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Found 9 results

  1. ** UPDATE: it appears to be a bug with snapshots ** text i see on screen dose not match what is printed. so this is just a odd bug when printing it prints out a Chinese or Japanese symbol for some reason even when printing to PDF or a xerox or IBM printers they all have the same symbol at the end of the text but it is selective on which one it prints the symbol on as you can see on the print as seen in the png files below (yes i know the design is ugly at the moment there is a bit of malicious compliance here)
  2. Hi all, I'm working in a PDF document from a CAD software and I need to select few objects (shadows in this case) and I would need to "save" the selection without grouping those layers. I tried Snapshots but it seems like the command do not store the selected layers. Is there a way to "Save" selected layers? Cheers, Juan
  3. Hej affinitos I have the following problem: I was working on some business cards for a client. There I use symbols to make fancy mockups (so when I change something on the card, it also shows on the mockup). Now to save the different variants I'm making for the costumer I wanted to use the snapshot function. When I finished my draft variants I wanted to go through them all just to get shocked that all snapshots had the same state (the last one). Now I thought: Well, let's use the history function and go back to all/some old variants. But now when I use the history function after a certain point AD crashes and now I can't restore my work. Which are quite a few hours of work. Here's the error message I get after the history rollback attempt: Any ideas? Thanks in advance Jay
  4. Ok, I downloaded affin.co/searchthewoods file to work on the project. There are 8 documents in a file, however, NO SNAPSHOTS! The manual tells me to open a snapshot with the forest image... THERE ISN'T ONE IN THAT FILE. IS IT ONLY ME WHO HAS NO IDEA WHERE TO FIND ALL THOSE SNAPSHOTS THAT ARE REFERRED TO IN ALL PROJECTS? Yes, I download the file that is referred to at the beginning of each chapter, but then there is a reference to snapshots AND THEY AREN'T IN THE FILE! WHERE IS THE REST OF RESOURCES? It says in the manual: " You can get all the resources that are referenced in this project from: https://affin.co/searchthewoods.... HOWEVER, I personally was unable to find ALL of the resources there! And the same thing for all projects...VERY FRUSTRATING, GUYS!!!! I WASTE SO MUCH TIME JUST LOOKING FOR ALL RESOURCES TO DO THE PROJECTS! SHOULD BE MADE A LOT EASIER TO FIND...
  5. I found a bug in version. I used snapshots in my work, and used slices under Export persona. I modified my work and save a new snapshot. I revert all modify in History to opened status and record a snapshot again. I swiched to Export persona, and all slices missed, list is empty. Ok, let's create new slice! I've got an error, and program has closed. Just a question: can I save slices to snapshots? Need I create again slices when I turn to an another snapshot?
  6. Affinity has this very handy split screen preview that is used for filter previews in Photo, Outline Mode in Designer and so on. It would be really cool if there was a way to also enable this for items from both the History and Snapshots panels to compare different states of the document side by side. This would of course be especially beneficial inside of Photo, but I can imagine it could also come in handy in Designer or Publisher.
  7. Hi there. I use Snapshots A LOT, for Animatics, and other projects This is a great feature, but I do wish that you could do a couple of other things with it- i.e. Rename Snapshots Reorder Snapshots in the list If these were changed, it would make my life even easier! Thanks!
  8. Since Affinity Designer blends vector and raster, it is imperative that snapshots be added to the history panel. One of the most amusing discussions on Adobe's Illustrator forum is that of adding history to illustrator. The arrogance of the posters and adobe really shines there. :-) One of the top reasons I am going to dump Illustrator for Affinity Designer is the history functionality. It saves so much time. We are talking a couple work days per year just with this function and not having to constantly save a million different states of a project when working on it. AD needs a snapshot tool. It just saves so much time in both creation and post-production processes.
  9. Hi, (This is for Affinity Designer) I am currently working on a few variations for a popup. I have an iphone frame and a website background that is common for all the variations I'm making. I wanted to work with these variations by creating a snapshot for each one (instead of duplicating files, etc), and then quickly switching to export and saving a bitmap image that I can view directly on my mobile phone. However, every time I load a "snapshot", when I switch to "Export Persona" and save a layer, it saves an image with the previous "snapshot" I was working on. When I try to delete or modify the initial "export layer" and create a new one, AD crashes. To be more precise, AD crashes when I try to create the new "export layer", at the moment when I click on the screen. Additionally, I've noticed that sometimes the guides disappear or are not maintained between snapshots. Thanks, Pavel PS: I've attached the log file that is shown when the application "quits unexpectedly". AD_quit_unexpectadly_log.txt
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