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Found 60 results

  1. I'm working on a graphic-heavy report and re-pagination from the layout breaks what would be accurate citations. This is handled manually at the moment (unless there's a way to jury-rig the Index manager?). Request Citation Manager in the top three formats (APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian). Ability to set whether the document uses an end-of-section or on-page-where-citation-occurs approach.
  2. Please change the Colour Contrast on Text Ruler, so easy to control instead with the soft colour as per screen attached in Affinity Publisher build (Beta Version). Thanks for the attention.
  3. Hello! This is just a simple suggestion, but one that would be amazing to be made real. I would really love it if I could erase using the Pixel tool. Right now I am drawing some pixel art and every time when I want to remove something I have to color it the same color as the background, which is very annoying and ineffective. Definitely when I have to move something... I have thought about using the eraser tool set on 1px, but that still doesn't work as it should. Now, here is more specifically what I would love to see changed: Make it so that when the 'colorless color' (the white/gray with the red line trough it) is selected, that it will act as an eraser instead. This could then work for not only the pixel tool but the brushes too, tho, the pixel tool is what really matters. I am actually a bit surprised this is not how the colorless color functions in the first place, because it would sound logical to me. Thank you for reading, I really hope this can be added! And if you are just a user/member, then maybe share your opinion about this pixel erasing. -Mikauo
  4. Please allow help file access WITHIN working space. It is very frustrating to have to leave the document you are working on to look something up in the help! please increase what the “?” button reveals in the workspace, especially the meaning of context-sensitive toolbar buttons (for example all of the crazy node icons!) and things like undo/redo are done by swiping down and up on the history icon! 🙏🙏🙏 and thank you 😄
  5. The startup screen is nice, it makes the app feel less empty when you open it. It has some easily accessible templates and guides. What I'm missing though is an Open Recent list ala Blender or a more graphical one a-la Adobe (i'm perfectly fine with a blender-like one tbh but you might want to experiment some more). Here's a quick mock-up of how I think it could work (Only showing the 6 more recent files, you'd rarely go more than that, and only 3-4 sounds like too few) Oops just realized the titles for the default screen are above, not under.
  6. Thank you very pretty powerful search/replace feature, changing from paragraph break to line break is pretty easy. Can we add an option to limit the search to given element, instead of the whole document? I'm thinking of options: * Selection * Text element * Page * Whole document
  7. I would LOVE to see Affinity put out an Adobe Premier competitor. Called Affinity Video maybe? I don't need all the professional level controls that Premier has but something better than iMovie would be a great addition to the Affinity Suite. Thanks for everything so far, I own all three products and love them! -- Dan
  8. In my opinion Shape Builder Tool is very necessary. I can't switch to Affinity Designer from Illustrator completely just because of this one missing tool. I've seen post back from 2015 of people asking for this tool, why 4 years later this still isn't a thing? I'm very frustrated...
  9. Hello, Affinity team. So i've been using Affinity Photo for quite some time and i was thinking if i could do some Animations, so i've looked hours if theres any tool for Animations and found nothing. So my recommendation is to add some kind of Animation tool, because many people on the Internet are the same Opinion. I really like Affinity Photo and dont want to Change to other programms so i would be happy if you could try something.
  10. I made the move to Affinity Designer not long ago from Assembly for iOS. While the Affinity suite is leagues ahead of that software, one feature it has that Affinity does not is the ability to export a process video. What I propose is a feature that converts a document's history into a video sequence that shows each step that the artist took to create their piece. I appreciate your consideration and anticipate your response.
  11. Something I'd absolutely love is the ability to input Hover Text into my digital PDF/Online-only pieces. The ability to click on an image and have the artist/photographer pop up, the ability to click on a word and have it's definition pop up and so forth would be invaluable to me as someone who works primarily with publishing online. Would others find this as useful as me?
  12. Hello Affinity Designer suggestion. To the Affinity team. ESKO is the creator of plugins for Adobe Illustrator https://www.esko.com/en/products/studio A brilliant tool for those who design packaging. If you did something like that right away in Affinity Designer, not as a plugin, probably a large part of the market would be yours. Designer would become a leading application in packaging design. I think we can have dreams 🙂 Greetings to all Thanks for your work.
  13. Is there a way to include a filter that can generate lens flare/sun flare in iPad version? It would be very nice if yes, because when we want to use some we have to do them manually with images overlays and/or brushes and besides taking a lot of time to do them manually, they doesn't fit very well with the photography...
  14. I use the blend tool a ton in Illustrator and Corel Draw, and it will be very nice if Designer had a similar tool. I was just wondering if something like that was in the works. Thank you!
