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Found 13 results

  1. A solution for implementing the Polish dictionary. Download the files downloaded from https://donate.libreoffice.org/home/dl/src/5.1.3/all/libreoffice-dictionaries- and place them in the place shown in the screenshot. You can probably use this method for other languages.
  2. Hi Serif'er It will be important to have spell-check in Swiss German, we even have a different typo to the Germans. It would be nice, to able to use "Duden" or "Hunspell" or "Pons" or "Open Thesaurus" or any other kind of spell-checking method. Cheers for the constant improvement! Thomas
  3. Chanitacr

    Change Spelling language

    Hello I need to check spelling for a document and I have the program set in english but when it checks the spelling it is using "spanish". Where do I change the spelling language, not the program language. Thanks.
  4. I have spell check set to correct automatically and use UK spelling rules. I do not see any corrections or markings in the document when a spelling mistake is made. I assume the UK one is built in and should not have anything in the Dictionaries folder, which is currently empty. The version is (Beta)
  5. Hi, just purchased and installed Affinity Designer 1.6 and started using it. I've immediately noticed a bug/crash that is reproducible every time. No matter which object is selected, going to "Text - Spelling - Spelling Options..." immediately crashes the app. Attached please find a short video showing the bug in action, as well as the crash report from Console.app. cheers, felix Affinity Designer_2017-11-08-123702_FX-MacBook-Pro-13.crash AffinitySpellingOptionsCrash.mp4
  6. Dear Support, I would like to suggest Greek language spelling and hyphenation tools for Affinity Publisher sooner or later! I consider them to be very important for my work. Thank you very much !
  7. It would be nice (if it doesn't already exist and I've just missed it) to be able to toggle on & off the spell check feature. The squiggly red line can be really distracting when I'm trying to look at the design, especially when the word is purposely missing letters.
  8. G'day again from Australian. I am having an awesome time with Affinity Designer, but I am very much a newbie. I assume that I am doing something wrong, as I am unable to get the Check Spelling While Typing option to work :( The option is clicked in the Text/Spelling spot, but when I type in text nothing gets corrected. I this a senior's problem for me :), or is this a problem with Affinity 1,5,1,43 for Windows? I have Windows 10. Many thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Paul.
  9. Under Spelling Options I find no way to delete a learned word from spelling options (entered incorrectly). Am I missing something?
  10. Under your Help ... Spelling there is no mention of sharing the words that my spelling option has "learned." On my Mac I find a "Spelling" folder in my "Library" that has the file "dynamic-counts.dat" in it (see below). How can share my "learned" spellings with with my colleague? Also, what is this "dynamic-counts.dat" doc? It has today's date. In this same Spelling folder there is a "dynamic-text.dat" doc, and and "Local Dictionary" doc but they both have earlier dates.
  11. Is there really a spell checker in AD? I have tested with misspelled words and the app doesn't seem to recognize them.
  12. peter

    Spelling mistakes

    Hi AndyS, I've found some more typos, yup! Tis the same word again - the word colour, this time in these help files: Help> Affinity Designer Help>Introduction>Key features>Solid graphic design tools...4 times. Help> Affinity Designer Help>Gettings started>Create new documents...4times. There's probably more of the same around here, so, rather than type out all of the same mistakes, I think it would be better to do a complete document spell check, on all the help files. Perhaps setting the setting to UK/British English on this. :ph34r: Peter Ps it's Halloween soon - spell better :P
  13. In Preferences>User Interface> Background Gray Level. Shouldn't we be using British English and spell it G R E Y instead. Sorry if I sound pedantic (or like Stephen Fry) but Nottingham is still in England, isn't it. Or is International English taking over? Hope not.