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Found 5 results

  1. Deselecting selected elements also deselects objects in collapsed artboards in the layer panel. I'm posting a video showing the problem: Affinity Designer 2020-07-06 13-37-19.mp4 First I press ctrl + a to select all objects Then I click on objects while holding down ctrl+shift to deselect a few of them and leave the rest of them selected Next, I press ctrl + a again to select all objects This time, I'm deselecting objects while holding down ctrl+shift but this time I'm clicking on layer panel (in Artboard1 EDITED) Here comes the problem. All objects that are located on collapsed artboards in layers panel are being unselected (!). Only those that were on the expanded artboard (Artboard1 OPENED IN...) stayed selected.
  2. How do I marquee select inside a clipped group? This would help a lot. I just can't seem to grab the items I need inside the clip to move around. It just won't do it for me.
  3. Hello, Is there an easy way to select objects inside groups? I work primarily with vectors, and have many shapes grouped for easy masking. So far, I could select objects inside a group only by using the node tool via holding the node tool modifier key. If I select the node tool from the tools bar, it selects whole groups. The move tool can select objects within a group only if I have a layer from that group selected already. The moment I happen to tap away from any layers thus diselecting them, the move tool cannot select individual layers any more, and selects whole groups instead. I have lots of vector shapes in layers panel, so the only workable way to select what I need have been to select the pen tool from the tools bar, then tap on the right arrow on the context toolbar to get to the modifier keys, hold the node tool modifier, and only then I can select the object. It gets worse if I need to transform several objects, in which case I need to select the move tool each time, and then repeat the whole process to get to the node tool again to select my next object. This has been my experience so far, but maybe I am missing something and there is an easier way to do it. Thanks!
  4. Evening I have installed the latest version of Affinity Designer ( which I have been using intensively since December 2016 but I have just noticed that I cannot select pixel based objects in Outline view mode using the move tool. I checked in Pixel/Draw and Export Persona and get the same results You can select any Pixel object by dragging over or selecting in the layers; but not by direct selection. Is it just designed this way or is it a bug! It's very obvious in split view mode Windows 10 Pro(64bit) AMD Radeon16.12.2 (Asus Strix) Wacom tablet and sometimes a mouse
  5. This is driving me crazy! When up upgraded to AFD 1.2 selecting objects has become much more difficult. If I use my pointer to select an object, a different object nearby is selected. If I try again, it often goes to the node tool, on the object that I did not want to select. Sometimes I can get around this by selecting the object in the layers panel, but there are times when that doesn't work either. This happens no matter what the zoom level is, and no matter the order in which the objects are stacked. Additionally, 1.2 is WAY slower than the beta was for copy, paste and moving objects. Gimme some help here, would ya?
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