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Found 117 results

  1. Apple Pages give taptic feedback when an image or object is snapping, this would be a nice feature for Affinity Designer and Photo.
  2. Hello! Is it possible to snapping the bezier handles to shapes in Affinity Designer? Thanks! wave.afdesign
  3. Please, add curve handles snapping. Isn't it possible? Just like snapping nodes or anything. I don't see why all elements that are sensitive for snapping couldn't work for whatever we drag and move. But that's just my point of view..) Love
  4. Windows 10, x64 With "snap to whole pixels" option turned on: 1. Create a rectangle, select it, press and hold ALT and drag the cursor to copy the rectangle RESULT: new rectangle does not snap to whole pixels EXPECTED: new rectangle should snap to whole pixels. 2. Create a rectangle, select it, press ALT, release it and keep dragging the cursor to copy the rectangle RESULT: new rectangle snaps to whole pixels. EXPECTED: the same Shouldn't items that are created by ALT-drag snap to pixels? I think that they should.
  5. Hi guys, I found a bug that involves snapping. Snapping two objects that are inside different layer groups don't snap. Either they are in the same layer group, or they are not part of a layer group, in order to be able to snap between one another. I also made a small example Cheers, Chris SNAP-TEST.afdesign
  6. I want to be able to snap control handles to any object or to the grid. It would be great, if those control handles act the same as every other object when it comes to snapping. That way, I could draw very precise curves, because I can simply lay out helping objects to define spaces and specific angles to snap to with the frontal handles of a node. See the screenshot. It would be nice if that blue control handle of the selected node would snap to the red rectangle.
  7. Hi, It's the first time I use Affinity Photo and I try to keep my cropping exactly inside the document borders, but despite the Snapping function activated it doesn't snap. Procedure I used: Resize a document to 1200 px width and want to crop 627 px height (Facebook post image size). The crop tool is covering the whole width of the document like supposed to and I move down with the crop, but can hardly stay in the proper position. What is the best setting for the Snapping in this case? What do I do wrong? Regards & Thanks, David
  8. Hello guys! I want to align an object or objects (be shapes, symbols, etc) along a path. Something like dragging my object over a curve and have it snap on it on the object's active anchor point, or the closest point in the bounding box. But I can't figure it out. Is this even possible? I tried with "snap to object geometry" but it doesn't do what I want to achieve, or I can't find a way to make it happen. Any suggestions? Many thanks!
  9. Can you add the ability to snap objects while using a OPT+CMD? It would speed up things if snapping was engaged with different keystrokes combos.
  10. I'm trying to create a SVG file, and I'm using basic vector shapes, then subtracting, dividing, making compound objects, then converting to curves etc etc. Basically I'm trying to use the least amount of nodes as possible, and keep it as clean as possible, with no overlapping nodes, vectors clashing etc. So I've been selecting vectors, copying them to the side to then alter them by using all of the operations commands, when I have the shape I want, when I go to snap this shape back to the original postion (as I have copied and moved it previously), there is no snapping function. It's as if the snapping history resets if you perform a series of commands on the vector. Is there a work around? It's driving me a bit nuts, as I'm now starting to get a messy vector. If I had OCD I may just have had to get up and go for a walk!
  11. Hello everyone, I have created several symbols in my AD document so I can test different color schemes in UI mockups. However I noticed that when I drag them into the canvas/artboard they do not snap to the pixels grid, becoming very fuzzy. Only if I release them and then start dragging again they will then start to snap to objects and moving pixel by pixel. It would be cool if they snapped to the pixels grid as soon as they are dragged onto the canvas so I can make quick drag and drop without having to realign them later. The three pixel alignment toggles at the top bar are on.
  12. Hi, I'm new to using Affinity Photo. I've been using PS up until now and I've always wanted to give this a try. What I'm trying to do is have my pixel tool snap to a grid and color that entire pixel to create an upscaled version of pixel art. for example my grid is divided into 32 pixel boxes, my pixel brush is set to 32 pixels but I want it to snap to the boxes Thanks!
