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Found 126 results

  1. 1. Create symbol containing text 2. Stop synching 3. Change symbol colour 4. Reactivate synching > Expected behavior: Everything except the color should be synching. > What happens: Text no longer synchronizes across instances.
  2. Hey everyone! I hope this is not intentional, so I post this in bug reports. When you have symbols in a group and create a symbol of that group, everything will keep working at first. You can still change the original symbols and those changes will be reflected in their instances. However, when I delete the parent symbol, all the layers it contains will lose their instanced connection to their symbol. I attached a test file that shows this. If you delete 01_Tile from the Symbols window, "Mirroring" will lose the connections to its instances. Best wishes, Shu EDIT: I am using Affinity Designer 1.6.0 test.afdesign
  3. Hey everyone! It would be useful to be able to name symbols. Best wishes, Shu
  4. i have 20 artboards, zoomed to one specific, i want to drag symbol from symbols panel, designer zoomouts to all the boards...
  5. Is there a keyboard shortcut for adding math symbols such as the degree symbol. So far, I have only found the insert, math, degree 3 step method?
  6. Issue / Task: Imagine you are creating a user interface or some other dynamic / modular design consisting of a variety of elements, sharing certain properties, such as color stroke width fx and many more Possible Applications: Creating dynamic, unified color palettes for multiple buttons, knobs, input fields etc. Changing global or semi-global stroke properties on the fly Re-using existing designs while applying new schemes for a new entry in the series swiftly Speeding up changes to large-scale projects in general Related Solutions: While Symbols allow for document-wide changes in properties within copies of the same object or shape, when working with a diverse range of shapes, groups and nestings can be tedious to impossible. Inheritances would speed up things considerably and add a whole range of possibilities. Implementation Suggestion: I would imagine the following workflow to be quite effective and straightforward, at least as far as my routine is concerned: Select and copy the source element Select the element to inherit a property Navigate to a window / tab with any property (such as color, stroke, fx etc.) Click the Inherit Button, a small, universal icon found in all studio tabs and windows. This property is now linked to the source element. Changing this specific property within the source element also affects this element. Click the Inherit Button again to unlink / disable the inheritance. Copying elements with an inheritance would preserve the inheritance for the copied element. I hope this makes reasonnable sense - of course I would be thrilled to find out something similar was already available in Affinity Designer. Cheers!
  7. I have been using ADesigner for a while now, for posters and business cards. Yesterday I made a symbol. My first attempt crashed the program several times. I recreated it, and the program no longer crashes. The problem is that the first one, which causes the crash, still seemed to exist as a "ghost". I was able to delete it today. Everything seems to be working again, but I thought I would let you know.
  8. I'm evaluating several editors for compatibility with my SVG patterns. The short story of my use case assumes some technical knowledge of the SVG format. I offer a growing collection with hundredths of patterns constrained by a grid and the rules of 2-in 2-out directed graphs. An example is attached. A pattern is defined with one <group> of <path> elements (imported as curves) and a set of <use> elements that repeat this <group> to build the pattern. These <use> elements are imported as copies of the group. For my use case all these groups should be linked as symbols, but they are not imported that way. I also tried without the style attribute (with fill-opacity) on the <use> elements and without the group around the <use> elements, but that did not help. This way users of my patterns should reconstruct the pattern from one group. With all alignment issues that requires quite a learning curve. Unless I'm overlooking a method to link identical groups as symbols after import, I would like more advanced support for SVG's <use> elements at import. Perhaps as an option for backward compatibility. Same advanced support at export would be a bonus. The long story of my use case is documented at https://github.com/d-bl/GroundForge/blob/master/docs/help/Reshape-Patterns.md 2in-2out-graph.svg
  9. Hello, This is frustrating and a bit hard to describe. It is probably clearest if you watch the video I've made: The setup is that I have multiple artboards of different aspect ratios and sizes. Then I've made a symbol (the blue background rectangle) and added an instance of it to every artboard, sized to fill the artboard. I then proceed to select an instance of the symbol, with sync enabled, and insert an object into the symbol --- first an image, and then a rectangle. As expected, the object is populated into all the symbol instances (yay!), but the aspect ratios/orientations of each instance seem to be ignored - so it looks skewed on the portrait artboards. I'm struggling to properly articulate the behaviour here, but hopefully the video makes it clearer. I do understand why this is happening I think - it seems only the orientation of the symbol instance I originally insert into is considered. But I'm sure you can agree the results are NOT the expect behaviour here! As you can probably see from my artboard setup I'm trying to make a set of artboards for producing social media images – the idea being, I have a symbol with an instance for every social media image size. Then I can just drag my content in and, voilá, Sync works its wonders and I have an image ready for each platform. As the video shows, this is kind of a big stumbling point for that use case... Latest Affinity public on Windows. ilmiont
