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Found 3 results

  1. @TonyB, @Andy Somerfield, @Dave Harris, @Ben, @Ash, and the rest of the Serif team, this is a big one... Why let 3rd-party software run the show? It’s astounding that Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, and other such software have never taken font management and font composition seriously. They relegate the tasks to poorly integrated 3rd-party software, essentially turning their back on letter forms and typeface, one of the pillars of great design. The Affinity Suite could change all that. Affinity Type Integrated Font management – Point Affinity Type to your local or online fonts, Affinity Type takes care of the rest. Whether you have 100s of local fonts, or fonts in the cloud (like Google Fonts (Free) and Adobe Typekit) Affinity Type will manage them all, allowing you to see them aggregated in one place. Keep your system fonts lean – All fonts are temporary “activated” and not installed. When you load an affinity file that includes fonts, Affinity Type will automatically activate those fonts, and not install them as system fonts. The automatic activation means you never have to chase down those “missing font” errors. What the use of having 100s of fonts if you cannot find the right ones? – Affinity Type’s Database keeps track of all your font locations: locally, installed in the system folder, on the network, or in the cloud. Create custom font albums. These virtual folders give you the freedom to collect and organize fonts by job, by license, by client, by task, free, or any way you wish to slice and dice your library when you use filters to efficiently refine your decision. The database will be fast and lean – speedy previews, and fast activation. Categorization algorithms – Using cues from each font’s glyph anatomy – Affinity Type can identify typeface and automatically classify them, so you don’t have to. e.g. Modern Serif, Old style Serif, Slab serif, Humanist Sans, Geometric sans, Display faces, Handwritten, Calligraphic, etc. This feature can also help suggest a well-contrasted font palette for you from inside the Affinity tools. How you use it Affinity Type – The Font Curation App – Affinity Type allows you administrative access to your font library database. Here is where you can organize your fonts into albums, select favourites, slice and dice your font library with powerful filters (including installed system fonts) and organize them into filesystem folders of your choice. Tools to identify duplicate typefaces and corrupted fonts. See total number of fonts sorted by different filters, as well as total sizes in MB. Flag and tag your fonts here as well. Affinity Font Persona (Font Selection Interface) – Embedded in all three Affinity programs is the selection interface. Perhaps it is a new persona (Font Persona?). The most powerful feature of the Font Persona is the Type Palette Composer. A clean and nimble interface to compare or contrast your font choices. The Type Palette composer allows you flexible brainstorming when it comes to font composition. Here you can gain access to your whole database. Refine your choices with your powerful filters. See the total number of fonts for each filter, as well as which ones are currently installed or temporarily activated. These ideas and the interface mockup are rough concepts to help generate more brainstorming. I know that the Serif team will greatly expand upon the concept of Affinity Type and greatly improve it. Affinity Type would unify the powerful triad of Affinity tools when it comes to typefaces. It’s time someone in the industry took font management and selection to a more professional place. I hope it will be Serif. Thanks, Dave
  2. Looking to find typeface or font bundles which have the visual effects of what the Serif Xenon Brush Pack Bundle (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/store/product/xenon-brush-pack-bundle/ does for brushes. To be used in all three Affinity packages. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello! I am having a curious problem with typefaces in both Designer and publisher, which is that a particular font (Akzidenz Grotesk BQ regular) never shows. It shows alright in Photoshop, MS word, and also correctly installed in the font directory (windows 10). In fact, when I open the character tab, I have a "bold", and two "medium" fonts (the two medium are the same) and no "regular". The same panel in photoshop shows "bold", "medium" and "regular". (postscript OTF) Is it a known bug or something I have missed? The typeface/fonts comes from Berthold website (bought there) so not likely to be corrupted. I have attached a couple of screenshots Thanks a bunch...