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Found 11 results

  1. I downloaded the demo to verify the affinity photo. I tried to fix some issues even with messenger support on Facebook. I had trouble with the brushes from the beginning. But a problem has not yet been resolved The brush has a very square section. I made a difference with photoshop that shows an image. How can I solve this problem? Affinity Photo demo ... is about to expire. ( sorry for my English ) iMac mid 2010 - Inter core i3 ( 3,2 Ghz ) Ram 12 Gb ATI RADEON HD 5670 512mb OSX Sierra // Demo Affinity Photo // Photoshop CC 2018 //
  2. If a brush has a Hue/Saturation/Luminance Jitter assigned in the 'Brush Dynamics' settings, the entire brush will come out as a square block when painting on a layer mask, instead of just the shape of the brush nozzle. To reproduce the issue, paint on a layer mask with any brush that has a Hue/Saturation/Luminance Jitter set. Default brushes with this setting include: Effects > Effects 3 Effects > Effects 4 Daub Bristles > Fine Fibers Worn-out | Dense Oil Daub Bristles > Dense Fibers | Smooth Oil Etc. Although it's possible to turn Hue/Saturation/Luminance Jitter off when painting on a layer mask, it's an inconvenience if the brush is used for non-mask painting as well. ----------------------------- Affinity Photo - Windows 10 - 14393.953
  3. Hi all, I need help making a proper square or any shape with perfect sharp corners/strokes. I can’t find out how to do so - am I missing something or is this a limitation of Photo’s engine? Please see the attached screenshot. Anything drawn has round corners, even the Pen tool and the Pixel brush! The only way I can get sharp corners is to import a vector object but even then it’s borders lose opacity and it doesn’t look right.
  4. Hi, How to draw a square and select fill to transparent and change the stroke color of the shape in ipad? I'm doing social media design and this tool really important for my design. But still can't figure it out where is that. Thanks,
  5. I've read the help pages and watched tutorials. I just can't seem to find how to correctly constrain a circle or square using the marquee tools (gesture with a second finger). Any help further explaining this would be appreciated. Please be detailed since the other help sources do not fully explain how to do this. Thanks.
  6. Void

    AD: added square

    It happened again. AD added a square while drawing a box, it just popped up... :o Update: It depends on the zoom-level whether you see it in AD or not. I can see it with a zoom level of at leat 190%. New link to .afdesign: https://oc.deux.cc/index.php/s/aAQ4y8LLfhdmNii Last "bug-free" version: https://oc.deux.cc/index.php/s/8XjRfqarE8bsWqv
  7. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo on Windows 10. I just exported a picture (RGBA/8 - sRGB IEC61966-2.1) to JPG+PNG and a square appeared on the picture (s. attachment) When I open the .aphoto file in Affinity Designer the square shows up when switching the document type to RGB16 in a 'high frequency layer'. The square doesn't show up in Affinity Photo but when I disable the high frequeny layer and export the picture the square disappears. Thanks Frank
  8. Hello, I have a problem with the aspect ratio, if I´m drawing a ellipse or a square. In the optionfield "transform" if i set the aspect ratio to locked and i resize the object with the mouse, it doesn´t matter if i set it locked or not. It´s only working if I´m pushing the shift button. Only if I´m setting the value manual, it´s locking it. I don´t know if this is wished or bug, it just confuses me a bit. Cheers, christian
  9. I am trying to convert a cluster of ellipses in a graph into a different shape (triangle, square, etc....). Is there a quick way to do this? Thanks,
  10. 1) I cannot get the clone brush to not align, to stay still. It follows no matter if the aligned box is checked or not. See attached video. 2) I want to use a square brush that I can change the hardness of. For some reason, the basic brushes are all round; when one uses the dropdown for new square brush, it is fixed at hard. I should not have to search another program to import a variable square brush. Even simpler, why not have a simple two-position check that makes every brush either square or round? Affinity has a very flexible clone tool but the controls and labels Clone Problems 7-2-15 copy sm trim.movon it are still awful: why "%" instead of "degrees" for rotation? Junipermn
  11. Is there a way to draw an object (eg. square/circle/trangle etc.) as a vector by default? It's a bit unhandy that I need to convert it to curves everytime I want to modify it's form...