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Found 3 results

  1. Going through the tutorials up to linked Text Frames, believe there are a number of stability issues. 1) Ghost Frames Having set up the Text Frames for Heading and Body Text, there are ghost versions on 'canvas' adjacent to page 1 (ghostFrames) 2) Duplicated Frames. Even though I have NOT deliberately applied the MasterPage style, all the pages have it applied. If I remove an object from one page, all objects go.(duplicatedFrames) 3) Very buggy text Styles. When trying to either save or apply Text Styles, they are not saved and/or applied reliably (textStyles) And (textStyles2) 4) Similar problem with the Body format being picked up. When I changed the font colour in the Text Frames (body) they did not automatically update and even though I had changed the Body color using the Text Style "Update Paragraph", selecting this did not change the font color in the first Text Frame... None of this happens in The Mac version which I am also playing with side-by-side.
  2. Hi everyone, Today, using Photo, I had two times a crash when doing vector path on lily of the valley for masking. This is quite complet, there's a lot of details and my client is a very demanding one. But the job is well paid, so I do my best. I am working on Windows 10 Creators Update, with the lastest version of Photo. When I launched Photo after the crash, it tells me that he has a recovery file, but when opened, the vector path is gone, even if I has registered my file just before it crashes. This is very annoying, I can't work. I dont' know if this problem is linked to my use or if it is something else. I'll try to do some other stuff than vector to confirm that. If anyone knows anything.
  3. Hi there, I guess I start to sound like a broken record. Well, although I love Affinity, I have to call your attention to this crucial topic once again. I'm working in a new place and I decided to install the trial on a blaze fast machine. Here are the specs: Dual Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2650 v4 @ 2.20GHz, 2201 Mhz, 12 Core(s), (RAM) 64.0 GB Dual NVIDIA TITAN X Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB Windows 10 Pro On this box I'm running Cinema 4D 18 with Octane, Adobe After Effects CC 2017 (and all the CC suite), plus other 3D programs (for 3d Tracking, also Blender 3d and so on) and it's a nice and smooth experience. Unfortunately, coming to Affinity Photo, I was sadly surprised to notice the same issues I've at home (where I use both the final and the latest beta). As soon as the work gets deeper with multiple layers, masks, adjustments, Affinity Photo becomes slow, even with random moments where it freezes, up to the point it randomly crashes. At first, I was excited to have the trial on this box as I hoped to show off Affinity to my colleagues (and maybe convince them to give it a try and buy it). But now I feel I won't proceed in that direction. The type of work we do requires fast turnarounds, sometimes we have very tight deadlines or new requests comes out of nowhere and need to be done by yesterday. Photo will remain my little gem at home where I can take advantage of a different pace. But I seriously hope you will realize how important is to give priority to this two crucial weakness. I know you are working to improve it, and you are working hard. Just wanted to share my experience and hope that Photo will be fast and, for the most part, as bug-free as possible soon. Probably for many users in this forum, this is not an issue, at least that's the feeling from my other threads in the past. It's either because they don't have the same issues on the Mac, or because most the users here don't make heavy use of layers, large documents, and so on. I believe that if Serif is serious about pushing its products, they need to aim to a more intense usage of Photo and Designer and listen to the users here who are trying to implement Affinity in their VFX, Motion Graphics workflow. Best, Andrew

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