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Found 70 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if there is any solution for my problem. I am using Affinity Designer for creating documents for my clients, all of them are based on few templates. I have at least two artboards in each template and I export them to two filetypes - jpg and pdf. Here is my workflow: I am opening last saved document of some kind - e.g. document-1005, then I am editing it with new data and then I am saving it as document-1006. Then I am exporting (ctrl alt shift s) each artboard as jpg and pdf - because filename of Affinity Designer file is kept - its all easy for me to keep filenames constant (I have in one plce files document-1005.pdf, document-1005.jpg, document-1005.afdesign). What would be perfect for me is to use slices to export. Right now if I choose slices - I would need to change slices name everytime when exporting them. I am looking for some simple solution like what I created in Photoshop. Simple java script - it can create subfolders (when I need) and/or save file as jpg/png/psd with prefix or suffix added to original filename. Is it possible in any way? Regards, triforcesolutions
  2. Hi folks, I'm new to this app and looking into slices to simplify a specific workflow... I can't tell if my failure to figure this out is my unfamiliarity with the app or perhaps it's not meant to do what I want. A description: Given: a single source image (may be portrait or landscape) Wanted: To create n different output assets of different sizes and orientations, with the ability to replace the image for a given size if manual cropping/resizing is insufficient to produce a viable composition. To complicate matters, the use case also has overlays (these images are backgrounds for use in an app that presents on different sized devices) which means that images with lots of negative space need to be massaged more depending on where the "important" parts of the image are. I've attached a version set (apparently I can't attach all the images, but what did attach shows the range -- the original is 3072x2048 in this case and there's a 2732x1048 that failed as well) that I've done manually in another app to give a visual of the resize/recomposition I'm describing... is there some way I could use slices to import the original once, manipulate the slices individually to create a result like the manual example, then take advantage of the single export to get the workflow improvement I'm looking for? If not, given the description, is there a suggested different approach that might be better than the lather-rinse-repeat of manipulating the frames individually? Thanks! -brad
  3. Hi. This is an old, old, old solved bug returning on 1.6.1 If I duplicate an artboard and change the name, its associated export slice retains the old name. Also, changing existing artboard name doesn't change slice's one. It is happening randomly. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not, I can't find a pattern to give you steps to reproduce. Not sure if is a general issue or is triggered by something. I suspect it happens on documents created in the previous version. It seem to work correctly on documents created directly on 1.6.1 Feel free to request further info or a problematic document.
  4. I've been messing around with export persona and slices, and I'm trying to figure this out: I'm creating a heightmap for a game and I'm using a series of snapped squares to keep scale. What I'm trying to do is draw an image in a lay over all of these squares, then select a square and use it to create a slice that will export the corresponding part of the top layer. Unfortunately I keep on ending up with appropriately-sized blank squares or the entire image exported, or both. I'm not quite sure how the selection works; if someone could explain this to me it would be much appreciated.
  5. At the moment, at least as far as I understand, a slice is only output at its current resolution (and multiples for iOS devices 1x, 2x and forthcoming 3x) as per its size on the canvas. It would be great if there was a way to manually set the output file resolution per slice. So for example, if a slice is set up for a section say 100 x 100 pixels on the canvas, a custom output size, such as 360 x 360 pixels could be specified for the target file. This would provide great flexibility. Multiple slices for the same area would then allow many different output resolution images to be generated for the same graphic (eliminating the need for having the 1x, 2x etc options). The additional target output size settings would ideally be placed on the 'export options' panel and would contain a means of optionally fixing the aspect ratio and also be saved as part of the preset. Default presets could include 'iOS 1x Icon', 'iOS 2x Icon' etc. I hope this makes sense. Fantastic, user friendly app! Keep up the excellent work.
  6. Hello, it would be great, if the Export Persona could export a file (e.g. csv format) with the names and coordinates of the slices. Best, Chris
  7. Would it be possible to allow some of my export slices to ignore certain layers, but others to include them? I'm often working on multi-layered images for use in games, and every time I export i have to turn off specific layers beforehand. I appreciate the current option to set layers to not be exported, but I'd prefer some more power to limit certain layers to certain slices, so I can export the foreground, middle and foreground objects cleanly.
  8. As shown in the picture. Every time I try to export a picture in SVG or PNG ( Haven´t noticed it in another format but its there) I have this border around my slice about 1-2 pixels wide. All the way around the slice. And it is causing problems when preparing SVGs for Websites, PNGs for Instagram posts or anything in that matter. Is there a way I can remove this empty border around it? I am trying to export this image in SVG for my website. Thank you for your help. If you need any more data let me know.
