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Found 6 results

  1. You need at least THREE objects to space them horizontally or vertically. Only two objects are not working - any good reason for this? Anyway, spacing horizontally / vertically is lacking the ability to define the distance of spacing.
  2. Selecting the beginning of a paragraph in in 3(2) columns text frame can be quite difficult. From last character to first character = no problem. But selecting first character to last character = problem, because the pointer changes from text-cursor to changing-column-width-cursor. And again ... the behaviour of Publisher is not consistent over different zoom levels. At 150% zoom no chance to select from the start. At 200% zoom you can select from the second character onwards. At 250% zoom you can finally select from the first character onwards. I am not the type always zooming around to get the right tools. In this specific case for me the text frame panel would be enough for changing the width of the columns. Hmm, brilliant software so far, but there are some points not to switch from Indesign. But this is Beta, so Publisher is evolving sooner or later.
  3. Pretty self-explanatory the title? If a text frame with overflowing text has a height of 7 mm the triangle for overflow will be visible at a zoom of about 211%. At a zoom of 100% the triangle vanishes at a height of 14,6 mm. I do not want to compare too much with Indesign, but there the overflow icon is visible even at 5% zoom. It would save some (small) time if Publisher would behave like Indesign in this case.
  4. I know this is nitpicking having the zoom at 2054% and lamenting about two images not being aligned top. The transform tool says they are on the same height. It is just irritating.
  5. I am printing out a photo,Putting in the proper pixel sizes on the Photo dialogue box but the photo is missing about 6mms.on left hand side and bottom.The only way that I can avoid this and print out all the photo is to increase the numbers I put into the pixel boxes.Can anyone tell me why this is?Printer is an HP Envy 5020.
  6. Hello! Unfortunately I'm experiencing a crash with Affinity Photo v I'm running Windows 8.1. Since moving from the trial version, when I select the Selection Brush Tool I see the cursor change, followed by a flash of graphics distortion and finally a blank screen. I think I'm experiencing a graphics related crash. I don't think I have a dedicated graphics card. I've tried on a black 200 x 200px canvas and experience the same crash. I didn't get this crash in the trial version. If there's any further information that would help, let me know! Thanks for your help, Owen