  10. Hi, I have just started using Publisher Beta and I've been investigated how to edit text frames and picture frames, on a page, which are inherited from a Master page. Once I've opened a page and selected the Master layer and selected a frame, then if I change anything in that frame, the Master page frame is also updated to show the same change. However, on the Symbols tab , if I click ONCE on the Sync button. I can alter the image/text on the page without the Master being updated. If I then click ONCE on the Sync again (quite hard on the Dark setting to see the change in the button), any change to the frame does NOT affect the Master any more. The same happens if I click on the Detach button. Again I cannot revert back to having changes updated on the Master page. Is this a bug or does it mean that having chosen Sync or Detach, that I cannot toggle between updating the Master from a page and updating just the individual page Pman
  11. You may have seen this video on YouTube about Affinity Publisher Beta v. Adobe InDesign. which is in my opinion a massive fail. Affinity Publisher isn't a copy of of InDesign. It's a different operation concept. Think different! I really like what I've seen and tested so far in APub - very good job! To solve the problem of the video I've nested picture frames inside the beautiful symbols and with one click you've added a picture to all linked triangles as shown in this demonstration: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1x5G9JD5bLlmhiIYhQWnAoigEL1Q7LhZx Keep on drawin' Norbert
  12. Hi, I found that every time I work with symbols in Affinity Designer and go back in history with cmd+z (undo) in Mac, the app crashes.
  13. I'm having trouble creating repeat patterns in Affinity Designer. I have tried a couple of different techniques: - using multiple artboards crashes the program if the pattern becomes too complex. I used Artboard 1 to create my repeat block (containing my pattern elements), and created a Symbol from this which I used on Artboard 2 to test the repeat pattern worked (as a regular grid of squares). Since the Artboard method kept crashing Affinity Designer I tried another method: - One document, which I drew a square and filled this with my pattern elements. I then created a Symbol from this and made a regular grid around the original square to test the pattern repeats correctly. This worked fine for a while, but as the pattern becomes more complex things start going wrong again. I can place another copy of the Symbol onto my document but when using the Transform box to re-position it, the pattern elements within the Symbol start to randomly jump about and mess up the pattern (I've attached a screenshot of this). I need to be able to design complex repeating patterns - I don't think that I am doing anything wrong, although I have not had the software very long and am still learning. If it is a bug I hope it is fixed soon.
  14. I'd like to be able to include symbols inside compounds. I can put the symbol inside the compound in the layers panel but it doesn't seem to actually contribute to the compound, and I can't adjust the add/subtract mode. This would essentially allow me to parameterize features of a complex curve, which for what I'm doing (designing stuff to laser-cut) would be extremely useful.
  15. In the file attached, there are few symbols that seem to make aff crashing all the time. For this project, I had to detach all the symbol in order to be able to finish it. The artboard C10 and C13 have no smartphone frames and for some reason it seems impossible to ass it to them. And eventually make it crash. Now that I have more time, I'd like to be able to fix this file for further use. buuuug.afdesign
  16. Hello, The symbols feature is completely unusable. As I see by other posts it was released in like pre-alpha state. You just can't use Affinity Designer for UI/UX without it. Please see attached video of one of the various bugs your QA for whatever reason was unable to find. The question in title is not rhetorical. ad_symbols_bug.mov
  17. I really liked how the nested symbols are supposed to work but when I try to do it some of the symbols used disappear in the library as well as on the canvas. Also there seems to be some more problem with not being able to grab any new symbols on to the canvas for a while and the pointer becomes locked in a different state when hovering over the symbols. This time I also got some rendering problems after creating a new symbol of symbols as can be seen in the attached image. It can also be seen how the remains of the symbols that disappeared have become empty in the library. The problem occurs when creating symbols of other symbols so to recreate the problem just randomly create symbols using a few different symbols. Once a symbol disappear it can not be undone. I first noticed the problem when making a header menu and when I changed the shape or if it was the color of one of the nested symbols the symbol broke and some of the parts disappeared. I would love to see this fixed since I really appreciate this software as a whole. I am currently using: Affinity Designer 1.6.1 macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.5
  18. There is a bug, that occured when I tried to copy an Object, from which I generated a Symbol into an other document. I realized, that the object was still marked as symbol after I did the copy. Within the symbols tool window of the new document, the symbol was not listed. When I tried to delete the symbol state, the application crashed immediately. On restart, Affinity restored the work I did, but took up a lot of cpu power, so my fan started to spin like crazy. Finally, the application crashed again. On second restart, Affinity designer worked normal.
  19. hperticarati

