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Found 25 results

  1. Please add eyedroppers (inside of the curves panel) to define custom values for black, gray and white, as in Photoshop.
  2. It seems a little strange that there’s no way to select your white balance point. Am I missing it? I see Auto White Balance in Adjustments which is not the tool I’m looking for.
  3. How do you master white balance and especially using Affinity Photo, it seems very subjective. Is the correct white balance measurable?
  4. Hi, I got Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro 10.5 soon after upgrading for iOS 12. I shoot with Pentax K-70 mostly in native RAW, that is PEF format. I used Lightroom since past 7-8 years, I also have trial version of LR mobile on my iPad. I really like the simplicity and output from LR. With very minimal tweaking LR gives excellent RAW development. But major limitation of LR Mobile app is that it cannot save RAW file in various lossless formats, moreover there are limitations of resizing the files on LR while exporting. Both of these things are taken care by Affinity but I don’t like it’s image output. Mostly the images do not match my taste or need to do too much tweaking to match output of my liking. The major culprit I find in development work flow of AP is the lack of grey point based white balance tool. Which I find very handy in most image editing apps/software. It takes care of both temperature and tint with their perfect interdependence in a single go. Does anyone else know any workaround or feel same like me? I am posting images from LR and AP to show what am I pointing to. Image 3 is AP and 4 is LR output files. And this is my first post so please pardon my mistakes, if any. Atindra
  5. Hey there My buttons for white balance under RAW development are not working properly... They go way too far, and I am not sure how to fix it. I've uploaded 3 pictures and one video to demonstrate what I mean... I've also attached two pictures of my Assistant and Performance settings Thank you Example_3.mov
  6. Hello everyone and thank you for your answers in advance. I have a huge issue with Affinity for mac: Using a Canon 1Dx mark ii camera, i capture RAW photos for the best quality, but for some reason Affinity doesn't read the white balance correctly. I usually play with a white balance to tune a nice look when possible, but this time it was a no go, because the product i photographed looks blue instead of purple! Please see attached 3 files: The original RAW, a JPG file exported via Apple Photo app (it easily detected and exported the correct white balance - Purple) and a screen shot of how it looks via Affinity Photo (Blue). Is there anything i'm missing or should i just look for a different software for pro work? Original File.CR2
  7. The problem that occurs is the white balance box selection tool does not line up with the cursor - but is offset some distance away. The workflow that creates this issue is as follows: 1) open raw file 2) crop image 3) attempt to box select white balance tool. If I do not crop the image first, white balance selection tool works as expected.
  8. I have been using AP for 2 years.when i imported raw images shot on Nikon D800 to develop, they looked bit dull but not that bad.Now i have Nikon D850 and the images look ok in camera and Affinity photo for ipad but look awful in develop persona on Mac.Also I was surprised at the auto white balance readings and thought the camera did a bad job.last night downloaded free trial of Photoshop cc and images look fine there in camera raw and also the white balance readings are totally different, more likely expected.I am attaching the screenshot of develop in AP and camera raw.check the WB readings in both. Now please can someone help me sort this issue if its fixable Thank you in advance Charles
  9. So Ive been exporting my LUTS from affinity and using them in LumaFusion. The process is great save one adjustment...The White balance adjustment. If I cool down my image in Afinity Photo and export my Lut, my image is warmed up in Luma Fusion and vice versa. Same goes for the tint, If i add magenta, i get Green and so forth. Is this just my iPad or can i get some help. I’m on the IPad Pro 10.5. Everything is updated.
  10. I'm brand new to Affinity Photo and would like to use it to process infrared images. I have seen the tutorial on producing simulated IR images but am thinking of getting a camera converted for IR use. I've used a friend's IR converted camera and when I brought the images into Affinity they still had a browny/red tinge to them. The minimum Kelvin temperature on the White Balance slider seemed to be 2000k. But I understand that it needs to be adustable between about 1200-1800k in order to remove the colour cast. Is it possible to do this in Affinity? Thanks
  11. I have a set of several hundred photos with varyiing white balance settings. I would like to offset each photo by adding 400 degrees K to it. Can I do this in batch and if so how do I go about it? I have very little experience with batch processing. .
  12. Hi, I love the software, but miss some crutches I often use in other software. I think it would be convenient to have a few preset white balance settings in a drop down menu in develop persona. E.g. As shot - Sunny - cloudy - shade etc. that usually helps in finding a good starting point for wb. I guess it would be great if demanding individual users could tweak these to account for their specific cameras, but for me that doesn't seem necessary. At least, rawtherapee works for me perfectly this way. Thanks. Wouter
  13. When I develop two or more RAW images for a panorama or stereo pair, I find it useful to save the basic parameters from the first as a preset, so that the other image(s) are developed the same. I find that the white balance is NOT saved, and has to be set manually. All the other parameters are saved correctly, as far as I can see. I'm running version on a Toshiba Satellite laptop running Windows 7.
  14. I worked with Nikon D810 ( WB : flash ). It is normal to read 'Capture One Pro ( ver 9.3 ) but ... There is a little WB problem reading Affinity Photo . Why would this happen? ( Not Flicker ) thanks.
