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Found 6 results

  1. To round individual corners one need only untick "Single radius" in the info bar at the top of the window. But how do we select 2 or 3 corners and round them at the same time (to be the same radius)? This can be easily done in Illustrator. Thank you.
  2. Hi all, Is there a way to switch the rounded corner tool to use relative sizes instead of absolute sizes? This can be a real issue when sizing objects that have rounded corners but you want them to stay relative in size. Kind of the way that the rounded rectangle has an absolute option/relative option. Cheers!
  3. I need help with what I think is a bug, in particular a nasty rounding error. I have a pixel document ready for export, and I need to create assets of two of its parts, however the export doesn't match what I see in the interface Please take the attached afphoto file, it should look like this when opened in either AP or AD. I'm using AP here, but AD also fails to produce what I see in pixel preview. Now do any of the following: Layer -> Merge Visible, or Save as PNG. or Export the prepared slices Expected Result: A document or pixel layer that matches what is being displayed in the interface. Actual Result: A document or pixel layer that does not match what was previously displayed. I need this image as it is displayed in the interface, if possible today, and I can't find any way to export it like that. Help! I assume this is what's happening: The Screenshot layer "Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 14.49.48" inside the groups is not aligned to pixels. When any of those pixel operations are performed the rounding is different than that of the module that renders the document surface in the interface. ferris-bg-lights.afphoto
  4. Hi, Today I found that some exported images (export from artboard) had a lighter row of pixels to the side, while I was very sure the rectangles were positioned perfect in the artboard (300px wide in a 300px artboard with both coordinates starting at 0). I then discovered that the exported images had these errors because their respective artboards were not positioned at full pixels in the canvas. I'll attach the .affdesign file so you can export the examples yourselves. In it are two identical artboards, but the second one is positioned a bit off, which will provide a lighter row of pixels. It's actually visible in pixel preview too. To me, this looks like a bug. Thanks, Bauke
  5. I wonder why the corner tool is available only in AD but not in AP. Would be great to have it also in AP.
  6. Hey, at the moment, I work with a tiled background - I made a dotted tile symbol and copied it over and over, aligning the copies via grid & ctrl j. The tiles dimensions are 100x100 px. When I'm using the mousewheel to zoom, gaps show up between the tiles. They disappear when switching to pixelviews or to zoomlevels like 100%, 200%. Might be a rounding issue. ~Andrej PS: I hope this is not a duplicate, I went through all five pages of search results for "zoom"
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