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Found 263 results

  1. The accuracy of the Expand Stroke is so low that it does not allow you to use it for precise work, like making SVG icons for Retina resolutions, where all theres mistakes become obvious. Check out two video examples about straight lines and circles. 2018-03-28_11-44-37.mp4 2018-03-28_12-05-01.mp4
  2. jarcon

    Inaccurate expand stroke

    Draw a circle with border, expand stroke and you get an oval! Expand stroke is a very useful tool, but is not accurate, at least with circles as you can see in the screen shot. Please fix this bug.
  3. I'm brand new to Affinity Design and I'm having teething problems trying to do certain things I'm used to doing in Adobe Illustrator. For example the custom brush, or a brush that is thin in a point at one end only and responds to pen pressure. Also I used to be able to draw this out neatly with a line from the pen tool and then drag the brush from the menu of brushes to instantly change the pen line to this stroke effect. What's the best way to customise this type of brush? (The pictures come from this custom brush tutorial suitable for Adobe Illustrator http://www.bittbox.com/illustrator/illustrator-how-to-make-custom-swooshes-swirls-and-curls ) Another question while on topic, I already have some brush files suitable for illustrator but wont open in Affinity, is there anyway they can work or be converted to work? Thanks
  4. A few of things about applying strokes to groups: It would be nice to have this working, i.e stroke apply to resulting object, rather than each of the children. Why does applying a stroke to a group containing a pixel layer, essentially apply a fill? When attempting 2, there seems to be a performance issue (high CPU usage).
  5. Hello everybody. I have a question. I made a illustration and I apply a stroke effect on it (with fx, not a direct stroke). For the laser cutting I have to make a 2pt stoke all around the illustration. Can I vectorise the effect to apply a stroke on it (the red on in the picture) ? If not, what is the workflow ? Thanks in advance.
  6. AFDesigner2018

    Smooth Tool

    What is the alternative to the smooth tool of Adobe Illustrator or what is the way to do it in Affinity Designer; and not using corner tool. Thank you
  7. I’m designing a University Style Logo in Affinity Designer, and am using the font you can see in the photos. I’m using a white fill, black stroke and white fx outline. I’m trying to make it so that the black stroke is essentially 100% transparent, so that the stroke takes the colour of the fabric it is printed on. I’ve scoured the internet for how to do this but found no answers. I’ve tried converting to curves and subtracting the black stroke from the white letter behind and nothing. Any help would be tremendous. Thank you.
  8. Kook Kai

    Brush Tool

    I tried to change the stroke to be pointed at the both ends. Applying all kinds of brushes provided that look thin at the start and the end doesn't show the effect desired, only change the stroke thickness ( see attached pic). How to get this function to work?
  9. Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to mask a stroke in Affinity Designer and keeping it open? As you can see in the image attached, I'm creating a compound object (Stroke + Sphere Shape). Unfortunately the stroke always gets closed after creating the compound object. What I'd like to do instead is to split the stroke in 2 with a sphere mask. This should be done in a non destructive way so that I can adjust the sphere mask later on. Is this possible? Thanks and best regards, Daniel
  10. I built a set of icons (with Affinity Designer) that are intended to be rendered with a non-scaling stroke. The stroke should be 2px regardless of the displayed size. So, I need to be able to: Export SVG files with vector-effect set to non-scaling-stroke in the style. Export PNG files at a few sizes with the same stroke width, meaning both a 32x32 PNG and a 64x64 px PNG would have the same 2px strokes. I understand how to export multiple size PNGs, but the stroke always scales. Is this possible with Affinity Designer?
  11. madebymarco

    Stroke Bug

    whenever i use the stroke feature with any brush there's always this blank space in the beginning of the stroke. how do you fix this?
  12. Cenda

