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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, support, since a few days, even before the version *.139 Publisher (according to TaskManager) allows itself to be "permanently inactive". If I have detected it correctly, this problem occurs when inserting images with the extension *.svg. A smooth working is not possible as soon as I access the SVGs. Another impression is that the CPU and memory are used too much. I test the Publisher on 3 different systems. The following parameters have to be specified for 2 of the 3 systems: 1st ASUS ROG, (Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.5 GHz) WIN 10 (with last update), 32 GB RAM, graphics card NiVidia GeForce GTX980M 2nd Acer (Intel Core i5-3337U CPU @ 1,80 GHz) with WIN 10 (with last update). 4 GB RAM, graphics card Intel HD Graphics 4000 On all systems the same problem (permanently inactive as soon as I want to move the SVG's). That the Acer Tablet is not a "Sprinter" is obvious, but so far it was possible to work there "quickly". But I'm not familiar with the fact that the "ROG" gives me long coffee breaks all the time. It has to work really hard normally! All other started programs have no problems and work well! What can I do to restore a smooth workflow? Mr Sapling
  2. I have a win 10 machine. I am trying to load about 300 NEF (Nikon RAW ) files into Afinity. Each file size is about 73M. The steps I follow are: File/Open Select all files from the dialog Select "Open " from the dialog. The machine loads between 170 and 210 files then seems to take over all system resources to the extent I don't have mouse or keyboard control. I have to power down/up the machine. Alt/Tab and Ctrl/Alt/Del to stop the program have no effect. Any Ideas as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks.
  3. When opening a single raw file, the related camera data are recognized, lens name is shown and raw processing has proper result. At least on windows 10 operating system. When opening 3 raw files as new HDR merge, during reading of first image the message "no camera data" appears and there is no lens name shown. Later on when files 2 and 3 are processed the message disappears and lens name shows up correct. The merge result however seems to be a mixture of corrected and not corrected images (lens distortion is not completely corrected and edges show darker vignettes). This is to be seen on windows 10 Pro and Windows 7 Pro operating systems.
  4. Hi, I like to correct single colors with "Tonwertkorrektur", by choosing RGB and then one single color. After then, if I move any slider, the button jumps back to Master. (I use Win 10, vers. 1607). Many thanks for help or information Manfred