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Found 5 results

  1. So I only deal with vector art because I design t shirts and it needs to be vectorized. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.. I’m trying to get an American flag to completely cover or ‘mask’ a figure that’s my original artwork for a Fourth of July design... I’ve tried the “mask to below method” but when I export as a pdf it still comes out rasterized which I can’t have... does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or could help me/ explain to me how add these layers together and have it come out vectorized? Thank you all so much!
  2. Hello, Anyone here knows how to make an all over tshirt? I know at psd but I switched to affinity photo and want to learn how? Any advice.. Thank you
  3. Hi, I'm a new AD user, creating tshirt designs for merch by Amazon. Simple file, 6 artboards laid out per file, export all 6 slices to transparent PNG in Tshirt dimensions 4500px x 5400px. (Yay, works great so far.) 1 - I need to resize the files to smaller Hoodie dimensions 4500px x 4050px. Can I batch resize with AD (or AP)? 2 - In some cases, I expect I'll need to resize a few elements in the design. Can I somehow batch resize all artboards and objects, so I have an editable Affinity Designer file to work in? (I searched for macros in help files but I'm not using right keywords! help.) What is best/most straightforward solution to getting the ? (I also have Affinity Photo, if needed, but would love to open as few programs as possible.) Anybody who's already doing something like this have a more sensible process?
  4. Dazmondo77

    Dirt Box Disco T-shirt artwork

    Just done this T-shirt / DVD cover design for Punk band DIRT BOX DISCO - all vector
  5. Hi I'm just starting out with AD, and can't find the answer to this... I'm creating designs in a vector iApp, then exporting to AD for tweaking. I export from the iApp as .svg 4096 x 4096 (there isn't a direct way to alter the size), and I know I must export from AD as .png/transparent background/RGB/300dpi, but the question is what do I set my document as in AD? I'm trying 6" x 6"/CMYK/300dpi - does that seem correct? Thanks.