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Found 3 results

  1. Happy 2020! If a little late. I am posting some interesting experiments with Texture Intensity brushes for Affinity Designer: http://i-toons.com/archive/CD_illustration_brushes2020.afbrushes.zip These were exported from the 1.8.1 version. This set has several focuses. 1. A fascination with Dave Coopers ink line where a stroke expands and shrinks (pressure) as it is drawn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj3BxL85UUE 2. In the olden days of Creature House Expression 3 a feature that produced wonderful textured edges on fills was a favorite of mine for adding… wonderful textured edges to fills! The “edge” was applied to a fill and mapped along the edge of the fill. E3 used a similar technique as ADs textured intensity brushes… The trick to make the edge texture was to have basically a half brush stroke. One edge flat. The rest feathered or textured out as desired. The flat edge mapped directly to the fills edge. There was a little extra voodoo with pixel color at the strokes edge as well…) AD doesn’t have this edge feature - but something like it can be sort of faked. ADs brushes map to fills in a different way - they sort of center the stroke halfway over the edge of a fill. To get a brush to “join” to the fill - I made a brush that mirrors itself - with a 100% dark center. The brush must also meet at its ends so it wraps horizontally as well. The mirrored version seems to blend nicely with a fill - and can wrap in either direction (reverse curves). Some sample of how this looks are in the attached image. Sadly the stroke and fill don’t share the same “intensity” - if transparency is dropped… But the textured edge done this way can look ok. Brushes that don’t mirror like this extend out from the fill but often show hard fill edges. A future AD feature in the making. 3. I had been experimenting with hatch and dot pattern edges - looking for an illustration style I admired - and straying into a dot like airbrush look… See attached brushpower image. The hazy moon glow and sand dunes. AD has a lot going for it. The textured intensity brushes are the main reason I dig this software. The brush engine has a long way to go as I have mentioned in the past: Affinity Designer Brush UI enhancement: Affinity Designer brush-ui enhancement Identify and switch Brush and Stroke attributes option/tool: Switch brush With a little more power in the brush features - this would be such a stellar tool! Here's to 2020 and maybe making an illustrators wishes come true! ; ) If you happen to use any of these brushes. Post an example. I love to see how the brushes are used! Enjoy! Craig
  2. I made a textured intensity brush that repeats its center element to make it look like a fence. Worked perfectly. Then I zoomed in. When I zoomed in more than 50% it stops repeating and it stretches the image, see the screen below. This looks like a bug to me, but maybe I set up the brush incorrectly.
  3. Hi! When I'm trying to set new textured intensity brush to repeat nothing happens, it still behaves as streched. The option works well with textured image brush. If needed I can share my files.
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