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Found 109 results

  1. Hello! I'm a pro user of Photoshop since Version 2.0 and I'm very new to affinity. I bought afinity photo to use it for my private artistic work, as Adobe's price policy doesen't fit for private persons and 'poor' artists. I've to say, I love the app for it's price-performance ratio!!!!!!!!!!! Due to the heavy every day usage of the Photoshop in my bread and butter job, the shortcuts are running in my blood. Did somebody take the effort to 'clear' all the affinity shortcuts and apply all the Photoshop shortcuts? If so, would you share it with me? Best, Tom
  2. Hi, I have just purchased and installed Affinity Photo on my iMac (I have also the iPad version), and in Preferences/Shortcuts there are only a few shortcuts. I do not find the shortcuts described in the Affinity Photo Workbook. Is it possible to download the shortcuts as described in the Workbook. Thanks. Christian.
  3. I may be coming 'late to the party', but I've found a couple things that have speeded up my workflow which I want to share. Sometimes I want to edit an object but I don't know what layer it is on. Thanks to Serif, I click on the object and then use Ctrl/Cmd + K and the layer becomes selected. Thanks to Carl Surry, I now can use Alt/Option + X to get Black and White. I took his other advice to customize my own shortcuts--although because my hands find Shift easier than Alt/Opt, I used Shift for a modifier key. Now I can create new a new layer or a new mask layer, or get to my most-used Live Filters directly from the keyboard.
  4. I've had a frustrating issue of late...I noticed that every now and then, Designer would stop responding to me even though I could still move layers around with my mouse. I quickly realised that I could type as normal but keyboard shortcuts weren't registering with the program after using alt-tab to switch windows. All shortcuts - save, clipboard, single key shortcuts - stop working and I have to manually save and restart Designer with my mouse to regain normal functionality. It looks like either Designer or Windows isn't registering when the user has Designer back in focus after disabling shortcuts to switch out. It's a weird one, hope someone can help!
  5. Hey guys, This is a bug I found some time ago, and it happens from time to time. Basically, at some point the shortcuts such as Ctrl+1, Ctrl+S, or even the Tab key won't work at all, or they won't work properly. For instance, the Tab key is supposed to make the layers and tools panels dissapear, but when this bug occurs, all it does is highlight the main menu buttons. Ctrl+S, or anything Ctrl+[something] stop working altogether.
  6. Hi, I had this problem in the last Beta as well: I can not create new shortcuts with modifier keys in AD latest version! I do NOT have this option checked in the preferences window, so it makes no sense. Shortcuts are very important in my workflow, so not being able to set them up as I require them, is really annoying and costs a lot of time. I hope you have a fix for this bug soon System info: I am using El Capitan on a 2011 iMac
  7. I couldn't find a way to set a keyboard shortcut for the following 'most used' blend modes Normal, Multiply, Overlay, Screen/Softlight Photoshop uses a Ctrl+ Shift+ a letter (M, S, F,)
  8. Hi, often I have coworkers on my workstation. They like Affinity Photo but can't get stuff done fast because they only know the shortcuts from Photoshop or other coworkers from Krita. Can you guys put a option in Affinity Photo to switch to Photoshops or Kritas shortcuts fast and back, so my coworkers can get stuff done on my machine too? That would help a lot,
  9. I would like to have a shortcut to select the layer below or above the currently selected layer. In Affinity Photo I was able to create a macro which does exactly that. However, I couldn't find a way to assign a shortcut to this macro. So my wish is to either have: 1) a separate menu item to select a layer below or above the currently selected layer 2) a method to assign shortcuts to individual macros
  10. Keyboard Shortcuts in Win10 for Layer Arrange Funktion don't work! Those are the culprits: Ctrl+] Ctrl+Shift+] Ctrl+[ Ctrl+Shift+[
  11. Hey there community! I've got two bugs right now I assume. First one: if I try to assign the Alt+Backspace command to the "Fill" option it can't record the Backspace for me. It only says Alt+ and then waiting for input. At first I thought it's because the exact same shortcut is assigned to the "Inpaint" option, but even after removing it from there it does not record any other "function"-keys (?) except for numbers and letters, as far as I can tell. Second bug is this one: I'd like to assign , (comma) and . (point/full stop) to any tool that offers the option of changing the brush size via key-input. So what I thought would work is applying those keys to one random tool and check the box "Apply to all", but it's not working. In fact this box does nothing for me right now. A work around for me would be the option of pressing the Alt+Ctrl key and drag, similar to how it's working on Mac, but that doesn't work for me either – maybe I got the wrong buttons and someone can tell me wich ones to press actually to make it work? Edit: I'm working with a german-layout-keyboard btw. Greetings Dennis
  12. So I have a gamer mouse that has 2 side buttons (buttons 4 and 5) and i am wanting to bind one of those buttons to the Toggle Fix Context (default X) but when I try to click those buttons while in the shortcut menu, it doesn't record the mouse click. What would i need to do to get this to toggle with the side mouse buttons?
