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Found 3 results

  1. When layernames in Affinity Designer start with a number, in the SVG export Affinity decided to add an underscore ('_') as prefix to all these ids of these svg elements. This is pretty unwanted behaviour, because we named these layers this way on purpose and want to have the same names in the export as we gave the layers. We don't want names and therefore the svg elements' ids to be changed under the hood. I can't find any good reason why Affinity should change these names; numbers in ID attributes of svg elements are perfectly fine and allowed. Even id's with only numbers in ids are allowed in html/svg. Because of this unwanted name change we have to rename hundred or so layers in some files by hand now and then filter out numbers from the changed layernames when using the svg at runtime by javascript again. That's not really convenient and not very efficient and in my opinion unnececary. I understand that sometimes renaming during svg export could be nececary when layernames would result in illegal ids, but this is not one of those cases. Please, would it be possible for Serif to remove this unwanted and unnececary renaming in the svg output?
  2. The resulting svg <path>s aren't the same when using destructive boolean operations vs non-destructive boolean-operations, but they should be equal. See attachments. For some strange reason it looks like the way the curve is calculated during svg export is different. Given test-file has no complex shapes at all, they are a circle and a rectangle. Svg path-data after destructive Add: "M123.032,25.006l124.594,0l0,60.104c35.593,0 64.49,28.897 64.49,64.49c0,35.593 -28.897,64.49 -64.49,64.49c-35.593,0 -64.491,-28.897 -64.491,-64.49l-60.103,0l0,-124.594Z" Svg path-data after non-destructive Add / Compound path: "M123.032,25.006l124.594,0l0,60.104c35.639,0.046 64.49,28.925 64.49,64.49c0,35.593 -28.897,64.49 -64.49,64.49c-35.593,0 -64.491,-28.897 -64.491,-64.49l-60.103,0l0,-124.594Z" Steps to reproduce: - open afDesigner file in attachment, merge the shapes using boolean add, export svg with given exportsettings (see attachment) and look at the svg - open afDesigner file in attachment, merge the shapes using non-destructive boolean add (holding Alt + boolean Add click), export svg with given exportsettings (see attachment) and look at the svg - compare the svg <path> of both files afDesigner destructive add.svg non-destructive add (compound).svg tryout.afdesign
  3. I love both Designer and Photo. I use both for all aspects of photography, movie creation, scrapbooking, sewing, and embroidery. I do have a question about the svg output from Designer. If I save as svg from Illustrator, that file goes into my embroidery digitizing program and my cutting machine software the same exact size as created in Illustrator. I can't seem to get that result from Designer. I get a postage sized graphic that does not even have the same proportions as the Designer file. Am I missing something in the setup or output settings?
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