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Found 56 results

  1. Hi all, I have the above version of Photo installed on my Windows 10 laptop but I still cannot open the CR3 file. Am I missing anything here? Cheers, Tung
  2. my Documentes A3 size. Affinity Photo crash some times when i have ellipse with graident (radial i think) and i want use brush tools in area when i select brush sometimes crash. brush are big but reason their size is 2500pixels.(they are imported Photoshop brushes). I use latest version i think and WIndows 10 pro. and i have 32gigabytes memory and run same time some other programs but should be not problem. i bet is related brush size what i cannot be smaller saddly these brushes cannot be bigger. i want use add texture such object. i show if iget someday result what i like. i bet is related big brushes.
  3. needed to scale an object consistently with the artboard but it just mess up the object Affinity_Designer_2020-12-22_12-57-07.mp4
  4. Hello, I was designing a banner about 6m long. Is it normal if the exported file in jpg and pdf is larger than 100MB? Because i've made a bigger banner design in PSD, but the exported file (jpg) size is only around 60MB. It makes my desktop run very slow when exporting the file and difficult to send the file to others too. Does everyone face the same thing or is it only me? or did I set up the document wrongly? I'm using Windows 10, my design contains the most images, I set the document with DPI: 72. Attached here the export setting that i used Thank you.
  5. Hello, I am facing a peculiar issue. I have two windows laptops on which Affinity photo is installed. But only on one of them I get this error when exporting an image after finishing the edit - If I turn the embed metadata option off, then it works. However, on the other laptop there is no such issue. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling affinity photo on the machine, but the issue persists. Incidentally, the machine with this issue is the faster of the two. How can I resolve this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Exporting a sequence of pages overwrites existing files without warning. When a user exports a sequence of pages there's currently no warning that it will overwrite files naming the sequence <filename>_{x}, where x is the page number. If files already exist with this filename they will be overwritten with no warning to the user. This is a problem as this could overwrite existing work/files. Proposed Solution: There should be some sort of preference to indicate whether a warning should be given on filename conflicts. ***NOTE: Also occurs in beta
  7. Hi I am having some issues with my laptop when applying masking to images. I cannot for some reason use the paintbrush to expose of hide areas on the mask. This function works perfectly well on my desktop. Any suggestions please? I have tried doing a repair function on the installation. This had no effect
  8. I have just installed the latest Customer Beta updates and found that the ascribed key combination to reset the page rotation (new feature?) doesn't work in Designer but DOES in Photo
  9. When I try to add the word österr. to the abbreviations in preferences it gets the first entry in the abbreviation list. I could be wrong of course, but I always thought that ä, ö, ü have to be sorted like ae, oe, ue. No complaint here, just wondering. Perhaps this is also affecting abbreviations starting with "special" characters in other languages? EDIT: Sorry, forgot to tell the OS. In my case Windows 10, but maybe this applies for Mac as well?
  10. I've been editing designs for a logo, cleaning up lines and colors for the last few days working 5+ hours a day. Been using mostly the paint brush and easer brush. Today on one layer (the same one I was working on yesterday) both brushes are not working correctly. They are both set at 100% opacity, flow, and hardness but with the paint brush it isn't painting a solid color. It's pixelated, and skips space and will not "color in" a line to make it darker. The eraser is doing the same thing. It will not erase fully. I added a pixel layer and both brushes work fine, exactly like they should, but on the layer I need they will not. I've attached a screenshot of the full page, the little lines that the arrows are point at are the examples. I am usually zoomed in very close and working 1-5 pixels at a time for this which I also included a screenshot of. I don't know what has happened to this one layer after closing the program last night and opening it today. I still have a lot of work to get done on this and I can't do anything if this isn't working. What caused this? How can I fix it?
  11. Hi I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I want to place an excel table into a document. I got to file / place, and I can select various option to look for in terms of what to place, jpg, png etc. But I can see an option for excel. Am I looking in the wrong place, where am I going wrong?
  12. In my case preflight warns about a missing "Lucida Grande". After embedding the PDF preflight is still reporting only 1 font missing. As soon as I edit the document, there are "Lucida Grande" and "HelveticaNeue-Bold" reported as missing.