  15. Hello! Inkscape has a feature that allows changing the location of the "focus point" of radial and elliptic gradients to make them non-symmetrical which allows for creation of some amusing effects. Here's an example from Inkscape's official tutorial page (link): https://inkscape.org/ru/doc/tutorials/tips/tutorial-tips.html (Excentric radial gradients) It is described in SVG reference docs: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/SVG/Element/radialGradient The following attributes seem to be responsible for it. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/SVG/Attribute/fx https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/SVG/Attribute/fy I'm not sure how hard it is to implement, but to me it's a pretty simple yet interesting feature that I would love to see in Affinity Designer Cheers!
  16. I often struggle with choosing the "right" widths of strokes and contours so I keep changing them throughout the process. Unfortunately Designer is not really sensitive with them. If you select several strokes at once and change their width Designer sets the width of all of them to the same value. It makes sense but I often want to keep the ratios between the thick and the thin stokes so I suggest some possible solutions: 1. Add an checkbox "Adjust average value" With this option On you would change the average value of the selected group and the values of each member would change proportionally. (I.e. average 5->10, stroke A 4->8, stroke B 7->14) 2. Slider with two (or even three) control points I like this option more because it would give me a better control and it would be universal. With a group of many different strokes the first control point would represent the minimal existing value and the second point the maximum (they could use slightly different colours, etc.). Moving any of these points would spread all the values. You can also merge both control points together and set all strokes to the same values. You could even add the third (middle) control point representing the average to make the transformation function a curve. 3. Two (or more) sliders These would basically handle the same thing as suggestion 2 but they would require additional space so I think two-point slider would be more convenient from the designer's point of view. I am talking mostly about the width of strokes but I am sure the extended two-point slider would be useful for many other group values.
  17. To speed up workflow, I'd like to request a color behavior change when selecting masks. When selecting a mask, please change foreground/background colors to Black and White. When selecting back onto a pixel or image layer, revert to selected colors. This is a Photoshop behavior I miss very much and I didn't realize how much I missed it as I've spent a LOT of time trying to figure out why my mask wasn't working only to realize I was painting on the mask with a color rather than black/grey/white. Also Thanks for your consideration
  18. Hello, ‘I’ve been using the affinity iPad app for about a week now so I’m still fairly new but am used to the majority of its features and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made, being a fashion student we are constantly using adobe software and I’ve found this software gives me all I could need as a student like the option to make my own brushes for technical flats, but I had one question about how you can make patterns and then fill a shape in with said pattern I think in Adobe it’s called a swatch although I could be wrong, I hope I’ve explained this well enough it’s hard to word but if this was a feature this would be super helpful to me and I’m sure lots of other fashion students.
  19. I have a cintiq pro 24 and I already own 4 pens to work with. In most programs, all my pens are considered as if they were the same (but Wacom consider that they are individuals). I would suggest that Affinity could consider each pen we have as individual to so a pen could be asked to do a job (let say paint in red like a large brush) and an other one to do another job (like drawing in black.as a pen) and that for each of our pens. Thanks.
  20. Hi there. What would be nice would be to be able to copy ruler guides from a page/doc to another. Possible to add it to the next release? Keep the work cool! You've made a fantastic tool. Greg
  21. Hey @ll, it would be SO nice, if I could mark an object or several objects, do a right-click and could choose my existing Groups to move the object/s into one of this groups. Please add this future into Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher! Thanks a lot... Nice greatings from Germany...
  22. Hi, this input would be good. I don't know if anyone already thought about that but, could be good. Cheers.
  23. Hey there! I use the tools in the Transform window and the tools in the Alignment window all the time, but I really dislike pressing the button that opens the Transform window in the hopes of it opening the right one upfront. This would be solved completely by having a seperate button for the alignment tools! Perhaps there is already a way to customize the buttons in the toolbar that I just haven't found yet? Adriaan
  24. Hi, Affinity Team. I have a suggestion for a program of Affinity series. A program of Animation frame by frame. I'd love to that idea. I hope you like! Yours sincerely, Lucas.
  25. As part of my workflow over the years I place elements outside the spreads (what is the correct wording: workspace?) and quite fond of the fact, that this space is big not to say HUGE in Affinity Publisher. I wonder why it is so huge? But this is not the point here. If I place an element outside of the spread and I zoom into this element at about a zoom factor of 210% the scrollbar moves to its end on the right side and I am not able to scroll to the end of the element anymore. If I want to get to the end of this element I have to zoom out/in or use the pan tool or use the Navigator panel. So my question/s is/are: Is this huge extra space really needed? Or could the "workspace" be limited, that we get faster to elements placed outside? Just an idea.
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