  15. Hi all, I'm using Affinity Photo for a few days. It's outstanding for editing and retouching, but I've some problems with the raw developing where the biggest is the white balance: is there a way to have the scale in Kelvin? Thanks!
  16. There's a color picker in the white balance adjustment layer, but not in Persona. Why is that?
  17. Hello, what I don't like in Affinity Photo is the function of white balance. In Photoshop (Elements) there are three pipettes for the black point, white point, and the neutral gray values. In AffinityPhoto there is only the possibility of matching the middle tones. But what if you do not find anything in a picture that corresponds or could correspond to a neutral gray? I hope that Serif in this respect improves the function at example of Photoshop. Regards, Martin
  18. Hello, I am having an issue when I save my settings as a preset, the white balance never saves with it. I always have to manually edit the white balance. Also, when working with another image, when I begin to adjust the white balance, it is based off of the adjustment from the previous image and not the current one. Will these issues be fixed in the next update?
  19.   Help , In China the sample photo with layer in the App can’t be downloaded !   If we want get some support we must register the forum , but user form China network, the "Security Check” code can’t display ,so , User from China can’t get any support , please help !(I use friend's VPN)   求助!程序中的样例需要现去下载,而中国用户下载不了。   想获得支持必须注册官方论坛,但是中国网络用户注册的时候“安全码”无法正常显示出来,也注册不了,所以我们无法获得任何支持,请帮助解决!   很喜欢,对于摄影师的工作效率而言,有两个最重要的功能希望能够添加:   1. 类似 Capture NX 2 中的 U 点功能,修片儿效率胜过一切软件;   2.类似 Capture NX 2 中的通过选框取样设定灰点,在有着不同色温的复杂光源条件下调整白平衡无比好用;   如能,很多用户就可以从 Capture NX2 完全转到 Affinity Photo 下了。 Capture NX2 已经停止更新,老的安装程序不支持10.11 ,为此我们只能先装OS X 10.9,再装 Capture NX2 最后升级到 OS X 10.11 ,由于 Capture NX2 出色的效率,这么做是值得的,希望 Affinity Photo 能具有这两个重要功能,请务必考虑,谢谢。   I like it very much ,but to the Photographer’s word efficiency, there’s two functions is very , very important for us :   1. Like the U point function in Capture NX2 ,the most high-efficiency function of all the Photo App ;   2. In turning White Balance, like the Set Grey Point through Select Area in Capture NX2 ,When in the environment of complex lighting of different color temperature , It’s the best and only tool can make photographer satisfied.   Would you add similar functions with same effects ? If you can , many Capture NX2 users would turn to the Affinity’s side . Because the Capture NX2 can’t run Install in OS X 10.10 or 10.11 , so ,we had to install OS X 10.9 and Capture NX2 first then update to OS X 10.11 ,It’s worth to do this ,because of the work efficiency of Capture NX2.   Please consider our suggestion ,please !
  20. Have opened Nikon RAW file, NEF, from an older digital camera, E5700. While in RAW editor, prior to pressing develop, if i click on the White Balance option I get a messed up result. When I click off the WB option it goes to normal. using the sliders has no effect. All the other options appear to be working just fine. However, once I develop the photo I can use the WB adjustment layer and it works just fine. TIA, UltraRed
  21. I know it's been requested before but... Processing a lot of photos that basically should have the same white balance and needs the same shadows and highlights adjustments is something i really need. Doing it manually on thousands of photos isn't effective. Is there any way now (or in the future) to have kind of the same workflow as in PS Camera Raw where i can open a lot of images and set the basics and either open them or save them.? And even save the settings and apply them on other photos later. We're about to do thousands product photos and i'd like to use only APhoto for it. Cheers :)
  22. Opening a Nikon nef file I get a wrong reading of colours. I discovered that changing parameters in white balance raw and RESSETING will achieve a normal reading, all back to normal Have tried turning off the assistant but things get worse and takes more time to rebalance things. The same file in BETA opens properly Cheers!!!
  23. Hei there, I just "discovered" today more or less by accident, how straightforward it is to adjust white balance in Final Cut with a LUT from Affinity Photo. I made a short video demonstrating the process for those who stil not have discovered this feature: https://youtu.be/NEKFcxrG3Gc
  24. As I work when I can, on learning more about Affinity products, I am trying to learn how to color correct in AP. I need this task to be tried and true as mush as possible for all photos if possible. Attached is a photo with a harsh color cast, I would like to know how you color correct it and post it. There doesn't seem to be much talk about color correction on these forums. Just curious to see how people are using the tools. I am finding it quite the challenge.
  25. Did a cursory glance and did not see this come up elsewhere: Whenever I use the white balance tool in the develop persona mode, the program crashes. Some sort of terminal error apparently occurs when I click the part of the image I wish to set as white. I can supply the full error readout if need-be. For the sake of limiting clutter, just this for now: Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0xfffffffffffffff4 Is this problem unique to me or are others experiencing it as well. MB

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