  13. Hi everyone, I am new to Affinity Photo and photo editing in general and I have a crucial problem. The preview of my edits that AP shows does not fit the exported files. Just for reference my screen is colour calibrated using a SpyderX and is able to achieve 100% sRGB. Looking in Windows -> Settings -> System -> Display -> Advanced Display Settings -> Bit depth I see the value 8 bit. Now when I look at the edited photo in AP (before exporting) I can clearly see shades of gray on the top left lamp, but when I look at it through DigiKam's ShowPhoto (which I read it is colour managed) I am losing all the gray detail in the top left lamp. I have exported to PNG 16bit (as I was working in sRGB 16 bit in AP) with the attached settings. The even weirder problem is that if I open the exported PNG in AP I see the exact same image as the preview. As far I know, the only profile that should be anything but sRGB/Adobe RGB/ProPhoto is the display one (which is found under Windows -> Settings -> System -> Display -> Advanced Display Settings -> Display Adapter Properties -> Colour Management -> Colour Management) that should be generated by a colour calibration tool such as SpyderX/i1Display/etc. Please let me know what do I get wrong as it drives me nuts that the export does not match the edit! Thank you for your time and stay safe! DSCF2205.afphoto
  14. Affinity Photo ver., Dell Inspiron 5770, Windows 10 pro (x64) ver. 10.0.18363 I can no longer get the Macro or Library panels to show in any of the Panel sections. (View>Studio>Macro or >Library) 1. The entries on the Studio list show both Macro and Library with check marks. Keyboard macros Ctrl+Alt+L and Ctrl+Alt+M work as expected in selectiing and deselecting the Macro and Library panels 2. Removing and reselectng Library and/or Macro via View>Studio makes no difference other than adding or removing the check marks. Also View>Studio>Reset Studio does not change the situation. 3. Removing C:\Users\darel\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\user\macros.propcol and restarting Affinity Photo does not help. Macros.propcol does get recreated. 4. Adding a user-created macros file by dropping on the workspace does not result in an error but the panels are still not visible. The last time I used the Macro and Library panels was around mid February when they were used together in a floating window separate from the main panels sections. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. I created a text frame with a number bullet inside. Resizing the text frame from the center bottom handle works, while resizing the text frame from the center right handle reliably crashes. Attached a video and the .afpub file. crashing-textframe.mp4 crashing-textframe.afpub Edit: This is not font related. This bug is related to the fact that there is no text following the bullet.
  16. I noticed this while testing if the "origin greater than 400" bug was fixed in the latest release (which is not). One can prevent the vanishing popup by scrolling up / zooming out. Video attached. distance-popup.mp4
  17. I would call it a bug if something bugs me, but I bet it is just a feature request or feature requests. For the three annoyances I made a small movie so that you can visualize it. Annoyance 1: Selecting text in cells. Starting with a zoom of 99% placing the cursor the first text seems to be quite easy, but marking the complete text inside this cell or selecting other text in another cell results in just selecting the cell. So I have to zoom in until the cursor changes from "Arrow" to "Text". Annoyance 2: I mark two rows (on purpose) and want to delete them. I hit the tiny triangle and select "Delete row". I would expect to delete both rows, but only one row is deleted. Of course it is saying "Delete row", so only one row is deleted. If I want to delete both rows I have to right-click to get "Delete row(s)". Inconsistent! The programme should detect that two rows are selected. Annoyance 3: Starting with zoom of 99%. I want to select the first three columns, where column 3 is merged. At a zoom of 99% it is impossible to get all cells selected. So again I have to zoom in to get the cells selected. Annoyance 4: Not in the video. I simply want to insert a row below. Impossible. Always a row is inserted above. Annoyance 5: Not in the video. Speaking just for me I need tables that could span over several spreads instead of splitting them per spread. Tables are such a powerful tool, but right now they need more love from Serif. tablemovie.mp4
  18. I bought Affinity Photo but I've not received the e mail with the key product but it's already paid. How many time Have I wait to receive the key product? Thanks
  19. Op system Windows 10 Pro version 1909 Affinity Publisher latest version checked I was experimenting with layered master pages in APub. It is not clear whether this is the cause of the issue, or is it due to the particular fonts I am using.? Also I have 2 font groups in play. When I create a new text box (in my case called Body Slide) it is created at 'Body Slide+', which adds italic mode (presumably a leftover from clearing the Lucida Calligraphy from a buffer). If I appl Body Slide again, I would expect the italic mode to disappear. It does not. (For information: the body slide text style is identical to the default body except that the text fill is white} (For information: The Base text style has been changed to Trebuchet MS as a font. No other changes. A new style group called Headings uses Lucida Calligraphy, Yellow) The problem is illustrated in the attached video clip ScreenRecorderProject1.mov
  20. Not everything got better in the latest betas. In the 1.8.3x (and prior) versions I was able to delete at least the palettes for Grey, Colours and Gradients. In the latest beta(s) this became impossible. Just speaking for me (unfortunately): I don't need these palettes and I don't need the tons of Pantone colours. It was a good move to have default palettes defined for various colour spaces, BUT every time I create a new document I have to select my DEFAULT palette from the swatches pulldown again, because the selected palette at document start is something else. Or maybe I just simply do not understand the concept behind a DEFAULT. 🤐 EDIT: Interestingly I was able to delete the basic palettes (except Pantone) in the latest beta of ADesigner (but not in AP and APu).