    Stroke style problem

    I just buy Affinity Photo and I think that I have some bugs First draw some curve with Pen Tool - If you change pressure of the strokes, it is not possible switch to Dash line style, until you reset pressure - Texture Line Style is not working. I tried it in the Designer and it is working well there - If you change Fill type to gradient or colour, change is not reflected until you make some change (color for example)
  13. I've just discovered what looks like a bug: When you make a small shape, and set the stroke to a wide value, it "looses connection" with the shape and the outline is drawn incorrectly. See attached example and try it out for yourself. All 3 alignment settings are buggy, as well as the join options. Has this been reported earlier?
  14. I'm trying to draw using the pen tool But whenever I create a new line, Affinity Designer automatically changes the stroke settings from what I've chosen to what they were on the previous line I made. It's incredibly annoying and frustratingly difficult to get anything done. https://streamable.com/2r4nm This may be related to this bug, which adds the previously used color to the swatch instead of the currently selected color:
  15. Hello, I use the Windows version of Affinity Photo, and I was wondering if it has the expand stroke feature. I have not been able to find it anywhere. Thank you for your help!
  16. I have a script with several letters that I need to combine and then stroke, I must combine them or else the stroke is overlapping other letters and does not achieve the desired effect. The problem I am having when Combining or Adding from the OPERATIONS tools the center of the Loops in the letters aren't being knocked out, except for the "o" in the word "Lord". I am stuck and I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. Please Help :-) Thank You! Please take a look at the screenshots below...
  17. I would like to add a stroke to a circle that is distorted as the example below. I tried using a textured brush stroke but none had the same effect as the example. I was able to edit the pressure of a basic brush stroke to somewhat achieve the effect. But, I wanted to ask the community here if I'm missing another feature in Designer that would achieve that look? How would you recreate this? Is there an easier method?
  18. Hi there, I just wanted to let the team know that the Expand Stroke option needs some work—especially with curves. I've had multiple instances where A.D. gets this wrong and ends up giving me a shape that is not exact, and in some cases it looks really terrible. Below is one example—although not the most extreme case. This may look like nit-picking, but when Illustrator can get it spot on and when detail matters, this is an issue that will stop me from using the program. Thanks for your time, and have a nice day. P.S. Try Expanding the stroke of a circle. It's bad. I know there is a donut tool, but it's still an issue.
  19. Post correcting vector brushtrokes would be a little more efficient if I could select multiple nodes in the profile pane to quickly edit them or delete certain nodes.
  20. Brett Stebbins

    Ellipse Stroke Bug

    I went to use the Ellipse shape tool and the stroke on the ellipse shape went all "wacky". That is the only way to explain it. Please see attached video. Also, if you need the file where this bug occurred please message me privately for it. I could only replicate this issue in the one file. In a new file there was no issue. Ellipse Stroke Bug 01.m4v
  21. I'm working on a SkillShare tutorial to un-stuck myself and get back in to design. This problem seems silly, but I keep running into little hurdles in Affinity Design that I am having trouble surmounting. The current lesson has the vector watercolor strokes you see in picture one being turned into gradient strokes in picture 2. Picture 2 can probably be accomplished easily with a gradient map, but I'm failing to get the white-to-black transition in either pixel or vector brushes (Designer or Photo). I play with the controller and luminosity settings to no avail — my strokes all look flat and only show lightness or darkness when I overlap them. Suggestions warmly greeted! West Coast Namaste!
  22. Rubyjim

    Stroke in AP

    I'm I missing some thing obvious in Affinity Photo? I can not find a stroke tab in AP I found a stroke tab in Affinity Designer I would like at apply a stroke to text in AP.
  23. I can't seem to get the Stroke Align to change.
  24. Hi all, a new affinity photo user here. I just got the app on the ipad, and have not used this at all, so it's all still a tad foreign. I tired looking up some information on my issues, but found it slightly difficult to locate answers to my questions. So hoping some people can help me out here/ direct me towards the right place. 1. First issue regarding importing photoshop .abr files, I've tried with an .abr file with just one brush, and that seem to work. However when I tried to import a larger .abr file containing multiple brushes (around 700mb) the app would crash. The brushes are from photoshop cs5- cs6 so I'm not entirely sure if it's just a really large .abr file or it can only be one brush at a time? 2. Brush group adjustments, by default, there are multiple brush groups, with different kinds of brushes eg dry brush, drawing...etc. However it doesn't seem like you can edit / move / duplicate the brushes around between these groups? Or I just haven't figured it out. If anyone can clarify that, it would be great. The only thing you seemed to be able to do is edit settings, rename the brush, and delete the brush. 3. Having then tried to adjust some setting on the brushes, I've noticed that when I set brush size to 100% regardless of curve adjusts there is always this initial spot from the brush at a larger size as if I was apply a lot of pressure, however I would only be pressing extremely lightly, it was then jump to presumably what the size should be for that pressure, and then the rest of the stroke is fine. Attached are some images of some of the strokes, and settings which I've adjusted it to, again I'm not entirely familiar with how all the settings work, but I cannot figure out how to change the setting to have just a nice smooth line tapering properly. Hopefully someone will be able to enlighten me on my current situation. Thanks!
  25. In Affinity Design for Windows I created a shape and gave it an outline. I then I messed around and put text on its path. It changed it so that now - there is no colored stroke/no line and I cannot re-add a stroke or fill it. What am I doing wrong? Windows 10 Latest Design update 3/2018