spread to new users. Not to mention, if the book was built in to the software like that, then it could get incremental updates with the software as new features or functions become available What are your thoughts?
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