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Found 29 results

  1. A heap of my stuff- Styles Images and more Fantastic FREE stuff from the site Hosts and other members! https://affinity.graphics/
  2. Bulaka

    Booklet Template

    This is a company profile for an imaginary company. Nicely laid out. Comes with print presets for back to back print. 300ppi, Affpub Font Proxima Nova Get it for just $15 Link: Graphic Design Addict
  3. Bulaka

    Templates for Sale

    Get affordable affinity templates for affinity publisher. Link: Graphic Design Addict
  4. Bulaka

    Templates for Sale

    Hello guys please check my store for fresh affinity templates at affordable prices. Its new and will be updates every two days as I work to create a repository of templates to help affinity users. Make sure to support my work Link:https://graphic-design-addict.myshopify.com/collections/all
  5. With my free SVG Calendar Tool (https://svg-tools.mensch-mesch.com/calendar/) you can create different types of SVG Calendar Templates (Scalable Vector Graphic) for all Affinity products. This tool is not perfect but it will possibly safe a lot of time. Hope you like this simple tool Keep on drawin' Norbert
  6. Okay, probably a stupid, or at the very least, unimportant question. I just downloaded a free set of templates from Affinity and unzipped them. Now then, where do I put them? Is there a default location that Designer looks in by default? Or can I just put them in a folder of my choosing that I'll need to remember to go to? Good God, I HATE being the F.N.G.
  7. Hi guys! I've been working on this template file to create social media branding material for my clients. I've managed to create a single file with multiple artboards (each one with it's export presets) ready for use. You are welcome to delete the ones that you will not use (so you don't generate empty files on export). It also includes flat icons from each platform just in case you might need them. It's updated for 2017 according to this data from Social Sprout. Hope you find it as useful as me. Leave a comment if you like/use it. If you are going to post it anywhere else, please add the proper credits Thanks! social-media-templates.afdesign
  8. Hi, I've looked at the videos and am now 'playing' with the app. Some great features, it was worth the wait! One thing I'm missing is the ability to save as a template file. I regularly want to open a new blank document with all the settings ready so that I can just populate it with extra pages and content. I suppose I could create a single, master apub document then, when I begin, save it under a new name (as long as I remember!), but it would be great if we could create a template file to share with co-workers - then we would all be working to the same 'house-style'.
  9. I am using the whole Affinity suite at the moment and I am very impressed. However, the lack of basic document templates in Publisher seems a little strange. I am not looking at pre-populated designs. I refer to the basic, blank document templates as in the image below. Without templates, we wouldn't consider rolling out Publisher across the school for student use. We still use Seif Page Plus X9 with our students and the base templates here allow us to concentrate on the design and layout without spending valuable time reinventing the wheel every time we start a topic. Perhaps templates for Publisher are something worth considering? If Publisher could directly import Page Plus X9 documents this would solve the problem. Your thoughts...
  10. Where are the templates in Publisher? Thank you
  11. Hi guys heres the link to the complete affinity resource section on our site https://www.x5tuts-marketplace.com/item/category/affinity/ don’t forget to follow your favourite authors and keep up to date with their new releases and updates. For anyone wishing to put there items on the marketplace you don’t have to sell them you can give them away for free in the price section just put 0 and the item will be marked as free item automatically. Enjoy and support the authors that create these wonderful design assets. regards jamie
  12. So I just downloaded the Beta version of Publisher only to discover that unlike A. Designer and Photo that can open .eps and all image formats, this is totally incompatible with indesign files, which sort of defeats the point of having an alternative that not only exports but also allows you to open files from similar programs. Now I am aware that this is the beta version and there's a lot of work behind it but, is there any way to make indesign files compatible? I always work with templates I get form places like creative market and it is fair to assume that the world is not going to start producing templates specifically for APublisher any time soon, so any ideas?
  13. Hi There, First time poster. I have noticed that there a lot (and I mean a LOT) of Indesign document templates on offer to assit with the creativity and layout of work. I was wondering has anyone found such pre-created work for Affinity. It's a shame we can't open .indx and .indt files in Affinity Designer (unless someone has a work-around). Thanks.
  14. I'm wondering... it would be cool to have ready templates on Affinity Publisher? Just like the ones available on Page Plus or Swift Publisher. Will you consider similar feature?
  15. Hi I am considering purchase. Want to be sure I will be able to import a template (usually circular) create a label with layers and them export finished file as a pdf? Thank you in advance for your answer! Ronii
