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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, I tried to find solution but couldnt. For other tools you can go to Edit > Defaults > Save - for selection tool it doesnt work I want to have default settings for Refine - not have to manually change it each time and switch off that weird "matte edges" option (who even uses that) Is there a way to have default setting for Refine Selection tool? Same as per my photo?
  2. Hi I have been trying to use the Selection Brush tool, to put an object from a photo i have taken, on to a white background. But after pressing "refine" and putting the white background, som square lines seem to appear (Some times they are white, other times they are black). It has happened before when using it and i can´t seem to make them disappear. It is possible for me to erase the lines with the erase brush tool, but it takes too much time to do every time. What am i doing wrong, and how can i remove them? Best regards, Emma.
  3. Hi, I don't seem to have the nor can I find the Selection Brush . I am on Mac ad using version 1.7.1. Can someone please direct me to getting this brush. thanks Dx
  4. It would be great to have a tolerance option for the selection brush. Its pretty hard to drag the brush in some areas. A one click option to select a tolerance would help, same as Photoshop. Unless there is something i am missing.. THanks Gary
  5. Hi! I am loving affinity designer in comparison to ai...however, there is something so easy that I can't figure out for the life of me! I have a doc/file that has many objects and each has a lot of layers. These layers aren't ordered in groups; therefore, I need to find a select group of layers among the many. I know that I need to click the Shift and have the multilayer button active and " keep clicking through the all the layers to select them"... the problem is that some of the layers have tiny object and I can't get the cursor to acknowledge through the mess of affinity's blue lines (the ones showing that you've selected something). The bottom line...I am hoping that there is a way to just use a marque, a selection brush, or whatever to just selection the object in one motion. When I've tried to do this is puts the marching ants, but none of the coordinating layers are high lighted. I would be most grateful for any advice! Bernie
  6. When using the selection brush & I begin to refine my chosen photo, the border width even at it's smallest is still too thick for me. I've tried enlarging the document size but it makes it more difficult (blurrier) to adjust the foreground/background. I use this feature daily in my work, it takes me roughly 40 mins to an hour to go through the border & adjust the foreground/background as well as matted areas. Please allow me to have a finer border width, that'll save me 4 - 6 hours a week in my job to be more productive & tryout other features. Other than that this program is really great & completely worth the money i've spent on it. Thanks
  7. I have the trial installed on my Lenovo Ideapad 500 and am seeing a significant lag when using the selection brush tool. I have 16GB RAM but an AMD A10 processor so not sure if that’s the reason. Is there a better setting I should have somewhere? I also notice it’s hard to use the gradient tool due to lag as well. Just curious if I’m the only one wi5 this problem before I go and buy the software.
  8. I am quite new to Affinity photo and I use it because some functions are really superior to the equivalent in Photoshop ( I say some, because I only used some of them until now). One of those is the selection tool. I am preparing some effects for Final Cut Pro / Motion5 and I need to cut out some subjectd in order to animate them within FCPX (or Motion). I spent quite some time to cut out this really special goat made of rubber I saw recently in Port Mathurin (Rodrigues Island). My cut is done very accurately and is in my eyes very precise. When I apply a mask to this image, I find a lot of noise round the goat and I am really wondering how this is possible. Of course I could use a workaround to clean the exported PNG, but I would like to understand what I am doing wrong. I did not use Refine in this version because the contrasts are sometimes so tiny that Refine adds noise rather than solving the problem. Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance, Jean-Marie
  9. Hello ! My normal develop persona work flow for the Mac desktop version of Affinity Photo is to use the selection brush as a new later and "snap to edges" for a clean selection. Ie if I shoot backlit portraits I will select the subject in a new layer in the develop persona and work on that alone without touching the background. For the life of me, I cannot find an option to snap to edges for the selection brush in the iPad version of Photo. Is this not an option?
  10. Some of my selection tools are not working. I have relaunched the Affinity Photo software, I have rebooted my laptop, MANY times - but some of the selection tools will work. If I activate (for example) the selection Brush tool, it APPEARS to be working - i.e. the mouse turns into the round selection brush but when I click / drag, nothing is selected. The same thing happens if I try to use the rectangular or spherical selection tool - it looks like it SHOULD work, but when I click and drag - nothing happens - the selection pen tool does work, but is not always the best option. I thought it might be my mouse, but the mouse works well enough for painting, erasing etc. Is there something I am doing wrong? I am not new to photo editing software and the selection tools did work up until a couple weeks ago . . . I have not changed any settings or preferences but not having the use of all of the select tools is a real drag!! Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Hi All, I am hoping I am not just an idiot and missing something entirely simple. When I use the "Selection Brush", Windows, Photo It does not select what I tell it to select and in NO WAY snaps to edges. On screenshot attached I have used the selection brush by dragging around the model, but as you can see all it generally does is select exactly what I went over. I have tried to modify brush size. Using faster / slower brush strokes. Limiting strokes to just her skin tone. And finally, used similar images that are less blurry. Nothing seems to get the selection brush working. What am I doing wrong here?
