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Found 11 results

  1. Using Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a fully updated Intel iMac running Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H15), I have the following repeatable bug: If I've altered an image, it's expected that AP ask me if I want to save the altered image. However, merely making a selection, such as select all then copying the image to paste elsewhere, causes the app to ask me if I want to save my "altered" image. This is not correct behavior as far as Mac or PC software goes, so the bug should be fixed. To replicate, open any JPEG, select all, then close with command + W. The program asks if I want to save the "altered" image even though it hasn't been touched. I hope you like my choice of example image
  2. New to Designer here. When I close a work-in-progress file in Designer, is there a way to save the current zoom state to the file so when I reopen it to continue working, the same area is zoomed at the same ratio? Thanks for any help. Designer v1.8.3 Win10Pro v1909 64-bit Wacom CTH-661
  3. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Photo so I apologise if the behaviour below is normal (I did search FAQ's) I navigated to the folder containing the file I am working on to find multiple copies of the file. It looks like each time I have pressed 'cmd S' a new version of the file has been created, kind of like 'Save as'. Is this normal for Affinity Photo? It doesn't do this behaviour in Affinity Designer. Is it some kind of versioning? Or is it a bug? I'm saving in iCloud Drive. Cheers Tom
  4. Starting to think my issue might be related to iPadOS (13.4.1) since the issues I’m having started around the same time I updated my iPad Pro (2nd gen, 12.9”). Here is my issue: Open a New Document in Designer. Do some work. Save file from within the document via the “Save” option. Save to My iPad. Do more work on document over several days/weeks. Prior to exiting document or Designer, hit that Save button each time. Wait for file to save. Walk away and/or exit Designer. Come back to Designer. App has crashed/restarted (most of the time but not all of the time). Open my document - all changes done prior to last save are gone. However, if I save the file from within (as above), and then ALSO exit the document (whereby it saves the file again) - if the app crashes and/or I manually close Designer, reopening the app & that document retains (saves) changes. The document in question (most important one) is simply a multi-layered pixel project (drawings, black & white). There might be around 40 layers but as mentioned, simple black & white pixel drawings on each layer. It doesn’t seem to matter what file/document it is. The app crashes a fair bit lately and a lot of work is lost.
  5. Hi, I have recently started using Affinity Designer on my Macbook Air. Each time I save I get the spinning wheel and need to force quit and restart the app. Fortunately my work is saved, but it is a slow way to work. I have installed any updates I have seen in hope to solve the issue and am currently running 1.8.3. My computer is running Catalina 10.15.4. Can you please help? Thanks, Annika
  6. I would like to see the ability in the preference menu to set up a default location where files can be automatically saved at a 5,10, 15, [x] minute time interval. Whatever suits the designer. Why? After spending about 5+ hours post processing a photo I accidentally closed out the file without physically saving it. Since I get so focused on editing a photo I sometimes forget to take the time to physically save my edits. Consequently, I lost all my edits with no way of recovery. I was in the Computer Aided Design business and all the major CAD applications have this capability. In the preferences menu, the designer could set the automatic save interval to 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes...etc... as well as the location the saved file is located. In the CAD business I had mine set to 5 minutes. That way I knew I never lost more than 5 minutes of edits. Even though I suggested this for Affinity Photo the suggestion would be helpful in all the applications of the Affinity Suite.
  7. Hi, I have run into a problem with Affinity Photo. It will not save my files. When I try to save a file it says: Failed to save document: (where the document is placed) Save failed because the file could not be created. Please report to Serif. File::OpenUnmanaged fopen E001 [errno = 2] I have attached a screenshot of the message. The thing is, the place it shows where it wants to create/save the file, is not the place I picked for it. Also, the place it reports is a folder that has been moved. But it should not matter, because this is an entirely new file and therefore there should not be a problem with a moved location, because this file has no connection yet to a specific saving spot on my mac. At least that is what I think. I tried to restart the application and just start entirely from scratch, but it has not worked. I also tried to not save and just export it, but that would not work either. Hope you can help me/fix the bug.
  8. Hi, I have a logo that has some solid elements, but also some elements that have a 50% opacity. I've tried exporting as an eps in a number of different ways but every time I import the eps in to photoshop the semi transparent elements become a solid colour. Can anybody help, it's driving me insane! :-) Basically I need a semi transparent logo. Hope somebody can help me. Many thanks.
  9. I'm building a replacement website for my 7-year-old outdated site and need to edit my photos for this new platform. 1. For a photography site that retains large files for automatically sending to the print lab and as the file can be printed at varying sizes (on paper, canvas, etc.), should I save a file at it's original size but at a 300DPI? As these are photos taken over many years with different types of cameras, some images may be 72DPI, others higher, also many are from film cameras. 2. If all need to be saved as 300DPI for optimal printing, then what is the best way to save the file without resizing the original file? (I'm new to AP.) (My site displays optimised file sizes for website speed, so don't need duplicated files.) Many thanks
  10. This most recent bug has been one of the most frustrating. When saving a file (any file-it happens on every.single.one), AD freezes during the 'updating file'. I have to force quit the program every single time because it will freeze there for minutes on end. Is this happening to anyone else? How do I fix this? My files are not that detailed (simple clip art) and do not have any special effects. It should be a simple process, but this has been happening all too often lately. I should mention that it is actually saving the changes, but I have to force quit to get back into the software. I have already reset the software when opening it, unistalled and reinstalled more times than I can count and the problem persists. I really love this software, but it seems more and more bugs are creeping up making it more difficult to use. Thank you for any guidance you can provide.
  11. I have been using AD to design labels and now posters for quite a big product range. There are graphical features that appear on each of these labels as a part of the branding. Currently I have been opening a completed file, copying the elements I need and pasting them into the new project file. Is this the only way of getting these elements into a new file? Is there a way of saving these graphical elements as a file I can drag into each new project? Perhaps keep them organised in a library type folder? This is probably a workflow type of question, but I am still green with how to use AD efficiently. Thanks for your help.
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