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Found 3 results

  1. Logo design and cycling clothes for the Szczecin bicycle group.
  2. I want to sum up a few infos about Affinity here that could be interesting to newcomers that are not all over the forum yet. It´s only information I´ve soaked up at some point and I won´t give guarantees for correctness, please correct anything if you feel it´s wrong! Depending on how you want to count things, there are at most 8 devs working on OS X at present (6 contributing to Affinity up-to 1.5, 2 working on future things), 4 working on Windows and 1 running and improving our regression testing suite. So we have at most 13 devs at this point. In all honesty, increasing the number of devs we have would be unlikely to make a positive effect on our productivity (from experience) so we're very happy as we are - we all have areas of expertise and we rely on each other to be passionate and effective about what we're doing and it seems to be working https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/23851-beta-10-still-some-saverestore-issues/?p=113170 In this Forum we´ve got first and foremost: MEB - Miguel Boto he is the heart of the forum, most likely you know him as he seems to be up 24/7 working and even if you´ve not received an answer from him yet he might just be busy with the other 29 000 forum members - he has 10 000 helpful posts, counting++ MattP and AndyS Matt Priestley and Andy Somerfield . These are the Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo lead developers - be sure to check out their twitter handles.. Matt and Andy Justin Science.. Ben Ben is all over PSD export and the snapping which has lead to amazing results already.. Dave Harris Dave is responsable for text (but because that's such a small and obviously simple thing ;)), he's also responsible for export things like PDF creation and SVG and all this stuff (once upon a time Affinity was using Apples PDF exporter and now they´ve got their own, I bet it´s a big part of Daves achievement) Andrew Tang By his own admission, walks around with a clipboard all day and nobody has any clue what he does. He's probably like an Octopus - he has his tentacles in every pie. If you see it - and it's wrong, it's his fault ;) Mark Ingram Known as 'The Pretty One', Mark is often dragged out for photoshoots. He is the leader of the Affinity for Windows team and I can´t say much about him except for the fact that he is also extremely responsive and knowledgeable. James Ritson He does the Affinity Photo video tutorials and you can learn really nice english vocabulary from his training sessions as well as great photo editing techniques, he also has programming skills which he enforces in private projects. TonyB You mostly don´t notice him except anything spectacular like the windows launch happens, but don´t be mistaken, he might be reading just as much as anyone else.. He is the lead of Affinity as a whole. Various moderators (They have the "moderator" tag beneath their pictures - that´s when you know they are official).. Their number grows from time to time and are like the small wizards that help you out in every case and I´m sure they´re doing a lot of alpha testing beyond the scenes as well here is a list of all official affinity people on this forum These are the ones I´ve seen round here so far: SeanP, Leigh, Callum, Chris B, pauls, Lee D, nravenlock, stokerg, AdamW (dev), Jon P, Jon W Ash, Neil, Kate M, acapstick, Dale (working on the presentation of Affinity) about 6 other developers in the background doing hard work as well Affinity .... has sold about 300 000 copies of Affinity Photo and Designer for mac combined http://www.nottinghampost.com/notts-app-developer-championed-by-apple-reaches-global-market/story-29504538-detail/story.html
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