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  1. Multi

    Where do I get support? The best place for asking questions, reporting bugs and requesting features is right here on our forum – this is where we all hang out: · Questions · Report a Bug on Mac, Report a bug on Windows and Report a Bug on iPad. · Make a feature suggestion What are the system requirements? OS X Lion (10.7.5) or above for Mac and Windows 7 (SP1) and above for MS Windows – but you can see the full spec for Affinity Designer here and for Affinity Photo here. Is it available to buy for Windows? Affinity Designer for Windows is available to here, and Affinity Photo for Windows is available to buy here and both are also on the Windows Store here. We’ll be supporting 64-bit editions of Windows 7 (SP1), 8.1, and 10. If you have bought any Affinity apps for the Mac, you will need to purchase additional licenses for other platforms. Are there trial versions available? Yes, there are free 10-day trials for Mac and Windows available on our site, with Affinity Photo at and Affinity Designer at I've used my trial, can I have another? No, unfortunately not. The trials need to be secure to prevent abuse, so even though your wish is for an honest evaluation we cannot circumvent the trial checking built in to the app. If you installed a trial of Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer before, you can only use a future trial when it is updated to reflect new features (1.5, 1.6, 1.7 etc). The customer beta versions of Affinity apps do not offer an additional trial period. There is more on trials in this thread. Is there a roadmap of future features available? Yes – the current Affinity Designer roadmap is here and the Affinity Photo roadmap is here. Note all the features listed here will be made available in free 1.X updates. What is Affinity Photo Plugin support like? We are currently working with some plug-in manufacturers to make their plug-ins fully compatible with Affinity Photo. We will keep you updated on our progress. We would also love to know which plug-ins you would like to see made compatible with Affinity Photo. When is Affinity Publisher launching? We will only release Publisher when we are happy with it and will of course keep you updated on this. Do you plan to have Web site design/Digital Asset Management/animation/video editing products too? We’re not sure yet! but we are very interested in adding a DAM solution to the Affinity suite in future. Do you plan to produce apps for iPad? Affinity Photo for iPad is available from the iOS App Store here. Do you have any tutorials or handbook available? We have the Designer Workbook available to purchase here and the Photo Workbook here. We also have a comprehensive set of video tutorials, you can find our growing collection here. Are Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo available in any languages other than English? Yes, each apps already includes English (US and UK), German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Russian, and Chinese (Simplified). Language is chosen for you automatically and you can also change it in Preferences > General. How does the pricing work in different countries? We set the price in USD for sale within the USA, and from there the price shown in other countries and currencies is set by Apple based on a matrix they use. We have no control over that matrix or any updates Apple may make to it in the future. Our Affinity Store matches these prices for Windows to make the sale price the same. Are Affinity Windows apps available to buy outside of the Affinity Store? Yes, Affinity Designer for Windows and Affinity Photo for Windows are available on the Serif Affinity Store and also the Windows Store. Are Affinity Mac apps available to buy outside of the Mac App Store? No, Affinity Designer for Mac and Affinity Photo for Mac are exclusive to the Mac App Store. This also applies to educational and other volume license sales—Apple operate volume purchase programs for organisations to reduce costs and simplify distribution and management, which you can find our more about for business here and for education here. Is there anywhere I can download a cheat sheet showing the shortcuts for Affinity apps? Yes there is! You can download a PDF showing a full list of shortcuts for both Affinity apps here or single-app sheets for Affinity Designer here and Affinity Photo here. We are hoping to provide translated versions of these soon. Can I use the Affinity logo and name for my website/channel/product/service? We really appreciate and encourage activities that support Affinity software so we're pretty fair about trademark usage, but naturally there are limitations. We want Affinity users to be confident about what content is created by Affinity and what is created by third parties, our guidelines in this short PDF (English only) make things quite clear.
  2. Hello, I downloaded the Affinity Photo trial, but when I tried to add the trial to the "applications" folder, I keep getting the error message, "The operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found." I have a Mac OS High Sierra, version 10.13.2. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Just requested my trial of Affinity Designer, got the email, clicked the link & downloaded the file. When I open the disk image & try to drag the trial program into my applications folder, I get that nice "The operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found. (Error code -43)" pop-up. Would love some help so I can start my trial! Thanks in advance.
  4. Yesterday I installed the trial version of Affinity Photo for Windows 10. On the first run I got the error message: "This trial has expired. We hope you enjoyed using Affinity Photo.". I tried to run it a few more times and the application always quits with the same false error. This is the first time ever I installed an Affinity software, so the error cannot be right. I search the web and these forums for a solution, but found none. Just people complaining about this since months ago with no solution. Do you know how to fix it so I can proceed with testing the app with files ? ----- I really want to migrate from Photoshop but this is not a good start. Is Affinity software that buggy ?
  5. Hi, I had trouble with some weird bug in Mac apple store so I ended up just getting the free trial for Affinity designer. Is there some way I can convert the free trial to a full purchase?
  6. Have the trial version ( Trial) installed on a Win7-64 system. Just purchased the full license ( Should I uninstall the trial before installing the full version? If so, should I clean the registry? (And btw, what forum application is this that you are using for this forum???)