  21. Hi, latest Designer 1.8.3 on Windows 10 platform (version to 1909 and 2024 tested) has a serious bug regarding User Interface (UI). After the program loads, the Windows interface become buggy and not readable (see attached screenshots). I've also checked another thread on this forum that advice to do a SFC check on windows components, but that isn't a solution ( neither a workaround too) and in any case the situation revert to normal after a simple reboot. On my system there are other graphic software that run smootly (Rebelle 3, PS 2019, Krita, AI 2019); I've checked know incompatible programs and I don't use any of the listed apps. Side note: I've tested 2 beta version to see if the problem persist, and this is what I've found: Designer Beta - the problem persists; Designer Beta - the problem is NOT present. It's interesting, because in the release notes there's nothing regarding the UI bug, so It's worth to analyze it further to understand what's causing this bug. Hope that you find out! Thanks! The system is a Mac Mini Late 2012 with BootCamp running Windows 10 latest build 2004, in Italian Language (tested also on previous build 1909); graphic card is integrated Intel HD4000 with latest drivers from Intel (Version10.18.10.5129, Date 21/01/2020).
  22. Is there a way to disable the floating for specific tabs in the first place? More specifically the document tabs. While painting I find myself accidentally pressing the document tab and dragging it instead instead of creating a brush stroke! It breaks the flow.
  23. Hello everybody. I am not sure if this is a bug coming from Affinity Photo or Windows or if it is even a bug bu here is the deal: I know you can alter the hardness and size of the brush by holding CTRL + ALT + right click and if I perform the shortcut everything works as it should. However, if I want to perform the actions with my pen stylus instead nothing happens. I only get this annoying white ring as seen in the attached picture. My pen (Wacom Pro L) is set to perform right click and it works. Only Affinity Photo seems to not get the right click input from the stylus... Can somebody please help me? It slows down my workflow so much it really gets me angry and frustrated. Is there a way to set the shortcut combination to something different? I tried to find it in the settings but the only thing I can find for brush size ist [ or ] and that does not help me. Thank you in advance for your help! I am really looking forward to it. Best, Gomorrah
  24. Hi, Currently I'm using the Trial version of Publisher. I was creating a Discount voucher document with different voucher numbers of size 15x26 cms approx., without facing pages. I needed 3000 plus vouchers but when I entered the required pages in Add pages option of Publisher then it is only creating 1001 Pages. I tried performance panel of Publisher as well and allotted 12 gb of RAM and then Publisher created total of 2001 pages but doing so it froze the computer for almost 15 minutes and after that I closed it via Task Manager. Now I checked that the RAM allotted is 16 GB in Publisher performance Panel but it is only creating 1001 pages in total even when I entered a total of 3000 pages. I'm unable to understand the issue. Please help. My computer Config is Win 10, 16 gb Ram, 2gb Graphics Card.
  25. Hi, I updated affinity from 1.7 to 1.8 before a couple of days and from them, I'm not able to see a selection box for text when I select multiple objects along with text. Refer the following image for reference. When I select one text item: When I select two or more text item: Even if I select one or more text item along with other objects, the same happens: The object's selection box is highlighted but not the text's selection box. This is very frustrating when I work with a lot of objects and text, I am not able to identify if I selected a text item or not: What could be the issue? Will changing some preference fix this or can it be fixed only with the next affinity update? Please advice. Thanks.
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