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Found 410 results

  1. Hi all, i'm very new to affinity and photo editing in general. I have a picture in which I've added a layer of text. It seems that I once it's created, I can't edit the text however. clicking on it with the pointer tool selects it, or the background behind it, but won't let me edit. clicking on it with the text tool just starts a new text layer on top of the old one. I must be doing something wrong on a basic level. Any ideas? I've attached my project if anyone cares to open it up and have a look. I'm on a mac, sierra OS. affinity v 1.5.2 Thanks!! Geoff Punch_v2.afphoto
  2. I don’t know if this has been in previous betas but just now I noticed that, when importing an AI file, the modal window shows a line of text uncommonly squished. I compared it with version 1.5 and it seems like this was a measure to fit the text on the line without being cut off. I find the decreased letter spacing to be very much the opposite of what is desirable. Isn’t there a better way to go about this? Like, increasing the width of the window or column inside the window? It seems like elements (containers) have static fixed dimensions and any text in any language needs to be crammed in there. Are there really no better layout options like flexible heights/widths and line breaks if the need arises? I’m a web developer and am used to how this is handled with CSS on websites. Also, I have the feeling that texts are generally blurry at times which might be aliasing issues. I don’t have this impression when working with Adobe Fireworks. Can anything be done there to improve readability?
  3. Hi there, I would like to create text following a curved line. I have found a tutorial to do it on affinity DESIGNER but cannot follow it. I have affinity PHOTO. Am i able to write text on a curved line and if so how do i do this? Thank you, Kate
  4. Hi Is it possible to flow text from one text frame to another in Affinity Designer? Or connect text frames to each others. I make small publishing and this feature would be very helpfull. Nikolai
  5. Granted it took Adobe something like 20 years to put this feature into Illustrator, so I'm not expecting this to appear overnight, but is there a way to convert between these two kinds of text types?
  6. Maybe I don't understand symbols properly, but I have this situation: Create a symbol that contains several text boxes. The "Sync" button is activated. Move one text box around inside the symbol. Location or size of the text box is never synched. Kind of defies the purpose of using symbols if it only works for shapes. When I change the actual text (content) of the box inside the symbol, that gets synched, but the size and position of the text box inside the symbol doesn't get synched.
  7. Hi ! Is it possible to kern whole row or chapter, instead of one character? kr Nikolai Ylirotu Finland
  8. After upgrading to High Sierra, there is a disconnect text separating text from Korean text. A quick response to the error is needed.
  9. Having issues with text looking pixelated, shadowy, fuzzy in project. Happens whether I create text within the project or create separate text only (not a pixel layer) document then try to copy/paste into working project.
  10. When I copy and paste from a document it does a block of colour behind the text, how do i remove it? (Picture Attached) Text problem.afphoto
  11. Using iPad Pro 12.9 2nd generation running iOS 11.0 and Affinity Photo 1.6.5 Text, shapes and vectors are rendered in very low quality while working on the document. This, of course, does not happen in the desktop version (Photo or Designer). This is a huge disruption as it is a mayor distraction while working; what you are trying to accomplish is not being presented faithfully on screen. When the document is exported it’s apparently rendered appropriately, yet I can’t see this while working? I’m EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED and you have now idea how much I regret buying this software, and I’m seeing pages upon pages of other bugs being reported :-( Wasn’t this supposed to be desktop quality software for a pro tablet? Attatchments: first photo shows working environment, second photo shows exported file.
  12. Hi, I tried to write a text on a road. To do this I need a perspective correction, which I tried to do with the perspective live filter. But this cases a crash, every time I use this live filter. See screenshot attached to this post. I also attached the Affinity Photo file before configuring the live filter: road-220058.afphoto
  13. Hi and thanks in advance. Is there a way of attaching text to a path inside a circle (see image), I can get it going on the outside but how is it done inside?
  14. Hi, When I paste polish text from LibreOffice to Affinity Photo then single characters disapear after some polish letters: For example, I have written in Libre: ćx ęx śx źx Śx Źx. When I copy it and paste in Affinity Photo, I get: ć ę ś ź Ś Ź. Only one character disapear after these chars. Other polish characters (ą ł ń ó ż Ą Ć Ę Ł Ó Ż) work normally. I don't know what about others unicode chars. Problem appears only when copy and paste from LibreOffice to Affinity. From Libre to Notepad++ is OK. From Notepad++ or Firefox to Affinity is OK. My system: Windows 7 64 I can't upload file ( "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200" ), so: copy text below to LibreOffice then copy from Libre to Affinity some X-chars should disappear ąX ćX ęX łX ńX óX śX źX żX ĄX ĆX ĘX ŁX ŃX ÓX ŚX ŹX ŻX
  15. Hi. I just tried Affinity Designer a month ago, and I was hooked. And last week, I bought a license, not disappointed. I am migrating to the AD now. (Formerly I was a user of the big name vector software for years). Here is the feature request. Since I often use AD for web design, I think it really needs the ability to set the character leading to a relative value (like 1.5x or 1.5em or 150%). So when we change the font size, the leading will also be adjusted. Thanks.
  16. I'm trying to create an image which contains text on a background. Nothing fancy. Unfortunately, the fonts are all showing up as outlines, with the desired color only forming the outline. I have no idea what's causing this and the unwanted effect is uniform across all fonts. In other words, changing the font won't fix this. How can I restore a "normal" text font?
  17. Hi I crerated a text only logo, in affinitity designer it looks great but when I export it for news lettets etc it looks pixelated, can I pleaae receive some advice how to correct this Thanks David
  18. Hi, AD (Win ver. when opening SVG files ignores the vertical shift of characters in a text... this renders some strange results (see the screenshot of the rendering of the attached file in Inkscape and in AD). test.svg
  19. Affinity beta on ios 11, text on imported files is getting rasterized and no longer editable. Opens as pixel layers.
  20. First of all, thank you for making this amazing product. I almost instantly decided to leave Adobe's products after I used Affinity Designer. One thing I used to find annoying with Photoshop/Illustrator is lack of support for writing text in RTL languages like Arabic or Farsi. It is available only in ME editions which are hard to find and sometimes outdated. Right now, I couldn't get RTL text writing in Arabic to work with Affinity Designer, and it would be great if this feature was implemented. Thanks,
  21. how i change text to left to right (heb) tnx alot!
  22. The "lock children" option currently is not available for text layers. Would be great to get it.
  23. When typing text in a Photoshop document, there is a popup available that displays the following anti-aliasing options: None Sharp Crisp Strong Smooth The addition of these would make Affinity Photo's type handling even more powerful. Thanks.
  24. Hello, Curious to know what the best (re: easiest) way to create a newspaper-style BIG lead letter that covers a couple lines of text? Very open to tutorials. Many thanks!
  25. I'm hoping someone can help me as it's driving me nuts. I'm guessing I've trigger some change in how mu text fields are displayed when editing. It used to be that I clicked a text box and well just entered or edited the text in it. However, at the moment it's now the box is located significantly below the text, and it's making it really hard to select other text boxes on the page. Can someone tell me how to make it go back. I appreciate that this is probably not 100% clear as to what I'm referring to. So, I've attached an image, note I'm selecting the text and see where the blue outline is. If I want, for example, to highlight a word I need to move down to the blue box and feel around for where I thing that word starts. Not ideal. Please help me turn this rubbish off. . thanks in advance