  9. jakubfoglar

    Continuous export not working

    Hi! Continuous export is misbehaving on me. Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t and I have to switch to the Export persona and export manually. I’m exporting a couple of slices into JPEGs, which I have then in turn plugged into Skala Preview for previewing on my iPhone. This is how it’s set up... not sure what else can I specify (other than attaching the file, unfortunately I can’t do that). Also, if I could suggest one small feature into the workflow, it would be that when in the Export persona, and I pressed "v" on the keyboard, it would throw me back to Draw. No tool in Export is assigned to "v" and it would speed me up quite a lot. Cheers, Jakub
  10. How do you do this? Been fiddling with slices in export persona but if you create a slice from layer it creates a massive bounding box around the whole layer and there is no option to clip it to the artboard.
  11. Hi I'm using Affinity Designer to create icons. I a single layer, I have an icon with 7 sizes. My slices names as like this: _16x16 _32x32 _64x64 etc. When I'm in the Export Persona, I select "Slices" and clicks "Export slices", then I enter a name like "MyIcon". Is there a way to tell Affinity Designer to merge the exported filename "MyIcon" into the slicename, så the slice names will end up as... MyIcon_16x16 MyIcon_32x32 MyIcon_64x64 ...? That way I can reuse the layer, change the icons and export it with a new name like "MyNewIcon" and it will automatically export slices as .. MyNewIcon_16x16 MyNewIcon_32x32 MyNewIcon_64x64 I would like to call the slice names something like... {filename}_16x16 {filename}_32x32 {filename}_64x64 etc. Thanks
  12. Maybe I've just missed it but... In slices mode: - you can't snap to grid ( except the pixel grid apparently ) - you can't copy a slice with alt/drag - you can't rename layers to make slice names - there's no contextual menu on the right click Please put some work into this feature and bring it up to scratch!
  13. I found a bug in version. I used snapshots in my work, and used slices under Export persona. I modified my work and save a new snapshot. I revert all modify in History to opened status and record a snapshot again. I swiched to Export persona, and all slices missed, list is empty. Ok, let's create new slice! I've got an error, and program has closed. Just a question: can I save slices to snapshots? Need I create again slices when I turn to an another snapshot?
  14. Hi all, This was a part of another question that I had that seem to get a bit lost in the details of the second section of my question so I thought I'd reposted the separate thread here in the hope of getting some help. I am a photographer and so I am not really likely to use slices in the sense of slicing up an image since I don't really do much web design work but what I would like to do is that output one image in a range of sizes and/or formats to subfolders. I can set this up in the Slices panel as you can see from the first of my attached screenshots. Having set this up I would love to save this is a batch export setup so that the next photograph I open I can export to 3 locations (in this example) as a full-size JPEG, a JPEG is 1000 pixels across and a PSD. But when I hit the drop down as shown in the second screenshot the options are greyed out that would allow me to do this clearly I'm doing something wrong. Actually, I just see that if I draw a slice of a particular size within an image I am then able to create an export preset stop does that mean that it's simply impossible to do what I'm hoping? Thanks, Phil
  15. Hi. I have created web design layout like 20+ pages (artboard). Most artboard is created by duplicating previously created artboard. When it's time for exporting using export-persona, but I am really disappointed that Affinity Designer didn't create slices from my artboards (the only slices created are my first 5 artboards that I created using "Insert Artboard" button. Now, what I really need is a simple button like "Create Slices from Artboards" that will generate slices from existing unsliced artboards, with artboard names as the slice names. Thanks.
  16. Hi all, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around saving for web with export persona. I need to save for web in different sizes and for different screen resolutions. My filenames have to follow this naming conventions: myfile@2x.jpg myfile.jpg myfile_medium.jpg myfile_medium@2x.jpg etc. How can I achieve this? I know I can choose from presets like 2x in the slices panel in export persona. However, choosing 2x for example doubles the pixel size (in other words: interpolates the image) which is not what I want. I tried various other setting options without fully understanding it. Please have a look at the screenshot attached and you will understand my questions. Thanks for your help and replies!