  12. Please see the attached screenshots. I want to cut-out this ornament leaving a transparent background. I used the selection brush along with refine selection. I thought I'd done a decent job until I copied the selection and pasted onto a white background. The edges are jagged and some of the original background, which was outside of the selection, has also been copied over. Also, if I cut the selection there are remnants of the image left behind. What am I doing wrong?
  13. Hi. Working in Affinity Designer. The selection brush works fine to select an area until I accidentally rotate the image with two fingertips on the trackpad. After that, the brush won't select. I've tried deselecting, going back in the history, making sure it's in Add mode, inverting pixels, stepping backwards to before that point, and selecting various layers. Nothing gets it working again and I can't figure it out. When this rotation happens, the history says : Raster Smart Selection Brush End Drag. Thank you for any suggestions.
  14. hello all, and happy new year! please i need some explanation about refining selections to "new layer and mask". i did the following experiment on the attached image: 1) select the background of the image with the selection brush 2) invert pixel selection 3) refine selection (default values, except for a bigger brush) 4) select "new layer and mask" 5) apply i'm not interested in how the quality of the selection could be enhanced (i.e. applying some feather during the refine process): instead, i can't understand how the new layer (with mask) is generated. I would expect a copy of the original layer, with a mask that describes the selection. the mask appears how expected (by me at least), but the new pixel layer shows something weird (to me). in the attached image, if you hide everything except "layer - created by new layer and mask", strange artifacts are clearly visible. they disappear if the mask is activated again. if i make a copy of the original layer and apply a copy of the mask to it, the result is similar - but not identical: if you alternatively make visible the new layer or the background copy (with their masks), you can notice that something in the image subtly changes. if you make both the layer visible at the same time, the quality of the selection improves. it improves even more if you make a second copy of the background copy and mask. now, the improvement of quality does not surprise me so much: i guess it depends on the fact that the areas that are left erroneously slightly transparent by the mask get more opaque when displayed one above the other. but i really cannot understand why the new layer created by "refine selection" is not a copy of the original layer, and what the artifacts are. i'll be grateful of an explanation or any clue. thanks in advance stefano IMG_1904.afphoto
  15. I have Affinity Photo In the Photo Persona the Selection Brush tool seems very sluggish but, worst of all, it will stop working. If I close and re-open the program it doesn't help. Once it has stopped it won't work again until I restart the machine. On earlier versions it worked fine. I've tried it with different images and/or different amounts of layers and nothing helps. Maybe someone else has mentioned this but if so I didn't see it. Sorry!
  16. When using the selection brush tool, it would be VERY beneficial to be able to toggle from Add to Subtract by using the option key instead of having to drag the mouse to the Add or Subtract button on the context toolbar. This is a productivity time-waster. Thanks for your consideration and congrats on the new release!
  17. In AP, click on Selection Brush. Change the size of the brush. Then click on another tool and click back to the Selection Brush. The brush size is reset to 64 px.
  18. I would like to be able to use the selection brush, when snap to edges is turned off, to be able to use shift to make straight lines. I use this brush like this with snapping is turned off, to get all that the auto snap didn't get right. Another request: Using quickmode, with the selection brush, I noticed there is no hardness option. This would be helpful have.
  19. Hey All, Not sure what is going on with my photo :(. Last night it worked fine, all day today, the selection brush / refine process has been completely bizzare. I have tried closing / reopening photo. Restart computer. Minimal software/apps running. Editing previously bulk edited jpg to .aff images, as well as RAW processed images. When using the selection brush: about 1 out of 10 images crash the program entirely on the first drag the rest can get through to the "Refine" process, but matting is responding very unusually. ---Areas of the image that would typically be completely matted are about 50% opacity --- Border width, smooth, feather, ramp do not resolve the opacity issue --- matte brush does not resolve opacity issue When it does work, it is using a ridiculous amount of CPU and GPU (compared to yesterday and all times before today) --- About 90% of my Intel I5 --- AND between 50-75% of my Nvidia Geforce GTX 950M --- while taking about 3 times as long as typical Changes previous to this issue: created 3-4 macros batch processed about 200 images using above macros issue did not occur immediately after those macros though... Only after the computer rebooted overnight
  20. AP After resizing a selection brush using mouse right + ALT + mouse left then drag the brush circle disappears. It then reappears looking normal after using the invisible brush once. While disappeared what I see is a cursor like a "+". This is on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit computer. I'm assuming the brush circle is supposed to still be visible immediately after resizing and before again using the brush. Note: If I resize the selection brush using the left and right bracket keys the brush circle remains visible through the resizing. Pete
  21. hello my name is pete and I'm new to the Affinity forum group. I just downloaded the program and found out the selection brush tool is missing from the tool bar. How do I obtain the brush? Can anyone help me?
  22. I bought Affinity Photo yesterday. It's been pretty good so far, but I'm having a lot of problems with cutting objects out of photos. Here is a video displaying the issue. Notice how the refined parts become frayed and messy. (Also notice how slow it is) I have seen both of the in-house tutorials on cutting objects and refining selections. I have also looked at the information in the "Help" menu in Affinity Photo. Here are my machine specs: Macbook Pro Retina - Early 2015 Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 RAM: 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB Operating System: El Capitan 10.11.2 Am I doing something wrong?
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