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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! Thought I would share what I've been working on lately. I'm a fairly new user to Affinity Photo & Designer; my usual "go-to" is Sketchbook Pro, but the addition of Affinity has been awesome. I'm still learning the different brushes/ strokes/ and UI so it's taking me a bit to adjust. I'm quite a fan of the Metroid franchise and I love the artwork that's involved. Below is a freehand sketch of the "official" baby sheegoth creature, and I'm hoping to put my own spin on things when it comes time for colour. I've been alternating on my Surface Pro 4 & Wacom Cintiq, if anyone was curious to what I was using. Feel free to leave feedback; I'm always down for that :). Adrian
  2. I'm having an issue with the pen tool in smart mode in affinity photo with my surface pro 4, the current curve i'm drawing randomly ends and a new one starts, this doesn't always happen, but so regularly its really annoying, i keep having to use the history tool to go back, and often even reverting to the previous item in history it still retains a new starting point for a curve until i click back another history state back, then i am able to finish the curve.
  3. Hi all. After using affinity on the IPad I decided to buy it also on the tablet (SURFACE PRO 4) Now I cannot find how to rotate the canvas with my hand. Is this possible? Please advise. Henkbrwr
  4. Today a Windows 10 "balloon notification" informed me about an issue with "apps which drain the battery" on my Surface Pro 4. Under "Settings -> Battery usage by App" Affinity Photo is listed with 49% "background usage" on position one! (I attached a screenshot from the Windows settings page.) I already posted another issue about the "Huge processor usage" if I use the selection tool. But I guess, this is not the same problem here, because its "background usage" this time. Does anybody experience the same battery usage problems?
  5. I have purchased a copy of Affinity Photo for windows after being impressed by the iOS version. Unfortunately, after paying downloading and installing on my Surface Pro 4 (Win10) all I get when I start the program is a pop up window which switches between four screen telling me what's new etc (see attachment). The program proper will not start. I've tried reinstalling in repair, uninstalling rebooting and the fresh installing, I've even tried installing the Beta. Same result every time! Help appreciated. Cheers OB
  6. I've now verified that the missing circle indicating brush size is not just on my Surface Pro 4. At least one other has the same problem. So I'd like to report this as a bug. Even when I attach a mouse to the Surface Pro 4, there is no circle indicating the size of the brush. Also the key combination Alt + LeftMouse + Right Mouse with drag does not work on the Surface Pro 4. I understand the priority being given to the Ipad Pro version, but this is something that should be working in the current release, it's working fine on my desktop computer with the same OS version, Windows 10. Thanks
  7. I can not see the size of a brush in APhoto on my Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 and cannot find any settings that affect the cursor appearance?
  8. I bought Affinity Photo last night and noticed one strange bug while using the pen of my Surface Pro 4 i5 128gb. Picking color with the Surface Pen is buggy: When selecting the color brush, holding [ALT] and dragging the pen, the lens of the color picker is constantly jumping back and forth between the mouse and the pen cursor position and the color does not get picked. When using the color picker right from the toolbar with the pen (without shortcut), it is working most of the time (picking color with touchpad or finger is fine, though). This happens with and without Microsofts WinTab drivers installed. My AP version installed is and my windows version is Windows 10 Pro 64bit.
  9. Hi, today I tried the Affinity Photo beta. I noticed that it generally works great on the HiDPI display of my Surface Pro 4. Unfortunately though, I also noticed that it falls back to low-res for painting. This does seem to be intentional and can be reproduced with every brush. I am really disappointed since it makes it impossible for me to use Affinity for digital painting. What is the reason for that? Will this be fixed in the final release? I really like the application and would love to integrate it into my daily workflow. Regards, Michael Hoffer -- www.mihosoft.eu
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