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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I think I encountered a rendering bug for SVG files that use rounded rectangles. I only came across the issue in the latest version ( of Designer (and Photo) and can't verify if it is present in previous versions. As I have just noticed this, I was not able to inspect a lot of different input files and can only provide one specific example. Steps to reproduce: An example SVG is available from the Papirus icon collection on github, specifically the builder.svg icon. Loading or placing the file in Designer (or Photo) incorrectly renders the rounded rectangles (see left part of attached image). Expected results: The expected result is shown on the right of the attached image. Opening the SVG image in major browser brands renders it correctly, the same is true for several online SVG editors, Inkscape, Illustrator, etc. Issue details: While trying to understand what was going wrong, I found that the original SVG uses only 'ry=...' to define the roundness of the rectangle edges. Replacing all 'ry=...' with 'rx=...' in the original SVG file allows Designer (and Photo) to correctly render the rounded rectangles (as shown in the right part of the attached image). At a first glance it would seem that Designer (wrongly) ignores the "roundness" parameter when specified only via 'ry=...'. And also: thank you for the great work you are doing with these very nice tools 😃 Kind regards, Volker
  2. Hello, I am new to the forum, but can't seem to find anyone else with this problem. I bought AD for creating content to etch with my laser engravers. One is an imported Galvo Fiber laser using EZCAD2. I have tried exporting several different supported files types out of AD, but the files either open empty or open scattered. The only way I have been able to work around this is by exporting to a pdf and using Zamzar conversion service to convert to an SVG. I'm sure it is something goofy that EZCAD2 is being picky about. The only only file I have had export directly from a design software and into EZCAD2 was out of Adobe Illustrator, but only when saved as the Japanese .ai format. Is there an export setting I can use to make this work properly directly from AD? I have attached example files from AD. Thank you for your help. tail.afdesign tail-AD.svg
  3. Hi, I have SVG files that open incorrectly in all Affinity apps. When opened random items have moved from their original position. Apple's Safari shows the correct placement of all items for reference. I've attached the file. It's a floor plan from the company Cubi Casa incase you need to reach out to them to rectify the issue. all-in-one_0.svg
  4. Hi I am exporting an AD diagram into SVG, and losing content. It seems to be missing lines only. If I open the SVG in AD again, it looks fine. But if I open in Safari, for example (or import to Illustrator), then many of the outlines have gone. I have attached the afdesign and svg versions. Any help much appreciated - I have to supply my publisher with SVG content, so I have to find a solution or workaround. SOUP.afdesign SOUP.svg
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