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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Affinity Forum! I’m a newbie to Affinity Photo and am trying to learn some of the nuances. Could someone please help me with a few questions on the smudge tool? 1) Can it be set to affect multiple layers at once? I’ve tried using it with two layers selected. But it’s super laggy and doesn’t really seem to achieve a blend from the two layers. 2) When smudging a single uniform color into the transparent areas of its layer, the smudge brush sometimes changes the color somewhat as it smears, adding darker shades of the color as it goes, and even throwing in some grey. Is there a setting to keep colors truer to their original hue as they get smudged? 3) This one is kinda weird. I like to set “F” as my shortcut key for the smudge brush. I don’t believe “F” is set as any other competing shortcut. Yet, for some reason, it just doesn’t want to choose the smudge tool when I hit “F.” Picking other keys for the smudge shortcut seems to work fine, but not “F.” Any ideas why this might be? Maybe I should separate these as different forum questions. Just trying to learn this tool and running into some challenges. Thanks!
  2. I'm running AP version 1.67 and find the smudge tool works properly most of the time but does produce artifacts which cannot be blended out to a smooth transition. The only solution, I have found, is to add more paint to cover the anomaly generated by the smudge brush. Your thoughts. View screen capture. Even though in the screen capture the bottom layer is selected , actually the problem showed up as I worked the top pixel layer. After the artifacts showed up on while I worked the top pixel layer, I then ran through the layer stack to see if any subsequent layer was impacting the top layer's performance and that is when I took the screen capture with the bottom layer selected. Again the smudge issue is with the top layer.
  3. When using Affinity photo, as a digital painter, I rely heavily on the smudge tool for blending. Could the AP developers improve/enhance the smudge tool to match the blending functionality of the Paint mixer brush when the basic round light brush is selected? You might say , just use the Paint mixer brush , but there are other properties of the paint mixer brush that don't work for me. The paint mixer brush offers a level of complexity which I don't need in my workflow. Right now I just apply the paint and the smudge/blend it.. is so simple! Just need a more robust blender/smudge tool...like the Procreate app has... superb blenders! Thank you!
  4. I have bought the full version of Affinity Designer after using the trial version. However with the trial and full paid version the application keep on crashing when I try and use the blur or smudge tool. After reading advise on another topic where the application has crashed, I have reset the desktop application by doing a CRTL + click on the app etc. I hope this can be resolved soon as I have deadlines to meet. Many thanks, "DesignFlow"
  5. Okay, a preamble before I tell you what I have found. I use blending a lot in my artwork and what I previously found is that the AP smudge tool does a relatively OK job on large areas of blending but doesn't do well on any blending with a brush size smaller that 75-08 pixels. ( which I need) After receiving a response back to my forum posting about getting a better AP blending tool, I revisited AP and its smudge tool with the hope of uncovering something I missed. What I found holding back the performance of the smudge tool was the type of brush it was set to. Any brush setting with a texture or/and grain produced an OK blend for large areas but fell short of anything acceptable for smaller blend areas , if the smudge brush was less than 75 pixels. The solution, I found, was to make sure that the smudge tool was using a brush that had no built in texture or grain.. ie. use the basic set of brushes. For the IPAD version of AP: I found that the Basic> large Round Brush works the best For the Desktop version of AP: I found that the Basic> Round light brush works best. Of course you have to you have to play with width, flow and strength settings. So there you have it.. Buried within the AP toolset is a wonderful Blender for digital painting! Now the smudge tool works perfectly and can stand next to Procreate's blender. The first image is something I did in AP on the Ipad, with the basic >large round brush as the blending tool. ( okay, I got carried away by the fun of using my newly found AP blender) The second image done on the Mac desktop using the AP round light brushes. If there is enough interest in seeing this blending technique in action, I could create a video of the process. Enjoy! Gregory Clarke-Johnsen
  6. Hi I wanted to ask if anyone else is experiencing this? this is strange. as i know, smudge tool shouldnt act like that. Refer to attached photo. it seems like when i use smudge tool, it brings layer, regardless of any brush i use.
  7. trying to blend colors with a blending brush that uses the smudge tool. It keeps picking up a dark green. i have a base color as the bottom layer with nothing underneath. and am smudging the layer directly above it. Can't see why this should be happening.
  8. Hi, I purchased the Licenses version of Affinity Photo from Itunes. I installed in on my iMac. We want to switch ourselves from Photoshop to Affinity Photo but we are facing the following major problems, listed below: 1. Selection Tool a. There is no polygonal Lasso tool. Is there any alternative to that? b. Cannot select more than one region using the pen tool. How can we add two selections without getting the first path deselected? 2. Color Lock There is no color lock available for layers, that prevents colors to go outside the layer boundary. Do you have such a lock? Can it be achieved using any plug-in? 3. Smudge tool Smudge tool is breaking up the mixed colors thus creating a dirty color instead of smudging them properly. Is there any setting required to fix that? 4. Auto Select When we are clicking on a particular part of the image to check which layer that region is in, the group is getting selected in which the layer belongs but that particular layer remains unrecognizable. Thus we have to find the layer manually. Is there a way to select layers instead of groups? 5. Warp Tool When we want to warp a particular selection of a layer and select it with selection tool, the mesh warp tool is applying the result in the entire layer instead of applying just on the selected region. How can we apply warp only on a selected region? 6. Straight Line We cannot draw straight line in any angle using the brush tool by pressing the Shift key. Is there any other way to do that? 7. Canvas Rotation We cannot rotate the canvas in an angle for our ease of painting. Is there any way to do that? Please assist us so we can fully utilize this software. We really like everything else this application is offering. If there is any plugin or bugfix, we are also ready to go for that. Kindly revert with your suggestions. Thanks, Sachin
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