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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, is there any possibility in Affinity Photo to bend a text? Or even "text on a path"?
  2. Gareth Humphreys


    hi there, probably a dead simple one this, but for the life of me i can't seem to figure it out, how do i make text follow a curve?
  3. I've watched the tutorials and I'm trying to make a text follow the outside of a circle. I find it extremely difficult. The control handles are small and difficult to manipulate and I can't get all the text to wrap nicely on the outside of the circle. Rather one letter always seems to want to stick to the inside. I've tried to find some tutorials that better explain these controls with no luck. Maybe you guys have a few pointers on how to get a better grasp on this? I hope in future revisions of the program that the control handles gets a make over in order to make them more intuitive and easy to manipulate.
  4. Hi there! I googled a bit but i couldn't find a proper answer... Is there a way to make the top of the text to fit on a path? Here i found a tutorial for mine same problem but it's for Illustrator -> https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/19589/make-top-of-type-sit-on-path-illustrator Thanks for the support!
  5. I want to create a logo similar to the one I have attached below. I am having a hard time figuring out how to make the text at the bottom of the circle not be upside down. I don't want the circle to have text all around. I want the bottom portion to kind of "hang" from the path so it can all be read right side up. A Any tips or tutorials you could point me to?
  6. I have a text on a path that is making me pull my hair out. Attached. I have a set of numbers in Text on a Path next to the ellipse saying "26.5 x 105-15". I can click and place the cursor anywhere in the "26.5 x " but it totally ignores my attempt to place the cursor in the "105-15". What did I do wrong? I'm trying to select the 105, how can I do this? I also want to add text to the end, how can I do this? Can anyone explain what this is doing? This was created using beta Test25.afdesign
  7. Hey Matt, first off, love it the new text on a path feature, you guys have done yourselves proud. But I was playing with it just now and I did my regular thing wrote something on one hemisphere of an ellipse and the repositioned the start handle (By eye) so my text was level. This has always felt like a bit of unneccesary faff in illustrator and I was wondering if you guys had some secret wizardry planned so we could automatically do this on creation, or just have a button in the context bar for it? I guess you'd have to redo it every time you changed the tracking or scale of the text. It's late so I haven't put much thought into it but it would be killer. I think it would only really apply to ellipses but it could be used on diamond shapes too I suppose.

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