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Found 17 results

  1. Just as an exercise, I decided to explore ways to create vignettes with Affinity Photo. I stopped after identifying 20 methods. Attached are my notes for your pleasure. Affinity photo Vignette V1.pdf
  2. Hi there. When creating a vignette in Affinity Photo, it will only create an additive vignette not a subtractive one in CMYK. I.E. You can’t see a vignette against a white background, but you can against a grey one. This only affects CMYK. Not RGB. Cant speak for other colour profiles.
  3. If the photo has all four corners bright, and the vignetting becomes evenly dimmed, the automatic correction is successful. However, if some corners are dark, the automatic correction is unsuccessful - it causes unnatural lightening of the dark corners, and must be turned off. Like this Therefore, it would be advisable to allow adjustment of the correction intensity in individual corners.
  4. I am trying to add a vignette to a png. I can make it black and white but however I apply the vignette nothing happens to the image. Is it because its a png?
  5. This is a way to do a little more creative vignette effect. You get lots of control over how and where you want the effect. If you've made it on one picture you can simply copy it to other images. Cheers :)
  6. Would love to be able to adjust where to place the center of my vignette, using the Live Vignette filter. Often the area to emphasized is not in the center of the image.
  7. Odd problem. Edit image, including adding a vignette as follows: Black rectangle over image. White curved rectangle over black rectangle. Gaussian blur on white rectangle. Group black and white rectangles. Blend mode of group: Multiply. Reduce opacity of black rectangle. Here's Affinity window: Then export. Now the vignette is not properly shown -- curved rectangle is square and gaussian blur is gone. However, if I export at a lower resolution (1000 px wide), it works properly: Original image is 42mpx, taken with Sony A7R2. I tried uploading it but the forum doesn't like big files.
  8. If you load a photo into Photo, then crop it using the crop tool to a part in the middle of the image (without deleting the pixels outside the document boundaries), then go into the Develop persona and apply a post-crop vignette, the center of said vignette seems to be located outside the image bounds. In my test, it was located to the left of the document. The original image was rather wide (intended for use as a Facebook cover image) and then cropped to square. Version 1.4.2 (AppStore release build) on OS X 10.9.5.
  9. Just got AP and first impressions are v good (previously years of Photoshop use). Tried processing my first raw file however and the image has a dark vignette at the corners. Never had this problem in Photoshop so am initially surprised and at a loss as to what is causing it. Previews ok on my mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Apologies if this is posted in wrong section - am first time poster. Also am I correct in assuming there's no direct support, as I just got directed to the forums when I clicked on the support tab? I've attached a small jpeg of the file in question.
  10. I have returned to trying Affinity after quite a while as when I first tried it I just could not work it out, (guess the learning curve was too steep for me back then) but now I am determined to conquer it as I refuse to pay Adobe any more. Bearing this in mind please treat me as a newbie! I lke to apply a vignette to most of my photographs and in Lightroom I had a preset of -11 to do it with a click of a button but I am bewildered how to do this in Affinity, I can’t even find a vignetting tool! Also can anyone point me to where I can learn about presets in Affinity please? Many thanksl for any help. Cheers.
  11. Affinity Photo on Windows v I'm attempting to apply a vignette to an image which has been cropped off-center, but when I apply the vignette it is centered on the original photo's center, not on the cropped image's center. See the attached image for details. (The vignette has been exaggerated to highlight the problem.) Am I doing something wrong or have I discovered a bug?
  12. hi I'm new to this and would like some help, I can't get vignette to work on any picture that i import. I've tried putting the live layer above, on and under the background and other layers, nut its just not happening. love some help on this cheers
  13. I can do 'Post Crop Vignette' but how do I place it where I want?? Göran Sweden
  14. I am getting banding when creating a vignette with a stacked image. I am unclear what to do based on what I have been able to find in help or online.
  15. Hallo, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man eine Vignette erstellt. Zu den Bildkorrekturen im Vorspann: Wie das geht habe ich im gesonderten Tutorial „Belichtung & Tonwertkorrektur“ gezeigt. In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create a vignette. And the previous photo corrections: I did a separate video „Belichtung & Tonwertkorrektur“ (aperture & curves). ​Ciao Jack www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPQVQ0UyfFA www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPQVQ0UyfFA
  16. Hi, I've been using Aperture for several years, but need to replace it with a new photo editor. I downloaded the trial of Affinity and wanted to try out the program before buying it. I'm watching the For Beginners video on Vimeo and trying to duplicate the actions on my own photo. I got to the Inpainting Brush and Vignette, but nothing happens when I try to apply them to the photo. I was able to use the other adjustments mentioned before this on the video. What happened?
  17. I've been playing around with the vignette filter in AP and am wondering if it is possible to move the clear part of the vignette to somewhere other than the center of the image. Is there some kind of work-around that I can use? Thanks
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