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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, I work with files that have lots of vectors, usually my AD files go from 50 - 200 MB. Recently AD has been crashing when I switch between openned files, like between 2 AD files and even one big AD file and a high resolution PNG file. It gives a "not responding" message, then the only way is for me to close it. Sometimes when it gets back it has a recovery file, but sometimes not. I really don't know what to do. I'm losing time and work! Please tell me if you think is a hardware problem, or a configuration one, and how can I improve my AD experience. Here are the specs: DELL Inspiron 5448 Windows 10 x64 RAM 8GB , HD 1TB Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5500U CPU 2.40GHZ I've been using Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500, but I also have AMD Radeon R7 M260. And this problem has happened with both. Thanks a lot! <3
  2. Editing old family photos.Could somebody tell me how to get rid of red on skin.
  3. Dr Astronomy

    Blue artifacts when sharpening

    HELP! Please I am getting blue artifacts when developing RAW (.dng) images I get bring the DNG into the develop persona and develop as per the screen shot attached When I apply the development I then duplicate the background layer and go sharpen - high pass (7.5px mono) and change the layer mode to soft light The navigator shows lots of blue areas yet the master image doesn't - on exporting I get an image the same as the navigator image with blue all over it. The same issue occurs with live filter If instead of softlight I use hard light or overlay there is no issue. In 16bit mode there is also no issue As I prefer to keep images in 32bit until final export is there any way around this issue Thanks
  4. Hello Forum users I have a issue with Current build Affinity Photo v every time I attempt to draw in Affinity Photo my pen seems to lose focus on the program. I use a 2 monitor setup, My main display is a Ultra wide Monitor at 1440p and my Drawing Monitor is a Pnboo Pn2150 at 1080p in Expanded mode I have confirmed that my pen and monitor selection is set correctly as I can use other programs in the Pnboo Drawing Monitor Screen area just fine. Such as Photoshop and the horrid windows paint in which case the pen function works perfectly. When I load up Affinity Photo on the Pnboo Screen to draw the Pen does not react. I have noticed it is a program focus issue as if I click on the main screen with the mouse then click the Pnboo Screen with the pen it will draw. but as soon as I lift the pen from the screen it loses focus again. and the process as to be repeated. Can anyone confirm this issue or am I doing something wrong? Note this issue only happens when in Extended mode if I enter Duplicated Desktop it works fine.
  5. zarusoba

    Saving bug Windows 10

    Using trial of the latest version of Affinity Designer on Windows 10. When saving I get the attached message. Same message when I save as. After quitting and re-opening, Affinity does not recognise the document. After restarting the computer, Affinity does successfully open the document. Definitely a dealbreaker.
  6. walterdain

    Affinity Layers & Windows 10

    Whenever I have more than 3 group layers Affinity runs out of memory and crashes out. It's as if Affinity is not releasing memory after a process? I only seem to have problems in the layers module. Other than that Affinity Photo is a brilliant product. While I'm at it, may I also suggest that the Blend It attached to each adjustment layer with the gear wheel be given a thumbnail b/w display to show which areas of the image is being affected when moving the graph. See Topaz. The Blend It tool is very good. I use it all the time. This small change would mean that I would be able to see what is affected and not have to resort to the Brightness slider. Please give the memory problem urgent attention. Driving me nuts! I use a brand new Surface Pro with 16Gb ram and 1Tb ssd.
  7. Hello, whenever i start up Affinity Designer it notifies me that there is an update available, but when ich click on "Download" all i get is the following text: "An error occured while opening the following URL in the Web Browser: http://go.seriflabs.com/affinity-designer-update-1" followed by a "Close" Button. Any ideas why this happens? AD still works just fine, as always, it just wont download the update. Note: I translated the error from German, so it might not be exactly the same in English.
  8. Hello, affinity Photo Is crashing while developing raw. Photos where shot during the evening, on a Smartphone (LG V20 Korean Version) in 4k. But when I even see how the program is starting, I think a fast patch might be a good idea... Edit: Seems like affinity photo is even worse than Chrome when it comes to eating up memory. Major difference: Chrome restores my tabs when it crashes or the PC is out of power. Looking forward to solve this problem, Leo
  9. On one windows10 workstation I have the problem, that ONLY in Affintiy designer, everything looks covered yellow. Nothing real white. In all other applications on this workstation all is brilliant white. Are there any settings in affinity designer for this color problem? Or is this a general bug in version See screenshot.
  10. Affinity Photo often freezes and crashes Windows 10 Professional on a computer with 16 GB RAM while performing various edits on JPEG files (not even RAWs) - especially when tone mapping persona and various selection tools. The issue has been there for several months and is so annoying that I doubt I deal with a piece of software people pay for.