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Found 10 results

  1. You need at least THREE objects to space them horizontally or vertically. Only two objects are not working - any good reason for this? Anyway, spacing horizontally / vertically is lacking the ability to define the distance of spacing.
  2. And now for something completely different: I was not sure where to put this. Not a bug, just strange and only working (not working) with Firefox. I have two monitors, left is the main page of Publisher with the workspace and tools and menus, right monitor for all the panels. Additionally Firefox is located on the right monitor. When I try to drag a Firefox tab from right to left monitor when Publisher is in the background nothing happens. I have to minimize Publisher first. It is only the Publisher/Firefox-combination. Chrome has no problem.
  3. Noticed this after installing and working on my 106 pages document that Publisher is getting slower, often I get the Not Responding message, all elements on the pages get blurred, popped out menus won't close etc.pp.
  4. I made my paragraph style for the bullet list, select and apply to the desired paragraph. So far so good, but when I try to apply a character style to the first word of this bullet list, the bullet will also be formatted. How can I avoid this? See video. bullets.mp4
  5. ... or should I say the miseries of font substitution? I placed a file for testing purposes and the font changed from GothamLight to LCD. Strange decision, because the fonts do not look too similar. If I look at the document properties / fonts in Acrobat: GothamLight | Type 1 | Embedded subset | User defined encoding. LCD in my system is TrueType. I am hoping for the day, when Publisher allows us to decide whether to place a PDF editable or just as an image.
  6. Not a bug I guess, named too much bugs lately which weren't ones, but an observation. My document has seven pages, I am on page 7 used Zoom To Fit to see the whole page or any other magnification. Next I use the scrollbar to move to page 1. When I now use shortcut CTRL+0 I am moved back to page 7 zoomed to fit. That was nothing I expected.
  7. Easy table workflow from an infamous layout programme: Define a table with 5 (or less or more) columns, set various column width as you like. Now if you e.g. increase the width of column, all other columns keep their defined width, the table in fact gets wider. Difficult table workflow from a newcomer: Define a table with 5 (or less or more) columns, set various column width as you like. Now if you e.g. increase the width of column 2, column 3 gets smaller, columns 4 and 5 stay the same size. So I have to resize columns 3, 4 and 5. But there are so many features in Publisher, perhaps I have not found the correct way to prevent above behaviour?
  8. Pretty self-explanatory the title? If a text frame with overflowing text has a height of 7 mm the triangle for overflow will be visible at a zoom of about 211%. At a zoom of 100% the triangle vanishes at a height of 14,6 mm. I do not want to compare too much with Indesign, but there the overflow icon is visible even at 5% zoom. It would save some (small) time if Publisher would behave like Indesign in this case.
  9. I am printing out a photo,Putting in the proper pixel sizes on the Photo dialogue box but the photo is missing about 6mms.on left hand side and bottom.The only way that I can avoid this and print out all the photo is to increase the numbers I put into the pixel boxes.Can anyone tell me why this is?Printer is an HP Envy 5020.
  10. Hello! Unfortunately I'm experiencing a crash with Affinity Photo v I'm running Windows 8.1. Since moving from the trial version, when I select the Selection Brush Tool I see the cursor change, followed by a flash of graphics distortion and finally a blank screen. I think I'm experiencing a graphics related crash. I don't think I have a dedicated graphics card. I've tried on a black 200 x 200px canvas and experience the same crash. I didn't get this crash in the trial version. If there's any further information that would help, let me know! Thanks for your help, Owen
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