  13. Hello, you can also use the shortcuts z.b. in the View panel - View Studio. At first you can not remember all the shortcuts. It would be great if all assigned cuts in the respective menus are also displayed. Yours Dieter
  14. Hello, how can one call the library over keyboard shortcuts - I do not find this in the shortcuts. Because you often need the library - eg. the macro - this should be added please. Thank you Dieter
  15. Hi everyone, I'd like to share with you a drawing I made that looks like a Windows keyboard. Some notes: I don't know exactly which tools are available to which personas, so please help me here. I'd appreciate very much if you posted it back with corrections. I use the Brazilian keyboard layout, but it's pretty easy to edit it to whatever you like (US, AZERTY, etc.) and upload it here. I made vector artwork for several missing tools. There are still some Pixel tools to do (smudge, blur, sharpen). There are layers for the Pixel persona, the Slice persona, and the Text tool. Just make them visible. I've color-coded the modifier keys in a different fashion than Affinity's original coding. Several shortcuts are changed. I'd love it if someone posted the original ones in place. There are symbols for the keys and a palette with global colors. I hope any of you find it useful! Windows Keyboard 4.afdesign
  16. In both AD and AP in the latest versions I can not add keyboard shortcuts as it does not pick up the modifier. The option to ignore the modifier is NOT checked. I checked and unchecked it, but this does not change things.
  17. Using Affinity Designer is there a simple keyboard shortcut that can switch the eraser tool between remove pixels and adding pixels back in?
  18. Hey, I’ve been using a keyboard more with my iPad over the past couple of days now and tho it has some shortcuts within Photo for iOS it would be amazing to have some more to play with. For example when using the: “Smart selection brush tool” pressing “alt” it will change to the other mode e.g. if using “Add” pressing alt will change to “Subtract” [ and ] will change the brush change brush size. “Alt” and 1,2,3 or 4 will change the persona’s mode e.g. “photo, “selections” “liquify” soon. Ctrl, shift and + or - to change blend modes. Cmd + E export Cmd + Shift + E Save a copy Cmd + R Flip horizontal Cmd + Shift + R Flip vertical These are just examples of some and will add more soon. But what do you think are you using a keyboard with Photo’s and would like to see more hotkeys added to the program if so what would you like added.
  19. Hi, My keyboard shortcuts are not being saved - they are lost and back to default every time I restart AP, so I need to reload them every time. Is there anything that I can try to solve this? Thanks Wayne
  20. Hello, is there any shortcut to use will have a selection tool to change between add and subtract instantly? Like in PS? This will make my life waaaay easier. thank you!
  21. Hi, it is not possible to set Keyboard Shortcuts fot some Tabs in Studio.... eg. Swatches, Color.... Thanks Jindra
  22. I've got a few questions: 1. Is there a way to move the starting point of e.g. a marquee selection while still in the process of selecting? In Photoshop, this works by starting to drag, holding Space and continuing to drag. I use this all the time. (It works for the built-in OS X screenshot facility as well, btw.) 2. When the prefs window is the topmost one and I try to close it using Cmd+W, I always end up closing the document window behind it instead. Is there a reason for this awkward behaviour? 3. [ and ] don't change the brush size for me, although they're set as shortcuts in the prefs window. I assume this is a bug? (I am using a German keyboard, where square brackets are entered through Optn+5 and Optn+6.)
  23. On Windows, ctrl+F4 plays the same role as ctrl+w on all other platforms; namely, it closes a single document/tab in an mdi without closing the app (at least if other documents are open, as contrasted with alt+f4). Since ctrl+f4 isn't mapped to anything else atm, it should be mapped to "close document".
  24. Is there a quick shortcut key/combination I can push to expand/collapse all layers?
  25. Previously, the shortcuts I had created and saved via .affshortcuts would automatically come up when opening the doc in which I saved (or loaded) them. This no longer is the case. Now I must reload the .affshortcuts each time the doc is reopened, even though I re-saved the shortcuts in this doc. The only change that might have done this is the fact that sometimes I work on this doc on my Mac laptop, but later return to work on it on my MacPro. After reloading (or re-saving) the shortcuts on my MacPro, closing it and bringing it up again, I must reload them each time. Are not the .affshortcuts info saved within the doc?