  13. Hi, I am new to Affinity Designer and Low Poly Art so please excuse the question. I have searched around and not found many answers to my issue. I can't seem to find a way to get perfect alignment of nodes of a triangle to another node on a different object and sometimes snaps along the curve. This is causing tiny hairline gaps which appear as white lines. Is there a perfect way to align one node to another node on a separate object? I have uploaded a sample of the issue and also a separate image showing that I need the two yellow nodes to perfectly snap together and the two pink nodes to snap perfectly together and not to snap along the horizontal curves. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi all. I was perplexed when I drew half a logo, snapping all of its right-side line ends to a vertical guideline; then mirrored it horizontally and expected the new half to line up correctly. It didn't. The centerline nodes of the two halves were offset horizontally by a tiny amount, so after I'd combined the shapes and tried to delete the redundant (overlapping) nodes down the center (along the guideline), the geometry was messed up (no longer symmetrical). I attached a screen grab of the apparent bug in action. The node snaps to a phantom vertical line to the right of the guideline. I've ensured that none of the object's geometry extends beyond the guideline, to make sure that it wasn't snapping to the object's right boundary. My theory is that the calculation of the position of the right boundary is slightly inaccurate, causing it to differ from the position of the guideline. Anyone else notice this? Thanks.
  15. Hello, I use Affinity Designer 1.5.5. I was creating a seamless pattern. But what irritating was there were tiny gaps between my pattern tiles. I arranged them using snapping. It also happened if I arranged it manually by incrementing the X or Y of the tiles. I attached the pattern that I am talking about. How can I get rid of this issue? And one other thing. Every time I create a perfect square artboard let's say 400px X 400px, and I start drawing on it. Once I export this particular artboard, the size in export menu can't be perfect square anymore like 400px X 400px. There must be one pixel or two more added mysteriously like 402px X 400px. Even if I just draw a really small thing in the middle of this artboard. The artboard would never be perfect square again. Is that normal?
  16. I noticed snapping guides and sometimes objects to edges doesn't work all the time. To go around this I had to select the object I need to snap to, deselect it and then it would work. Sometimes I have to do this for all individual objects.
  17. Snap to grid is not working. To repdroduce: Create new document View -> Show Grid Enable snapping Disable everything except Snap to grid Set Screen tolerance to 50 Try to snap to grid Basically, other snapping seems to work, but snap to grid doesn't do anything at all. Affinity on Windows 10.
  18. I'm trying to work with grid and pen tool to create objects. I can't seem to get the snapping tool to only enable snapping to NODES of the grid. While it highlights the node or parts of the grid, there are times when i can draw off the grid so the object is not exact. How can I force the snapping tool to enable/allow drawing ONLY to nodes of the grid rather than elsewhere?
  19. When in Affinity Designer I choose to snap to grid only, I expect my elements to snap to the horizontal and vertical grid intersections only. However, when dragging a rectangle for example, it vertically snaps in the middle of two grid lines. Especially with text frames, the bounding box or baseline snaps in between the grid lines, sometimes between pixels. I find this very annoying. It takes more time to get things precisely in place. Can someone explain to me why that is happening? See the video’s I’ve attached that Illustrate this behavior.
  20. I am working on a very simple document consisting mostly of rectangles. I have maybe only 200 or 300 objects in my artboard so far, but copy/pasting, then dragging the duplicated objects into position is almost impossible because the snapping guides are slow to calculate. I have by no means a sluggish machine (i7 with 32GB RAM and SSD drive). Any suggestions on improving performance of snapping guides? Thanks! ~Mike
  21. Hello Affinity, i have constantly problem with snapping when i have several artboards in project. I have a huge problem to snap f.e. rectangles to grid even when i checked "snap to grid" only, so no other snapping option checked. If i create a new project, snapping works perfectly fine so i absolutely don't know what happen during project creation, but the snapping is always crippled sooner or later. I work on a mobile design which is in veeeeery early stage and snapping causing troubles to me again. I can send you source to check it out. Second problem with snapping is that if i have rectangle with text inside, it snapping by the text baseline and causing the main rectangle is badly positioned, often with 0,x position even if i forced positioning by whole pixels. This is not the issue of the latest beta. I have it in your public release as well. Tom
  22. Hello there, I am looking for a very simple, but essential feature and since I haven't been able to find it on my own, I was hoping you might be able to help me. Basically, what I am trying to do is align the center of either the vertical or the horizontal edge of an asset with a guide I previously created. I know how to snap the edges to guides, but I haven't found a way to snap the mid-point to a guide. I've attached a screenshot to visualize what I mean. I really hope you can help me with this. Have a great day! Benjamin
  23. I have two simple shapes, a circle and an 'L' shape. (See the attached screenshot.) I'm trying to align the circle to the inner edges of the L, so that they touch at two points. When I drag the circle, it refuses to snap to these edges. I can't even get guides to snap! I've played around with the snapping manager, but to no avail. Curiously, when transforming the circle, snapping to the inner edges works just fine! Just not when dragging. It's driving me nuts. Please help before I give up and do the job in Illustrator!)
  24. I'd really love to be able to have a shortcut to show/hide snapping candidates. :)