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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there. I'm developing a newsletter / report in Affinity Publisher that involves producing charts in Excel and pasting them into the report. As I want to ensure proper printing quality once the output is exported as PDF, I'm pasting the charts in windows metafile or enhanced metafile, instead of in picture format (e.g. png / bmp). Problem is that quite randomly, Affinity decides to ignore certain elements of the chart (axis mostly). If I paste the object as a picture, the object comes up in full, so clearly Excel is exporting the information but it seems that it is the Affinity Publisher end, the one struggling to render the full set of elements. Screen capture of Excel: Screen capture of the object pasted in the Affinity Publisher document: Screen capture of the same object, now pasted as PNG (all the axis present): Any help, much appreciated.
  2. Hello, We are migrating our forms overlay process to Affinity Publisher and are forced to work with Windows Meta Files (.wmf) as our overlay. We start with the original overlay file (wmf) to open/import into Affinity, then save to .afpub. Next, we would make any changes, as needed, then save, and export to .wmf. Affinity creates a new .wmf file, but it is significantly larger than the original, it also can't be opened The problem with the .wmf file Affinity created is that it can't be opened by other windows programs. While our application is proprietary, Affinity's files can't be opened or viewed using the usual programs, like paint, which seems to be the issue. Any tips or setting change suggestions, or even what the issue is would be greatly appreciated. I have attached the original (FINL-org.wmf) file, the (FINL.afpub) and the Affinity created (FINL-pub.wmf). FINL-pub.wmf FINL-org.wmf FINL.afpub
  3. Hi, I was looking at the thread about the requested features for next versions. In the output formats I saw that the WMF/EMF format is missing. This is crucial in my workflow as most of my graphics are for MS Powerpoint and some other apps that use this format. In the meantime I have to go back and keep working with Inkscape to be able to export to this format, which breaks my workflow and adds a lot of extra work. Please, consider this format in the export options. Even if Powerpoint is a MS product consider that is widely use in Mac system. Thanks.
  4. I have a large collection of Serif wmf files. I find them useful because I can start with a ready-made file and adapt it for my purposes. Until now I've been using the Microsoft Office 2010 facility for viewing a folder's worth of wmf files and selecting the one I want. I've had to upgrade Office and they don't seem to support this any more. How do I preview wmf files before choosing which one to open in Affinity Designer?
  5. Hi there! Recently a colleague of mine sent me a Word file (Word 2016 on Windows), including a chart based on an internal data sheet. Although Word has no option to export an embedded chart as a graphic there is a trick to get the job done: select the chart, copy it and paste it into an empty slide in Powerpoint. Then export this slide as an WMF file (SVG is not offered in this case by PP). Unfortunately the exported WMF file can't be edited by Affinity Designer ( properly: It is not possible to select more than one layer at a time in order to create groups - at least not in the layers list. Even clicking on several items on the artboard while holding the ctrl-key does not work. The only way to select several items together is by drawing a selection frame around the desired items. One of the files causing problems with me is attached. Any ideas, why editing this file is such a pain? Or is it by design? Thanks, Volker Präsentation1.wmf
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