  16. I am looking for a way to create a template layer, or convert objects to guides in designer. Essentially, I need to create some guide marks that I don't want exported or printed. I have been searching and haven't found that feature. I may have just missed it. thanks.
  17. I am trying to use a PSD template. Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo both open the document. It is a template meant to show how my png files will look on tshirts and other items I sell on redbubble.com. The tutorial they have is on Photoshop. I cannot recreate what the video shows on either Affinity product. Help? The document has a layer that you are supposed to click on to open an embedded document which will be your png or jpeg design. They describe it as a smart layer. It says to replace what is in that layer with your design. Usually what is in the layer says "Your artwork here." I cannot figure out a way to do that. Here is the link to the documents and video tutorial. I hope someone can help me. Otherwise, does anyone know of a tutorial I could follow to do the same thing on either Affinity Product? Showing what a design would look like on a t-shirt or other item? http://blog.redbubble.com/2016/09/introducing-artist-promotional-templates/ http://blog.redbubble.com/2016/09/introducing-artist-promotional-templates/ RB_Unisex_Shirt_template.psd RB_Laptop_Template.psd
  18. Hi Everyone, Just had a question maybe I am missing something.. In the windows versions of Designer and Photo I noticed there are no templates, especially in Designer.. for websites, and various different items like dvd cases etc.. Does anyone know if Affinity is going to include this in updates? Love the programs it would just make life easier to have things to immediately work from rather than search the internet for templates.. You guys did a great job on the software please keep it up! :) Ed5
  19. Hi I was hoping you could add templates in both Designer and Photo. What I mean is various different project sizes like dvd covers, web pages, I have also designer Pro by Xara and they have various different templates they help out alot when starting projects. it would be a great addition to your great software. Even if say you do not make templates for us can you add a spot when making new projects where we can add our own templates and open the project from there? Thanks! Dave
  20. I have an odd shaped template and am looking for help putting my image in it so that i can sublimate shot glasses. Thanks. I’ve attached the template small-shotglass.pdf
  21. Hi, I frequently use the Export section to export in SVG - Export at 300dpi and also PNG. However, using the Shortcut Keys is bit hard as I am not a contortionist! ( Need to use the CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-S keys together and I have short stubby pinkies! How can I reset this key combo to a single keystroke please? Also, is there any way I can record a standard set of commands into some sort of scrip[t? e.g. If I purchase a Vector alphabet I need to isolate each letter and doing so by layers is a nightmare (designers note! as nothing is grouped, so the fastest way is to select all items for each imaged char and copy then paste new from clipboard.Save As AD native format then Export in SVG 300dpi and also a copy in PNG format for wider usage. I hope this makes sense! Thank you! Angela
  22. Hi All .i have moved over to Affinity from p/s , and love the programs so far (yes i brought both) , was wondering in designer can anyone provide me the dimensions or setup profile for a trifold pamphlet. Thanks in Advance
  23. I am aged 78 and have been teaching seniors how to use PC computers since 1999, the aim being to show them how to impress their friends, relatives and neighbours. One program stood out - Serif PagePlus - fantastic, and I regretted there was nothing like it for Macs. Now Serif has produced Affinity Designer, and I am giving it a trial. However, in producing a newsletter for my students, and others, to show what it can do, I am bemused [?] that I can find no templates [they would use calendars, visiting cards, greetings cards .....], no graphics [PagePlus has a fantastic collection] and no ability to prepare a document with more than one page. I am not computer illiterate, but I am getting on in years - am I missing something? Or if I am not missing anything, is there any chance of these features appearing in the near future? I do have several Mac DTPs which do all of these things, but Affinity Designer almost leaves them all for dead - almost.
  24. expressivemedia

    Built in templates

    Hi there, firstly, affinity Designer is simply amazing!! I do apologise for this question if it has already been answered, I did have a look through the pages and never saw it. I want to know if Affinity designer would ever have pre built in design templates for UI and Icon Design? I create a lot of iOS and Android icons and design user interfaces for mobile apps also, it would be super cool if Affinity had a preset iOS, Mac OS and Android icon template as well as standardised UI frameworks built in to speed up my design process. If this is not a feature to be considered, is it possible for me to create these frameworks myself and have them stored ready to use when I need them? Thanks
  25. Hi looking to purchase Infinity designer , Just curious does it come with pre made templates for iOS design, so i can do all my design work with in them?