  17. Hi, I have a very hard time understanding the slices and export. 1/ SLICES Should a slice not automatically be created from a layer.. ALWAYS ? Did I miss something? it seems to be it does at times and at other times it does not. 2/ LAYER DUPLICATE.. and SLICES When I duplicate a layer containing my design, rename it to something else than the original (say original is called Flyer.. and dupliate is renamed Web banner) it becomes a truly new layer thus shouldn't a new slice be automatically created at this juncture or am I totally off-base and shouldn't that slice inherit the name of the renamed layer also? 3/ UNITS If a file is set up as a print file, I think I can enter pixel unit in the Transform toolbox using px next to the number (though that box still shows mm).. and thus use pixel values for resizing layers that need to be in px for exports (my projects often include having to create both print and web elements). I'd swear at times entering pixel values in the Transform yields correct pixel exports and at times not at all.. Basically I'm trying to understand where I bug and where the software bugs.. as when different outcomes happen after a similar sequence of events.. I get totally confused not getting the expected result. PLEASE point me me to very clear Youtube or video tutorials (I need images to understand I do very badly with text tuts) .. H E L P At this point things I did farily easily if not very easily using Adobe products are still quite complex in affinity.. guess my brain is not yet matched to this way of thinking. I'm off Adobe but at times I miss it still.. I was hoping the switch would be slightly more intuitive. THX
  18. In export persona, when adding the next file size to export, it should remember last used file name template. Ech sorry for my English. I showed what's about on the attached drawing. The second thing is when I add the "height" and "width" to the file naming pattern, the program should calculate this data when I set the 2x scale. Now AD not doing it.
  19. Hello, I have an issue where the export persona slice export "Continuous" option is automatically unticked without apparent reason. Some context: I have an Affinity Designer file composed of many artboards. I would like to export all the artboards automatically when I save (so that I can regularly drag-top the generated .png files to Invision). In the export persona, "Slices" toolbox, I have exported the slices, and ticked the "Continuous" option. However, I regularly notice that the .png files stop being generated. Every time, I see the "Continuous" option has been disabled. So regularly, I need to re-export manually, and then tick the "Continuous" option again. I haven't tried to isolate the problem, but I suspect it may be related to the creation of new artboards (I typically copy paste existing artboards to create a new one, then rename one of the copies). Not sure if that's the actual reason, though. AmapThom
  20. Will it be possible in future to (power) duplicate (and copy/paste) slices [in AD]?
  21. 1. If one has more more slices than fit in the studio panel, and one is trying to select slices below the visible ones via scrolling down, as soon as you select another slice, AD takes you to the top of the list. This is a real PITA for docs with large sets of slices to be exported. 2. There is no way to save and then turn on and off different sets of slices for export. In my document, I have a set of slices which I want to export in high res, and another set I want in low res; but I don't want to export BOTH at the same time, sometimes I only want to export the high res, and another time the low res... It would be beneficial to be able to have an option to save multiple set of checked slices and quickly switch between these sets. Thanks for your consideration
  22. I've a document with some layers with an single (recolor) adjustment above it. I use the export persona to export all layers to different images. The problem is that the color adjustment is not applied when the images are exported. Is there a way to include adjustments or merge the recolor adjustment into all underlying layers?
  23. Hi there, Just wondering if there's a way to set specific paths for slices. It seems there's a way to add relative paths but I'd like to just send them to absolute paths in completely different locations. Is that possible? Thanks, Pete
  24. Hi, I'm using AD mainly for webdesign, which works great. At the moment I'm on a print project and I've been struggling with export tools: slices sizes and position. I created a test business card and the slices don't match with the artboard. The resulting PDF shows white lines (TestCard.pdf), I assume, corresponding to the positioning and size error between slice and artboard. Based on an answer by MEB the position and size were done whole numbers (Capturar-1.PNG). But on Export Persona, size and position changes (Capturar-2.PNG). Surely there must be a way to avoid this... --- While writing this, it occurred to me that maybe the slices uses px as units and not mm, which means the conversion from mm to px, results in decimal numbers. Is this it??? If so, how to work around it? This is for an online digital printing service, so, no bleeding. --- Thanks, Pedro TestCard.pdf
  25. Hi It would be great if it where possible to re-arrange the order of the slices in the "slices" panel. Now the order of slices is locked to the time when the slice was created it seems. The slice created first is always on top and the slice last created is always in the bottom. It would be easier to maintain good order in the list and easier to find your slices if you could re-order the list yourself. Also, I think this has been mentioned before... But being able to duplicate a slice (same size and export properties) would be nice. Also, being able to use arrow keys to go up and down the slice panel would be convenient. Thanks! Fredrik