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Found 5 results

  1. I keep finding unexpected behaviours when working with an external display plugged into my MacBook Pro. I really get the feeling that perhaps not much testing has been done on this or similar set ups. This applies to all three apps if I'm honest. Just the most recent example was one I experiences with Published. Often popup windows or panels appear on the screen other than the one being used. The latest one was that the text frame settings panel appeared on my MacBooks display rather than the external one I was working on. I tried to adjust the colour using the colour wheel but the colour would not change. I moved the panel to the same display as the one being used for publisher and immediately it started working. Interestingly, when then moving the panel back to the MacBook display it carried on working as expected. Another recent one was the other day I was using Designer and on one display the artboards started showing as much smaller than they should be, with the artwork appearing to incorrectly extend far beyond the limits even though. Moving the window between displays and then back again resolved this issue. Could they be related?
  2. It’s would be nice if affinity photo could use any tv that supports AirPlay 2 (which recently has grown to Sony lg and Samsung TVs in new update) the support to use airplay 2 as a medium to view the full canvas of our work on our TVs for a second monitor experience with out all the toolbars. Each change to our work can be updated straight to the second monitor wirelessly. This could have enormous potential for us that work from home. Procreate can also do this. Please make this happen in the next update.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to do some trace work. I would love to able to open a new view on a seperate monitor, yet omit the layer I am tracing from on the new view and monitor in order to see the final result as I work. Perhaps I've missed something and this is already possible. Or is this something that could be achieved with a workaround perhaps? Any and all advice would be great. Thanks in advance.
  4. So it's been 3 updates and Photo is still not working properly in my Second Monitor. Come on please, I need to use my second monitor.
  5. With a new installation (1.5.3 trial, german) I first moved the main-window to my 2nd monitor (22") and arranged the palettes ('layers' excepted) on the screen of my MacBook (15"). Then I hit the first menu option in under "Windows" ("Fenster") with its german name "Modularer Modus" - without an idea of its purpose. I could select/activate this option but it made the app crash after a moment. Several trials to start AD again and to unselect this option resulted in a new crash. I found a similar and recent topic in this forum. It mentiones a solution which helped me, too. ( –> reset user standard prefs.) https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29082-crash-on-el-capitan-separated-window-mode/?p=141052 In the attached file I send an according console crash protocol for your support. best regards, thomas MacBookPro (end 2011) , OS X 10.9.5 Affinity Designer trial v. 1.5.3, german Affinity Designer Trial_2016-11-23-133753_mbp1.crash
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