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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to automate my filenames for slices because manually renaming slices takes up more time than I'd like. However, I don't see many token variables available for slice names (and only one available for the path). What I want is at least a variable that holds the document name, as I often name my assets [comp]_[slice].png, such as onboarding_photo1.png, where "onboarding" is the name of the document and "photo1" is the name of the slice. edit: title of this post references naming paths, but my question is actually more related to automating filenames for slices. and why isn't this just unified in the UI into one automated field for the path and the filename..?
  2. Slices: Why is slicing in Affinity Designer soooooooooo awkward? Changing the size? Copy or duplicate a slice? Too many attributes in the panel that don't interest me at first Isn't it possible yet? Or didn't i find it :-( Take a look to "SketchApp" from the Bohemian Team :-) (moved from feature roadmap by mod)
  3. This is definitely a web thing... When slicing an object, the slicing borders should be allowed to outside the art board. Sometimes I start slicing outside the art board just so the slice snaps to borders, but in affinity the slide stay outside and I need to move it back inside. In addition to that, it would be awesome if when a slice is selected I could use the arrow keys move the slice around, rather then having to use the move tool on the slice. Oh also, are there transform parameters available for slicing objects ? If I know the slice is say 200 x 200 but I create the slice 210 x 205, I currently use the anchors on the side of the slice tool to update the size. I would be better to have the size in a transform panel that I could just input the size, have it resize and then move into the correct position. /savagecorp
  4. I´m interested in designing .STL files for 3D printing. Is the Affinity Designer able to create STL files from a template? Will there be an Export tool in the future to do so?