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Found 8 results

  1. Cosmetic, I believe. At some point, AFPUB will underscore in red any words that it does not have in its dictionary. If you, for example, go into edit mode and simple erase an errant character, the red line disappears only under the one letter (next to the erased one) - leaving a split red line under a word. What should happen, I think, if the word is now correct, the red line should be entirely removed - showing a correctly spelled word. The red line might disappear when you run through a full document spell check, but I haven't checked that yet.
  2. Google Hindi Font Typing not Supported, If anyone has solution please tell me.
  3. I have problem by typing directly some characters in a text frame. It is apostroph (') and tilde (~). Apostroph gives (›) instead and I need to type tilde twice (or type once and then spacebar). When I type twice I get two tilde characters. I have checked other characters and everything looks ok. I am using a desktop computer on windows10 and a swiss-french keyboard.
  4. wofff1234

    Problem of typing in Chinese

    Typing position was changed unexpectedly. (When entering the Chinese)
  5. WhiteHand

    Can't type Korean Letters(Hangul)

    1. Your app can't handle Korean letters. Consonants and vowels are separated. Hangul combines consonants and vowels to complete a letter. This problem is happened almost 30 years ago but it is appearing in your app. 2. Your app can't handle Korean fonts. Your app change Korean fonts randomly. 3. Your app do nothing when I change a Korean fonts in same sentence. sorry I can't speak English, I just use google translator...
  6. I would like to make my own fonts. I saw a video about an add-on for Photoshop and Illustrator, which I think offers some great features. This add-on is called Fontself. It would be amazing to have something like this in Affinity Photo!
  7. I'm using Affinity Photo for Windows. My question is does it support typing in Arabic? because when I tried to the letters appeared detached where it should be connected. Also it appeared out of order, the last letter in the word comes first for some reason. Detached = ع ن ب Connected = عنب This problem happen with Photoshop and there was a solution for it. I'm not sure where or how to do it in Affinity Photo if it's there.
  8. dtpunger

    Bug in typesetting

    Latest version (1.1.2) does not type endash and emdash properly on a German keyboard. The endash does not appear entirely; when typing an emdash, a normal hyphen appears.