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Found 3 results

  1. Font edge smoothing seems to be totally absent when using, prefs > Artboard Background Grey Level - set to low. This becomes a visual annoyance in a workflow with multiple artboards in a complex layout. It appears as if there is no anti-aliasing therefore font is poorly rendered (pixelated) - making indistinct and hard to read artboard titles. Chalk & cheese
  2. Hi! It would be great to be able to hide artboad labels. For instance, if you want to zoom out and look at your artboards, the labels are overlapping and don't look good at all. Plus, hiding the labels gives you a better idea of what the design looks like.
  3. This is not a big deal, but it is a consistent irritant when adding custom titles (names) to layers in a Designer document. As a layer title is typed, the text is reflected normally in the display of the layer's name. When typing is terminated with a TAB key, the text is committed to that layer name AND the same text is displayed (not entered as discussed below) somewhere below in another layer - replacing whatever title was previously displayed there. A couple behaviors suggest that this error is a display-only error - the layer below the newly titled layer shows improper text, but any action (scrolling, collapsing a group, etc.) that causes the erroneous text to be hidden and then revealed refreshes the layer to its proper title. How this error decides which layer to corrupt is unknown - sometimes it's the next lower layer, sometimes it appears in the next Grouped layer. The error is 100% repeatable and always seems to corrupt a lower layer - never a higher one. This is mostly just frustrating when our habit is to be thorough with labeling our layers and in just a couple moments, we can screw up most of the titles on the screen. We think that terminating the entry of a layer title with a TAB should be just as valid as RETURN or ENTER, perhaps with the difference that text focus should proceed to the next layer. We can live with whatever's decided.