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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. Two questions... -I noticed that the brush strokes often do not change to a newly selected brush type, even though the new brush type is hilighted in the brush menu. It sometimes takes several clicks before the stroke matches the selected brush type (and I'm not even sure it is the clicking that finally changes it, or a delay or what). What could be happening here? -A few times, when using the image based brushes (ex. rope, sock/sweater), the stroke would be monochromatic, rather than coloured, like the 'thumbnail' in the brush list. What might be causing that? I tried different colours, black and white, but it always was monochromatic (tinted to the selected colour). Windows7 Pro, 32gigs RAM, i7
  2. I added a gradient map as a asset, and every time i apply it from the assets menu, the applied asset turns on and off while zooming.. when zooming out, the asset wont show, when zoomed in, it shows up again. When i export the picture while the assets is not shown on image, the exported picture is still ok, so its just the preview while working on the document. My screenrecord in attachment 91D980B1-00B8-444C-8067-C0E2185472FC.MOV
  3. Hi guys, I want to bring a really nice suggestion that can be really time saver while dealing with "switching things" or anything like that, we can bring the most favorite brushes/tools in our right click, like a radial or square menu, I think this gonna save a lot of time for us that work professionally, please just let me know if this can be possible to have on future versions coming soon I'm glad to know that I'm almost 100% working with Affinity Designer , I want to quit from adobe monopoly asap regards, Jhonatan
  4. I am considering switching from Adobe. I run my own graphic design business and currently use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator daily. Would the Affinity products be sufficient and would I be able to open / import PSD, INDD and AI files into this software?
  5. I started to just put a few things together and was constantly switching from Photo to Designer. After an hour or so it completely crashed out. I didn't pre save my work as a new file, so I'm guessing that's why there is no recover file. No big deal, but it has been happening a lot since the new 1.6 version. Hopefully this will be ironed out with the next patch. I'll be manually saving every ten minutes from now on!
  6. Hi When i try to record a macro in the windows version of Affinity Photo, I am unable to switch between layers. For example if I create 2 duplicates of my background layer, and make a high pass adjustment to the top layer, I am then unable to switch to the layer beneath to make another adjustment. Also, I am unable to change the name of any layers whilst the macro is recording. Any help much appreciated.
  7. Affinity has crashed numerous times when I switch between it and Google Chrome. Win 10
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