  7. Is it possible to extend the test phase of the Affinity Photo trial version (Windows)? I want to convince myself that AP 1.6 is not stripping metadata of my Sony sweep panorama images. TIA
  8. I cannot get Affinity 1.5.2 to accept the supposedly free Nik Software Bundle plugins from Google on my Mac ( Yosemite 10.10.5). Some of the plug ins worked at first , but my favorite Color Efex 4 never did...the " global authorization" stonewall. Now, NONE of them, work . I get a screen that says my " Trial has expired". The choices are to Buy or Exit. huh? ---these are free and I have a full Google account. I downloaded and installed the last version of the Niks from Google....Nik Collection Full version 1.2.11 . I uninstalled , restarted the Mac, reinstalled the Niks into Affinity , but still get the balk " Trial has expired " yada yada. Very frustrated. I certainly hope Serif gets the plug in issue resolved. I really Really REALLY need my Nik ! Don't make me use Photoshop CS5. The very same Nik plug ins all work great in Graphic Converter 10 . All I had to do was copy the Nik plugins to Graphic Converter's plug ins folder , and voila! they all work like a charm . Why can't it be that simple and effective with Affinity ? What am I doing wrong here?
  9. Just purchased and installed Windows Affinity Designer, having used the trial version for a week or so. My only question is Is it safe to uninstall the trial version without "upsetting" the purchased version. There doesn't appear to be a bespoke uninstall executable so I'm assuming it is safe to uninstall it, presume it's done through Control Panel Programs and Features applet. Thanks
  10. Hey folks, My school bought several licenses of Affinity Photo, but we were given 90 day trials to give everyone time to figure out the licensing. I already had an expired trial on my teacher laptop, and even though I uninstalled it, my new trial is still saying my time is up. Is there any way to uninstall the trial completely? I guess not, or anyone would just keep installing trials. Oh well, if anyone can think of a solution, please let me know, Cheers, Tambasco My System Macbook Air with Yosemite OS
  11. I have had the trial version of Affinity for several days now. I can't seem to find where you offer any frames, the stuff you can add to a photo. Is there any in Affinity? More important is this question. Does Affinity have an ORGANIZER to which I can upload images from my camera to Affinity? Or, do I have to use Affinity only as a second software application for editing? Thanks for any help.
  12. Hello, I downloaded and installed the Affinity Designer Trial to test the program before I would buy it, however whenever I start it it instantly crashes with "Unhandled Exception, Code 0xC0000005" Image of said error: Specs: Windows 10 Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.138) GPU: 980ti with latest drivers CPU: i5-4670k 8GB RAM
  13. Hi, I have the trial version of affinity photo, and am considering buying the full version but was wondering is it just the trial version on affinity photo that is missing the text and mesh warp tool? On windows. Thanks.
  14. ​Hi, I have the Affinity Photo Trial Version, I am planning on buying the product but as I was testing it out I noticed that neither the text on the left bar nor the mesh warp tool on the left bar were there. Will these be there in the full verison. I do use Windows. Please let me know. Thanks!
  15. I downloaded the Trial version and played with it yesterday. I was under the impression that I had 10 days to work with the tool. Today, it told me the trial version was up. ??? I was just getting started. What happened? Can I get the rest of the time (9 more days)? 5? I liked what I saw, just wanted to try it out for a few more days.
  16. Hi there I requested a trial 2 days ago and received the link, but didn't actually download it until today. However, upon opening it I got a message saying my trial had expired. 10 days has definitely NOT passed, as I didn't even come onto the website until 2 days ago. I have a Mac that is running OS 10.12.3 It seems a few other people have had this problem but I wanted to make it absolutely clear that 10 days have not passed, and I don't have an old OS. Is this fixable?
  17. I downloaded the trial of Affinity Photo, and tried opening it on my Windows 10 computer. An error just pops up that says "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher." I am running Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 OS Build 14393.1198 I really want to buy this product, but if the trial won't work on my computer, I am guessing the full product won't work either. :-( Any thoughts?
  18. Multi

    I need it, quick. Took about 15 minutes of research and couldnt find a download
  19. Hello All, Your help please. I have tried to download the trial version of Affinity Photo onto my mac pro (late 2013), running with the macos Sierra (v 10.12.1). The download is shown in my "downloads" folder, but when I double click to open the file all that happens is that a "new tab" opens - nothing else - your help and advice please
  20. I'm unable to save files in anything other than the .aff default, even using the export tab while using the trial version
  21. I have been using the trial. I was under the impression that once the trial expired that i would get a code when I purchased that would unlock the program. I did not think it would be a completely different program. I have numerous designs that would have been restored when the trial opened back up. Instead the trial is now over, and though I spent my hard earned cash on the program, I cannot recover those files that i put tons of time into which is far more important than money. These are logos and designs that I made for the business I work for as the project manager so I was paid for this time and my managers, the owners of the company, are not going to be happy to say the least. I need these files recovered. There was no warning that this would happen. It didn't even warn me the trial was almost over or anything. You guys gotta do better than that. I don't want to hear "Were sorry but there is no way to recover these files" because I know that they are somewhere on my hard drive. Whether you need to extend the trial so I can open it one more time or whatever. It needs to happen. Please and thank you.
  22. Hi, Tried to download the free t10 trial today. Seemed to have had a few problems after the download and when the program fires up, a screen pops up and says, 'Trial Expired'. I've tried to download it again, several time, cleared the cache, emptied trash, restarted the computer, cleared the download and browsing history and still, same message. Any ideas how I can get passed this or is there a glitch? I've attached a screen shot. Thanks, Jon.
  23. Hi, I'm sure this has been gone into before, but "Search" doesn't reveal anything. I want to try this Affinity Photo, I am eager to try Affinity Photo, but I am not going to shell out £50 on something that I may dislike and regret buying. I will have to stay with Adobe Photoshop CC.
  24. I am looking for an alternative to Adobe Illustrator and came across this program. I'm a professional illustrator and use PS most of the time but on occasion I use illustrator. I want to know how this compares. I would love to try a trial version to see if it would work for me. TY
  25. I just purchased Affinity Designer, now I have both the trial and purchased version on my iMac. How do I uninstall the trial, does it disappear on its own? I've searched both Apple Support and your forum for an answer.