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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, in the absence of Affinity Publisher, I'm using Designer to create a brochure and it is going really well so far. The new "Symbol" stuff in 1.5 makes life very easy when changing multiple things at the same time. I could do it quicker in Pages - because I know that inside out - but Pages doesn't have the finesse I require, and learning Designer is worth it. One thing I am stuck on is rounding off corners of images - or pixel layers. I have touched up the pictures in Affinity Photo, dragged the .afphoto files in, dragged them where I want them, done some layer effects etc and they look great. They would look even better with rounded corners. I have searched using Google but I have been unable to find anything - so sorry if this is a duplicate question. I did go looking. Is rounded corners on a picture something I can do in Designer? Thanks, Jez.
  2. Shape strokes anialiasing is terrible and buggy. There is even a gaps between stroke and fill. Also setting stroke to the "center" is not an option for transparent shapes This makes your product completely unusable by any UI designer. And i'd like to ask an urgent hotfix or refund.
  3. On 11/24/2016 at 2:47 PM, Zior said: Ditto what dude said! Using the Outline layer fx studio results in an “outer” or “center” outline having rounded outer corners—without a way to defeat or curate them. Providing this feature would reeeeally help a brotha out. Just sayin’ . . . Keep up the awesome work! s | m
  4. Hey guys, I ran into this »bug« – if it is one. I’m currently working on icons on a 128 px² base. When I set an object – say a rectangle with rounded corners – with a white filling and a greenish stroke I get what appears to be artifacts of some kind. Seems like the white is shining through the contour. Though I'm not sure it’s a bug or this is just how it’s working. Anyone has any ideas how to fix this? Cheers Dennis :)
  5. Hopefully this is easy - I don't mind being embarrassed at all :) I'm having a tough time figuring out how to equally round off the three corners of a triangle. I want to go way beyond what you can do in the stroke palette – I want them really round. I've tried everything I could think of (which isn't much, because I'm pretty new to this) and looked at the tutorials but can't seem to get it to happen. Any tips? Thanks in advance :) Robert
  6. I love the corner tool, and the range of corner options. Is it possible to add another option for corners based on conic sections, e.g., ellipse, where the length and width of the ellipse can be adjusted? Something along the lines of the rounded corners of the iOS icon mask. It would be great if this could also be added to the rounded rectangle tool as an option for creating icons. Although Apple apply the mask to the icon, it's useful to be able to reproduce it when designing, to see how the finished icon will look. Also, an offset tool would be useful for offsetting or insetting, similar to what CAD apps can do. The expand stroke tool is one way to achieve this, although it does break the curve up into lots of smaller curves. This explains the elliptical corner curves and what I mean by insetting: http://www.designbygeometry.com/ios-icon-mask-corner-curve-study/ Thanks
  7. The corner tool (shortcut C) is quite handy! Select a shape, hit C, then drag a corner to make it appear rounded. You can also enter the size of the corner in pts at the top above the canvas. Here's a suggestion how to make this function even better: Instead of having to enter the size of the corner in pts, I would like to enter it in percent (just like CSS border-radius). The percent value would be interpreted relative to min (width, height). So, to make a rectangle circular on one side, I would just enter 50%. The benefit: The rounded corners would still look good when resizing the rectangle!
  8. I know that a corner rounding feature that works on any kind of shape is already on the roadmap, but until then, does anyone know a quick and easy to make a rounded rectangle?
  9. I know that a corner rounding feature that works on any kind of shape is already on the roadmap, but until then, does anyone know a quick and easy to make a rounded rectangle?
  10. I've always used the xtream path plugin for illustrator until the lion's share of those features were added in CC. So I've become a slave to it. Although I appreciate the rounded corner tool, I'd love the ability to add the corner feature to custom shapes I've created with the pen tool. There are still tools from xtream path that were omitted by adobe that would be a great addition in Affinity. Does this exist and I'm missing it somehow. I've looked around and haven't seen any other requests for it, which kind of shocked me. Am I alone in the world? Hello...Hello...Hello...
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