    Symbols being unlinked without reason

    I've been making some experiments, trying to design a new version to the open source software Inkscape. For that, I'm using symbols feature a lot: I have an artboard with the icons I'm designing, and another artboard with the actual UI where they are used. All my icons are symbols, and I copy them to the other artboard, so I can look at my icon set as whole, but I can also look at he icons applied to the UI. Using symbols inside constraint groups are not being as delightful as it could be (I have another opened thread about this: ) But now I'm facing a whole new problem with symbols: All symbols in one of the artboards are spontaneously disconnecting from the "master symbol", so if I change one icon, the change won't appear in the UI. Apparently, this could have happened when duplicating the UI artboard a couple of times. Unfortunately, it is a very tedious task to start replacing all the icons manually. Had anybody hear passed by a similar situation?
  20. epopomot

    Bug when adding symbol

    Hi there Whenever I try to add a symbol from the symbols panel by clicking and dragging, it adds thousands of symbols in a drag along the mouse path This then causes designer to crash Seriously annoying - is this a known issue? Cheers
  21. Hello, I have found one small issue today: 1) Create a box and fill it with red color 2) Create Global color with red color (name it RED) and make sure it's assigned to that box 3) Create new Symbol from this box 4) Insert couple of box Symbols to documents 5) Edit red Global color and make it yellow. Confirm the change. All boxes should now be yellow. 6) Press Cmd+Z to undo the change -> You should notice that the Global color reverts back to red, but only the first appearance of box Symbol is now red. All other Symbols remained yellow (even if it looks like the RED global color is still assigned). Also it seems that from now on all Symbols are detached. Affinity Designer 1.5.5 Thanks Petr global-color-issue.afdesign
  22. I would love to be able to edit the text content of a symbol but not the style of the text. Would be useful for buttons with different calls-to-action as well as UI where a bunch of repeated content like user profiles needs unique titles.
  23. Alright, So when I drag an asset I've made that contains multiple copies of a symbol each copy of the symbol is imported individually. So now I have however many copies of identical symbols, and editing one will not affect the others at all (as they are separate, individual, symbols now). Is there anyway around this that I just haven't thought of?
  24. I really like the responsiveness and immediate feedback about symbols in Affinity. But managing them is not as easy as it could be, much of that happens because of the lack of some functionalities in Symbols panel. What I'd love to see in an updated version of the Symbols Panel: List view Custom categories to groups symbols Search bar Ordering options: manual, alphabetical Easier renaming: select one, double click the name, and when finished, press tab to rename the next one Features to manage symbols in the artboard: Contextual menu to replace a selected instance of a symbol in the artboard by another one on the library Option to, when cmd+click on the symbol, do not select it's layers, but the whole symbol. (This is useful when you want to select a symbol inside a complex hierarchy of groups and layers, but do not want to edit the symbol.) Other advanced features Ability to nest symbols inside symbols Ability to override nested symbols Well, this is what I'd like to see regarding symbols. I hope that this adds something to the discussion about the roadmap.
  25. This is not the first, second or third time that I'm in the middle of a design process and suddenly (apparently when dragging some layers) Affinity Designer Crashes. When I open it again, it displays the dialog asking me if I want to use a recovery file. If I choose yes, Affinity crashes again. When this happens, I get all my work lost, there's no way to recover it. This happens always that I'm using symbols (I'm not even nesting symbols inside symbols, because I know this just won't work in Designer) and constraints. If I create a structure where a symbol has constraints within it, and the symbol itself is inside another constraints group, you can be sure that suddenly Affinity Designer will crash. I'm so frustrated right now... File attached, for reference. Please, could anyone open it and check if it's ok in your machines? I'm using a Mac OS X 10.13.3 Beta (this used to happen before the beta too). New Inkscape - 06.afdesign