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Found 8 results

  1. Symbol instances populated along text path if they are center aligned do not keep their position after saving and reopening the document. Do as the following: 1. Create a path and convert it to a text path. 2. Create any shape and convert it to a symbol in the Designer Persona. Then go back to the Publisher Persona. 3. Copy symbol instance to the clipboard, then paste it several times on a text path. 4. Assign Center Alignment to this path. 5. Save and close this document. 6. Reopen this document. 7. Watch how your symbol instances on a text path got shifted.
  2. Hi, im trying out Designer at the moment and have an odd problem with text on path. I cannot flip the text entirely on the other side of the path, on letter stays on the wrong side, no matter what im trying with the triangles. Do you have an idea what wents wrong? Gladful for any advice.
  3. Hello I want to make the text to write in a circle and not outside the circle, how can I do that? Here is the text outside the circle with using the text tool, I want it to be inside the circle (and as a result the text at the lower part to be read right and not be upside down), in illustrator I was dragging the symbol at the beginning of the path and pulled it inside the circle but I can't replicate this here.
  4. Hello, I would like the text centered at the top and bottom of a circular path.I adjusted the red/green arrows to the sides of the circle, highlighted the text, and selected "align center" for the text. This seems to be centered... is this accurate? Thanks! text center on path.afdesign
  5. Hi, When working with a Text Path the baseline value shown in the context bar does not correspond with the actual baseline value of the selected text / inner outer text. This behaviour is in both 1.5 and the beta, is this intended behaviour? Also I think it could be useful and more clear if the baseline for both the inner and outer text could be changed at the same time.
  6. In Affinity Designer, when dragging either the start or end handle of the text path in the attached file, while holding the CTRL key, the application slows down significantly and ultimately becomes unresponsive. TextPathBug.afdesign Edit: I mean these orange handles which define the text's range:
  7. Unexpected app crashes and or become inoperative when playing around with text on a path. I tried to convert the circle shape object into a text path thru Layer>Convert to Text Path. It works as expected when I placed a text in the path. However, when I tried to adjust the handles of the path several times to suit my needs, the nonresponsive color wheel indicator of a Mac shows up, and it just doesn't stop that I have to force quit Affinity Designer. It also crashes when I try to copy paste the object. Then I reopen the app, do it again, and it still recurs. What could be the issues here, software related or hardware related? I am using MacBook Pro 2015 model.
  8. Hi, I am extremely disappointed. I spent many hours in explaining what was made wrong in development of the Text Path tool. No results. Now it is going public. e.g. characters (small i) on a circle are not positioned vertical (see picture 1). The result is unprofessional. Even much cheaper apps do it properly (see picture 2). The characters are turned incorrectly and result in rubbish. In picture 3 (comparison with correct results of a cheap competitor app) you can see how big the problem is. With serif typeface and different characters it is getting unusable. When will it be fixed?
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